Four hundred weeks

Four hundred weeks! Four hundred prompts!

That’s where we are this week with Wicked Wednesday. Back when I started, I had no idea I would still be running the meme after more than seven and a half years.

Why did I start it?

Back in June 2012, when I started Wicked Wednesday, there were two other memes that stopped simultaneously: Wank Wednesday and Wanton Wednesday. The first had a one word prompt to write a story, and the second was a combination of images and words. Both the meme holders decided at the same time that they would stop hosting it, and since I really enjoyed writing erotica for Wank Wednesday, I decided to jump in and create a new meme, which was Wicked Wednesday. From the moment I started it, I decided it will have a prompt, but the prompt would never be compulsory. It was only there to serve as inspiration, if people didn’t know what to write about. Also that both words and images were welcome. Actually, Wicked Wednesday became a combination of Wank and Wanton Wednesday.

How did I decide about the rules?

At first I looked at the rules of the two memes that stopped, and I also looked at Molly’s rules for Sinful Sunday, to see just how I should construct it. I also thought about a timeline that would work for me, as from the first moment I started Wicked Wednesday, I also wanted to use it to promote the work of other bloggers.

The rules and timeline evolved a bit as the meme progressed. I decided that Wicked Wednesday is not the place to put a book excerpt, nor a product review, and once I have involved others to do the top 3, I maximized the word count, as there is a deadline to send in the top 3, and I don’t want to overburden those who kindly agree to doing the top 3. Whenever someone asks whether they can exceed the word limit, I mostly allow it.

How do I determine the prompts?

On some occasions I have suggestions from others for prompts, but mostly I come up with them. I have no fixed method to get to the prompts. Sometimes I see a tweet, sometimes I hear something on the radio, sometimes I read something and a word catches my attention… there just is no method to this madness. I love it when people use the prompt to write a story, but then I also like all the stories and images that are linked for Wicked Wednesday. I love the interaction, love that people take the time to link their posts, and it’s a small favor from my side to tweet each post that has been linked. Those that follow me on Twitter will know that on Wednesday, every hour, I tweet a post, and that continues into Thursday and Friday if necessary.

Do you have a suggestion for a prompt?

I am always looking for suggestions, so please, if you have a suggestion, let me know. I have a list of all prompts I have done from the beginning of the meme, and some prompts have been repeated because of repeating holidays, or just because we have more to say about a specific subject. If you suggest a prompt and it (or something similar) hasn’t been used in the past year, then I will most likely add your prompt to my list. And, if you suggest a prompt, I will ask you to do a short write-up to tell people what the prompt is about.

Excel is my friend

Every year, for the past couple of years, I do one statistics post for Wicked Wednesday. I wouldn’t have been able to do the stats, had I not kept track from the very first prompt of who participated when. I have several formulas in my file that tells me how many links there were, how many times a person has linked posts from the moment they started playing along (spoiler: only Molly Moore and me have linked posts every week from the beginning of the meme), and how many of their posts have ended up in the top 3. I love doing these stats.

I have no idea what prompted me to do the Excel file when I started doing Wicked Wednesday, but I am glad I did!

And, because PurpleSole seems to be interested in my Excel file, here is a snapshot from the Wicked Wednesday tab I have in the file I called ‘Blog Planning’.

Just a small part of my extensive Excel file, recording all links for Wicked Wednesday.

Help me get 50 links

There is only one thing that has eluded me from the beginning of the meme: to get to 50 links for one week. I really hope that week 400 is THE week where this will happen, so please, whatever post you have written for this week, put the Wicked Wednesday button on it and link it for the meme. I will forever be grateful to you if you help me get to this goal!

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Wicked Wednesday

8 thoughts on “Four hundred weeks

  1. Congratulations on 400 weeks Marie! I have always found spreadsheets fascinating, and yours is no exception. Thank you for everything you do. If it weren’t for the prompts, I would be out of ideas to write.

  2. This is a bit late but congratulations on the 400!! And, oh my god, your excel file. That’s incredible and so organised!

    Also lol here’s me realising the post I linked last week is way too long *facepalm
    I just remember being stressed and was reminded on Twitter to link up so I just took the post I liked most without thinking. Sorry!

  3. I’ve always been in awe of your organisational skills and wonderfully inspirational and motivational posts. I love seeing your name drop into my in-box every morning, know that when I click to open, I will find something to enjoy, entertain and intrigue every time.
    But my week would certainly never be the same without Wicked Wednesday . . . and long may it continue.
    See you next week !!!
    Xxx – K

  4. Congratulations Marie – 400 is such an achievement. I have loved being part of Wicked Wednesday and just want to say thank you very much for all that you do for this community. You are amazing 🙂

  5. Congratulations on reaching 400 weeks – that’s quite the achievement ?
    Thank you for your hard work and all inclusive welcome

  6. You are such a wonderful blogger Marie – and have always been an inspiration to me for the support you give others xx

  7. Phwoar look at that spreadsheet, thanks for the sneaky peek ?. That does look very organised and I loved reading about how it all began. It’s a great meme, let’s hope we can get those 50 links, then who knows how many we’ll get for the big 500, which I believe will be around New Year’s Day 2022!

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