Fractured Light

The story of human intimacy is one of constantly allowing ourselves to see those we love most deeply in a new, more fractured light. Look hard. Risk that.
~ Cheryl Strayed
Nothing is what it seems…

I looked for a quote using the search term ‘fractured light’, when I came across the one I have used above. It hit home with me, as I read it over and over again, letting it seep deep into my heart, my soul; saving it in a treasured place to take out from time to time, to remind me of the beautiful intimacy I have in my life, the way I see my husband, the one man I love more deeply that I ever loved any other man before, and probably will love any other man ever again.

Life is forever changing, and as it keeps on changing. People look at us, and they think they know what our life is like, but mostly they don’t. I have come to a point where there are only a handful of people I talk to about the difficulties we face, because I have noticed that people are too busy to really listen. It’s okay, because I know I don’t always have time to listen to others too, even though I try. I’m in no way perfect, and never will claim that I am. Changes in our life started three years and three months ago, and the changes are still happening. We don’t know where it will end, but the one thing we know is that we will face it together, wherever this road will take us. As our life changes, the new, more fractured light seems to change too.

Life is good, even though it’s hard, because we are together.

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19 thoughts on “Fractured Light

  1. I’m always willing to provide an ear, although I know you’re blessed with some of the best. Your words and quote touched me deeply and provided a hope there too – it reminds me of something I read about how everyone and everything is fractured to a degree – it’s how the light gets in. I’m happy you both let the light in together and will continue to do so, this is an incredibly beautiful shot of you, given more depth with your composition and words x

  2. Beautiful and such a positive attitude. For all of us we don’t know where life is taking us. Just enjoy what we can each day and no that we aren’t alone x

  3. A very beautiful shot. I hope that the changes you are anticipating are not onerous or troubling with the two of you facing them together.

  4. I really love the textures in this image.

    I’ve always found that most people are either to busy to listen or too wrapped up in themselves to listen to others. And most of us never know the reality of someone else’s life.

    1. Interesting read and I have to say what sticks with me is what you and your man have been experiencing for that last three years and three months. Having been through so much with the love of my life together we’ve prevailed every time for almost 14 years; yet I feel a sense of angst in my curiosity over what you mention.

  5. I agree with you about the quote – it is moving. I hope you know that I would always be there to listen to you if you wanted to speak. As for your image, I love these lace panties and you look gorgeous in them 🙂

  6. I also try to listen to my friends but sometimes I get more annoyed with the things they tell me. I’m sure you are great at listening and those that are in your inner circle know how you are and they love you for you.
    Sexy lace panties.

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