LCHF #19: It’s been two year since my last confession…

Seriously… exactly two years ago (minus one day) I wrote LCHF #18. Those really were ‘famous last words’!

In the past three years, since February 2017, when my mom was hospitalized for the first time, I have not paid any attention to what I eat. In fact, I turned to sweet things to eat away my grief. Muffins and chocolates and other sweets. I started eating so all the carbs again, even though I knew I shouldn’t because of my fructose intolerance and the tummy ache it causes. As a result of this I gained back all the weight I had lost in the last months of 2016.

For more than a year now I knew I had to do something. I tried to get back to #LCHF so many times, and I just didn’t succeed. I just wasn’t in the right frame of mind to get on with it. I kept on slipping back into my bad habits.

Then came the idea to start a meme to hold me accountable for what I eat, drink and how I exercise (which I don’t at all at this moment). I thought about starting a separate site for it, but because Julie of Master’s Pleasing Bitch has been sharing posts about her health, food and fitness, Towards the end of November 2019, I asked her whether she might want to start something like this. She did, and I love what she has created.

Now back then I also wanted to start watching what I eat and exercise more (go out on walks) but just like before I failed in all my intentions.

Up to now.

Week 1-2020

This is NOT a New Year’s resolution, but maybe the new year has given me new energy to start this. I constantly tell myself (and I have been doing this for months!): Just watch, I will get back to the same weight I was at the beginning of 2017. I have done it before, I can do it again.

But I just never took the step. During this week I told myself that only I can do this, and if I don’t get started with it now, I should just put the thought out of my head entirely and accept that I will always be overweight. I don’t want to accept this, because frankly, it just doesn’t feel good (no offense to others who have accepted their overweight). My bra irritates me, some of my favorite knickers always roll down over the rounding of my stomach and there are clothes I really want to wear, but I look like a Michelin advert if I squeeze myself into it now.

So, on the Saturday of this week, out on our regular shopping trip, I bought some foods I will need to get back on track with eating the #LCHF way. I also started this post, as yes, I am planning to blog about this, and this time I am planning to get it right.

On Sunday I was planning to take photos of myself, to document my progress as I did before, but all I did was step onto the scale. The weather was just to gray and gloomy to have good light for the photos. I entered my weight on MyFitnessPal (MFP) and on Wednesday I hope for better weather to take the photos, and my measurements, which of course I will register too.

I don’t mind if I take all of 2020 to get to a weight at which I feel comfortable, and once I do, I am planning to stay there. And of course, I am also planning to keep track of my progress on my blog, just like I did before, because it seems to keep me focused.

Week 2-2020

Monday: I knew I was going to get questions at my work when I say I only want tea, and no more special coffees from the machine, and I did. Even more so when I filled my water bottle for the second time. I just told them that it’s time I start watching what I eat again, because of my tummy ache. I am not ready to tell my colleagues I am trying to lose weight. Of course I thought of that coffee a lot, because damn, it’s so good, but it’s also filled with carbs!
Numbers: 1187 calories (40g carbs – 14% / 86g fat – 67% / 57g protein – 19%)

Tuesday: As with every first Tuesday of the month the ladies ordered snacks and sat around me eating fries, but I kept it to one meaty snack which is very low in carbs.
Numbers: 1212 calories (20g carbs – 6% / 100g fat – 74% / 60g protein – 20%)

Image of me from the back, wearing a black crop top and black knickers.
I definitely don’t think I look bad, I actually like my curves, but I do want my frame to be a bit smaller, and to feel healthier than I do now. And, to be really honest, back in 2016/7 I bought some really nice clothes, and I would like to fit in those again…

Wednesday: A day at home, which means I eat a lot different than on working days. I ate breakfast after noon, and then dinner in the evening. At work I also drink a lot more water than at home, so I didn’t drink any on this day, but I did drink a lot of tea. On this day I also took profile images to track my progress. I think I will do this every four weeks.
Numbers: 1165 calories (16g carbs – 5% / 92g fat – 70% / 72g protein – 25%)

Thursday: Another working day, and I almost drank cup a soup during lunch, remembering just in time to check the carbs. I declined, and felt quite proud of myself.
Numbers: 1067 calories (13g carbs – 5% / 85g fat – 71% / 66g protein – 24%)

Friday: A very bad day. All because, when we were invited to have birthday cake with a colleague, I had no idea how to say I don’t want, without revealing that I am trying to lose weight again. I don’t want my colleagues to know. I have my reasons for it. Only AFTER I have eaten a delicious piece of cake, and my tummy started aching I realized I should’ve given them the same reason I did when I told them from now on I am only drinking tea, and not the cappuccino I did for so long: I’m cutting back because of my fructose intolerance. Because I was so disappointed with myself the day got worse. I ate a banana late in the afternoon (tummy ache), drank a glass of wine and even had two pieces of chocolate. To counter that, I decided to have a ‘fasting day’ on Saturday.
Numbers: 1480 calories (100g carbs – 28% / 83g fat – 53% / 69g protein – 19%)

Saturday: A day of fasting. I drank tea and coke zero and only at 4pm in the afternoon ate for the first time. Saturdays are always my day when I allow myself to eat the ‘wrong’ things. So, when we went out to meet a friend, I had two coffees (with lots of milk) but with dinner I made the right choices and ate mainly meat, only to have a coffee again after dinner. And a glass of wine with dinner, and one when we got home. Oh and, I just couldn’t help myself this morning, so I got on the scale. There was a huge smile on my face when I saw the result: my weight was down with 2.2kg. I know this is mainly fluids, but damn, it gives a boost!
Numbers: 1023 calories (56g carbs – 30% / 21g fat – 25% / 83g protein – 45%)

Sunday: This was a day in Amsterdam with my daughter, and as usual we started it off with coffee and cake (which I regretted, not for the cake but because it was cold and dry), and then had lunch which was steak with gravy and bread. Yes, I had carbs, but at the same time I had walked 12000 steps, which I think was good. I didn’t feel as guilty today as I did on Friday. And there’s a whole new week starting to do it better!
Numbers: 1190 calories (108g carbs – 36% / 65g fat – 49% / 44g protein – 15%)

To be continued… #LCHF 20: Finally!

