How do I do LCHF?

Last week I wrote about being fructose intolerant, and how I came about to follow the LCHF lifestyle. It really was of great benefit to my health, as the tummy ache and bloating I had, mostly disappeared. I say ‘mostly’, because there were still some healthy food that upset my stomach, and made me bloat again. Thankfully this didn’t happen much.

An average day

An omelet wrap with smoked salmon and cream cheese.
Sometimes I make myself something low carb for lunch such as this omelet wrap with salmon. Super simple! (Recipe)

An average day in my life starts with 130 grams of Greek yogurt with 10% fat, 8 grams of whey protein and 30-40 grams of blueberries/blackberries/strawberries or 15-20 grams of walnuts. It’s better to eat walnuts than fruit, as they have less carbs and more fat. This breakfast is more than enough to get me through to lunch without a craving for anything else.

Lunch before was mostly a salad, made with 100 grams lettuce, 75 grams ham/salmon, 45 grams of cheese, 30 grams of pickled onion, and about 30 grams of mayonnaise. Nowadays my lunch is one low carb cracker or one slice of low carb bread, with cheese or liver spread on it. Back in 2016 these crackers and bread didn’t exist. This lunch is perfect to get me through to dinner.

Dinner is whatever Master T has cooked, but I don’t dish up any rice or potatoes or pasta. If we eat pasta, he makes sure I have carrot/zucchini spaghetti or if they eat rice, then I have cauliflower/broccoli rice. But, mostly I just dish up meat, veggies and add some pickled onions or gherkins. And, always 50 grams of mayonnaise, as I need the fat.

I drink a lot of tea, and when I am at work, I drink water too. I tend not to drink water at home, simply because at home I drink a lot more tea than at work.

In the event that I do feel a craving, I eat either a handful of nuts, or a couple of pieces of cheese. I never grab sweet stuff, although I do sometimes allow myself dark chocolate (85% cacao).

Eating like this keeps my tummy happy, there’s little to no bloating, and I also feel like I have more energy. Oh and, during weekends I also enjoy a glass of wine or two, and since I always drink chardonnay, this fits in perfectly with the LCHF way of living. However, alcohol does make you lose weight a lot slower.

There’s still some bloating

One of the reasons why I stopped eating salad during lunch was because it caused bloating too. I have no idea why, and the only thing I could come up with when thinking about it, is that some veggies have quite a lot of (good) carbs, and my intestines can only handle a certain amount. A salad with lettuce, tomato, gherkin, meat and/or cheese and mayonnaise, might just be a bit too much, no matter how healthy it is. I also have the bloating when I eat stir-fried veggies, especially when there’s onion, leeks or paprika in it.

I only eat a salad or stir-fry veggies once or twice a month, on days when Master T doesn’t cook. That way I limit the bloated feeling, and obviously also the tummy ache.

Other good foods

As previously said, one golden rule is to check the labels of food and make sure I eat nothing that has more than 5g/100g of carbs. This doesn’t go for fruit and vegetables, but there are some of those you should avoid, because of the high amount of sugar (= carbs) in it. There are more than enough lists to be found on the Internet, but I find this one very useful.

There are so many nice things you can eat when you are on a low carb (keto) diet. And, there are more than enough keto recipes to be found if you occasionally want a snack.

Keeping track of what I eat

Back in 2016 I started using MyFitnessPal (MFP) to record everything I eat and drink, not so much for the calories, but to keep an eye on the carbs I eat. In 2016 I was incredibly strict and limited my carb intake to 20 grams per day. This time I am a bit less strict, as I now have it at 30 grams. In the free version of MFP you can set your goals for the main nutrients you want to eat, and mine are: 10% carbs, 65% fat and 25% protein. I have set my calorie goal at 1200, but am not really counting the calories. I just had to put it in there as otherwise I couldn’t set the goals. Sadly, MFP only looks at the calories, and is not equipped for when someone only wants to focus on the micro-nutrients.

During the day I enter everything I eat, and keep an eye on those goals. I have learned that when the percentage of carbs I have eaten is more than 10%, to eat some cheese or a meaty snack to compensate for that. Eating something fatty stuff with little to no carbs increases the fat percentage, which automatically decreases the carbs percentage.

I have noticed that I am a lot more aware of what I eat when I keep track of my food, and would recommend everyone doing this, whether you follow a low carb diet or not. And, be honest about what you have eaten, because if you decide not to enter that piece of chocolate or tiny packet of chips, you are only lying to yourself.


Once more, like I offered last week, if you have any questions, please let me know, and I will answer what I can from my own experience.


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5 thoughts on “How do I do LCHF?

  1. I try to limit the carbs I consume but trying to balance this with enough fibre is sometimes difficult. So I try to have one carb-free meal a day.

  2. Great post Marie. Just the kind I was hoping to get this week. The funny thing is looking at your diet I see mine is often quite similar. But without weighing the food. I eat like that as it makes me feel better. the no bloating etc. My body tells me it works for me. Thou i drink too much wine.
    You said chardonnay works with this diet – why is that? I often have red wine with dinner as it helps with digestion.
    I think everyone should check the labels of the food they are eating. Sounds logical.

  3. This is really interesting Marie. I’m doing very similar, but luckily can eat salad. I’m not actually counting my carbs / macros though and won’t unless I stop losing weight. Just think how fab we’ll look by Eroticon!

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