I have a belly
I have stretch marks
I have cellulite
I have rough hair
I have dry skin
I have curves here and there
I am beautiful
I am smart
I am gorgeous
I am amazing
I am perfect
I am strong and I know my worth
~ Dimpy Bajwa
An image of me walking a way from the camera, wearing dark brown lace knickers, my hand hooked in those on the left, pulling them down a bit.
I know many of my posts reflects my sadness, and how hard life sometimes is for me, but this doesn’t mean I don’t know my worth, don’t know that I am still a sexy woman, know that I am gorgeous. There are just too many days I don’t feel it, and need the affirmation… but then I see an image like this and that in itself IS affirmation: I AM SEXY!

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Sinful Sunday
January Jumpstart

This image has been chosen by Maria Merian for the top 5 of Sinful Sunday week 458:

This photo from Marie just struck a chord with me instantly. In her post, she talks about knowing her own worth, knowing her own sexiness, in spite of sadness or hard times. There is something so powerful about that sentiment, often when I’m feeling sad or stressed, my confidence in myself is the first to go and seeing this photo and reading her words was inspiring. I love how flirtatious it is, while still being strong. I love the way her body is utterly the focus, the composition is incredible and the sense of motion captured is just amazing.


It has been chosen by Sub Bee in her roundup, Whats the buzz #25:

Wow! How sexy is this? Another seemingly simple image that reveals so much more. We can all identify with not being at our best, that life has got in the way and left us feeling a bit bruised. And yet we don’t change, we’re still beautiful and sexy to others. This coy little tugging of her panties to the side let us know that deep down she still knows her sexiness has an impact on others.

24 thoughts on “Affirmation

  1. Your combination of words and image present such a wonderfully affirming reminder that we can always choose to re-frame our thoughts and descriptions and celebrate what deserves to be celebrated – us, just as we are. I love this loads xx

  2. I love this so much. The image is stunning but what you have written really touches me and makes me think that I need to have a similar attitude. 🙂

  3. You are sexy. And you are also kind and thoughtful and work super hard doing wonderful things for our community.

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