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17 thoughts on “LCHF #19: It’s been two year since my last confession…

  1. Strong work! I know how hard it is. I am addicted to sugar and flour and have been trying to eat a diet without processed flours or sugars. Sweets are from honey, maple syrup and fruit and little of the honey or syrup.

    I’ve done low carb high fat and it was effective but not sustainable for me. This has been ok but I struggle when my calories go low. I dream of donuts and baked goods don’t even think about chocolate.

    But having a partner and writing help. It is wonderful getting into old clothes. My Kitten has plateaued but is losing inches. Don’t fret when you hit that spot. I remind her that she is fitting into clothes she hasn’t touched in months and her bras don’t change any more. When the clothes start fitting take heart. You are getting somewhere you want to be.

    I am in a very similar place that you are. I WAS on the right track about 5 years ago, eating right, exercising, and getting close to my goal weight. Then somewhere along the way, I let it all slip and the weight came back, PLUS more 🙁 I’ve spent the past couple years “wanting” to lose the weight, but doing nothing about it.
    As the new year approached, I got my determination back to start the year off right. On Jan 1st, I dusted off my fitness app and found my login to My Fitness Pal. I looked back at my prior weight loss, and jumped back on the scale. I not only gained back all that weight I lost before, but (as I suspected) I also gained some additional pounds…tipping the scale to numbers I never ever thought I would be facing. I could not let this go on, and WOULD NOT let it continue any longer.

    I commend you for putting yourself out there, and I thank you for sharing your journey here with all of us. It is inspiring to read your story as it unfolds…and very encouraging. It helps to know there are others out there facing such similar situations as ourselves. Thank you again…Keep up the good work!!

  3. Its hard for even me to write when I am not at my best. I know you will push through and weight is not everything. Sometimes the best emotions come from when we are a little down. I would channel all that you have going on into how you want to be. My weight goes up and down which is frustrating at times. However I just put on a some pretty panties then take a picture and smile at myself in the mirror. I realize that nothing is permanent and its okay to be me at any size.

  4. We are currently doing a paleo/keto style diet right now. It really works for Mr. D, but I have to add more veggies and a few more carbs to make it work for me. I do notice I have more energy, and I’m trying to get back to a regular workout routine. I wish you luck on your health journey. I find that sharing it in updates like this can be very motivating and it can hold you accountable, too.

  5. This is a beautiful image, Marie. And good for you for making changes that you want to make; finding the equilibrium with diet changes is never easy. I hope you keep sharing and leaning on this community for support! Thank you so much for all your unwaivering support this year with LiFE and just in general. I hope that you link up to LiFE lots in 2020! xo

  6. I don’t know if it works for you, but for me recording and reporting on things like this is a great way to spur change – if change is what I want. I hope it works for you; you certainly seem to be off to a great start. Thanks for sharing your journey!

    1. I feel that reporting it here, it will definitely keep me focused, and I definitely feel like this time it’s going to work! I will keep you all updated 🙂

  7. Sexy isn’t what weight or shape you are, is it? It is how we perceive ourselves as women. It’s about confidence. God, I think you look stunning! Shapely curvy, voluptuous!!!

  8. I’m on a low carb diet due to my diabetes (I am not willing to be on medication yet and low carb seems to keep the numbers in check), but I must admit that if I am under 80 grams a day, I am too tired to function. So my goal has been 100 grams of carbs a day, eating something small every two hours and I am good! What has helped me is finding substitutes for the carby things that I love, so I am never really craving anything! I am sensitive to sweeteners (they trigger my IBS), so it has been a tad of a battle. But I have to do this like a lifestyle, for the rest of my life, so I am focused on finding things that make is sustainable.
    I wish you all the very best with losing the weight you want to lose, and I am sure your tummy will thank you too!

  9. I love that image and think you look great but do understand how eating healthily can help in so many ways. At the weekend Julie told me about her site and I think it is a great idea. I will be mentioning it in the first topic of my new solo project – looking at different aspects of food for 4 weeks. I do hope you will link up a few of your food related posts. I will be publishing a more detailed post about it tomorrow xx

  10. You go girl!! Not only will you like what you see and how you feel but you will not hurt as much and will feel so much healthier for it. I have been working on me since last year and feeling so much better and healthier than I have in such a long time!
    Keep it up! You got this! 😉 xx

  11. Marie, I absolutely adore that image that goes with this post! I have actually scrolled up and down a few times to try to find the words that describe what I see but I am struggling to give you the words that I feel would do it justice.

    I see a seriously powerful woman, with an amazing, sexy body but those words still won’t do it justice x

    1. Thank you love. I don’t feel very powerful at the moment and guess I just have to do something for me to get back to that point.

  12. Well done for getting back on track! I have been eating terribly bad for the last year or so and my body shows it. I’m planning on getting back on track with my lifestyle as well, starting next week when I start a new job. Am also going to take pictures regularly so I can see the progress. I won’t be doing the LCHF diet, just cutting out sweet stuff and coffee and eating more fruits and vegetables. I am actually also going to cut down on fat as that’s the one my body struggles with the most.

  13. Well done for getting started with LCHF again. I think any change takes time to get back to and since it’s a lifestyle, not a diet cake has to feature sometimes xxx

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