Jejune Genesis

For the new meme of Violet Fawkes, I have decided to challenge myself to use all the words she has set us as a prompt – nine words in total. But not only that, I also wanted to use those nine words in a super-short story; a story of exactly 100 words.

January’s words are:

  • ebullient – cheerful, full of energy
  • galvanize – to shock or excite into action
  • genesis – the origin, or original form of something
  • indurate – to harden
  • jejune – naive, simplistic and superficial
  • lambent – glowing, gleaming, or flickering with a soft radiance
  • lave – to wash
  • limpid – free of anything that darkens, completely clear
  • repose – a state of calm relaxation or contemplation

Lazily, her mind absent from the warm bath, Clementine laved her body with a soft sponge, staring out the window at the meadows below. Ebullient children ran and laughed and sang in the exuberant sunshine.

Smiling when a calloused hand galvanized her nipples to an indurated state, she gasped as the intense pinching-pain consumed her being. Limbs spread, she invited his hand to move between; fingers to enter. Her lambent, limpid face didn’t betray the spasm of her intense orgasm, returning her to the jejune genesis of her once unmarried status.

In blissful repose, her gaze returned to the children.

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay
© Rebel’s Notes

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