Rebel’s Top 20 of ’19

On this beautiful day of giving, Christmas Day, I want to give back to the community by highlighting twenty lovely bloggers in my top 20 for this year. This has been a good year, despite Master T’s health being an ongoing issue, and the fact that some days I have to let the tears run free when my care-giving duties weigh a bit heavy on my shoulders. But, and I mean this from the bottom of my heart, I do it with all the intense love I have for my husband. Even so, it doesn’t mean it’s always easy. We seem to have found a new normal, and I am doing other things to channel my creative and sexual energy as sexual experiences are few and far between.

But onto my list! Just like last year I seriously thought about doing a Top 25 or even a Top 50, but I will leave the longer lists to Molly and Kinkly, and focus on those bloggers that have touched me in some or other way this year.

As always, I’m thankful…

I kept an eye on Molly’s blog for the Top 100 Sex Blogs 2019, not because I would be on the list, but to see where my favorite blogs of this year would be. However, Rebel’s Notes has been mentioned in other places, and it always humbles me to see my work recognized and appreciated:

I need to say…

I started doing a Top 20 lists back in 2013, and also did it in 2014, in 2015, in 2016, in 2017 and in 2018.

Last year I said that it was the most difficult list to make, but it seems it gets more difficult each year. I want to add new blogs to my list every year but I also don’t want to exclude the blogs that have bring me joy for so many years. What I said last year, goes for this year too:

If you have been on my list in past years and you are not on it now, it doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy reading your blog anymore. Far from it! Some people have stopped blogging, others haven’t blogged that much and this counted as reasons why I am not showing those blogs this year. I still stand with the blogs I have chosen in previous years, but this year I have chosen for the 20 blogs I have listed below.

Those mentioned on the list can choose to show the button below on their blogs. If you want it sent to you, please email me.

A Dissolute life means

Last year Hy wasn’t on my list, but this year I just couldn’t leave her off the list again. She is just too special! I still smile every time I think of her ending up in my lap at Erotion this year, and the looks on the faces of my sister wives, Molly and Girl on the Net, when they saw that!

Hy’s year has been all about change, as she herself said in her post I haven’t written in 72 days. Every post she has put out there in this year touched me in some or other way. She’s brutally honest in her writing, sometimes bringing tears to my eyes. Hy used to be the host of Boobday, but stopped with it as it didn’t bring her the joy it once did, and she’s still deciding on what to do. She has, however, this year hosted Every Damn Day in June for the second time this year, and I hope she does so again next year.

Want to hear Hy’s voice, and find out how I became one of her wives? Listen to her talking with Molly on Molly’s KissCast S01-E01.

Hy has participated in the Smut Marathon 2019, and surprised herself with her lovely result of being the second runner up. There is no way she can now still say that she can’t write fiction!

Hyacinth’s blog was elected number 1 on the Top 100 Sex Blogs 2015.

A Dissolute Life Means…


— 2014 — 2015 — 2016 — 2017 — 2019 —

A to sub Bee

I met Bee at Eroticon 2018, got to spend time with her again at Eroticon 2019. Somehow her feet just seemed to carry her to Camden on the Thursday of that weekend, while she was only meant to come there on the Friday! I just loved seeing her and that big smile and perfect hug she brought with her. And guess what? I even got to spend more precious time with her this year, on my trips to London, of which the recent one was only four days ago!

A series of posts I really enjoyed on Bee’s blog this year were her posts about contraception. They totally intrigued me, as she had quite a journey finding what works for her, and it made m think of my own situation and how ‘lucky’ I have been that my uterus was removed almost 28 years ago. This year also saw the startup of a new ongoing meme hosted by Bee, which is called Menstruation Matters. Do you have any stories to tell about your experience with menstruation, please do so and link to Bee’s meme.

Another place where Bee has been very active during this year was in the Smut Marathon, where she was one of the five judges.

Bee’s blog has been mentioned on the list of Top 100 Sex Blogs 2019 in the 41st place.

A to sub Bee


— 2014 — 2015 — 2016 — 2017 — 2018 — 2019 —

Brigit Delaney

On my list of 2018, I mentioned how much I like Brigit’s writing. I still do, and always look forward to reading one of her stories. After following Brigit from 2014, I considering her a friend for quite some time, I was delighted to finally meet her at Eroticon this year. We spent some time together and got to know each other a bit better, but I would’ve loved to have spent a lot more time with her. Who knows, maybe next year!

One series Brigit has started writing this year and which I really hope she continues, is The Disappearance Of Emily Bennett. This series totally intrigue me, and I want to see where she takes it. To give you another example of her brilliant writing, you should read Frigid. This year also saw the start of a new meme hosted by Brigit, and called the Erotic Journal Challenge. It started out as a weekly meme, but has been changed into a monthly meme with a monthly theme, and you can link as many posts during the month as you want.

Brigit has also jumped in to help with the Smut Marathon 2019 as a judge, when another judge couldn’t fulfill their duties. She gives feedback on the stories in such a way that the writes can learn something from it.

Brigit’s blog has been mentioned on the list of Top 100 Sex Blogs 2019 in the 5th place.

The Erotic Life of Brigit Delaney


— 2018 — 2019 —

Cara Thereon

Cara continues to produce stories of a high quality, despite her writing less than she did before, and not being in a good place mentally. I admire her strength and the way she keeps on trying, despite her difficult personal times. Two posts that from her blog that are stuck in my mind are (In)Significant Third and Third Eye Blind. Sometimes when I read her posts about real life, all I want to do is hug her, and am happy that I got to do so at Eroticon this year, and hope I can do so again next year.

Cara has moved most of her stories to a new home, called Chapters. If you are one of her patrons, you can also read her ongoing story.

Cara’s blog has been mentioned on the list of Top 100 Sex Blogs 2019 in the 14th place.

Cara Thereon
Stimulating more than just your mind


— 2018 — 2019 —

Deviant Succubus

Deviant Succubus is the first newcomer to my list this year. From the first image I saw of her, I was intrigued, and even more intrigued by her open and very honest writing about her past and present life. Deviant Succubus (DS) has an incredibly high output of posts, and participates in almost every meme out there.

Whenever I think of her, there is one post that always springs to mind: Dissociative Identity Disorder and Relationships – It’s Complicated!. I have learned so much from this post, but not only from this one. DS continues to write about her mental health, not to ask for sympathy, but to get the word out there and to help others. Oh and, before I forget, you should see the images she posts! They are so good!
If you want to know more about DS, please read her ‘about page‘ and do follow her blog.

Deviant Succubus’s blog is too young still to be on the list of Top 100 Sex Blogs 2019, bit I was delighted to see her on the list of New Voices 2019. She so deserves to be on this list and I can’t wait to see how well she will do on the top list next year!

Deviant Succubus
Sex. Kink. Submission. Erotica.


— 2019 —


There is just no way in which I cannot have Exposing40 on my Top 20 list. It’s still the way it was last year: whenever she writes, I find myself nodding my head, and whenever I see an image of her, I just love studying the details and reading how much fun it was to make it, especially when she was out with friends.

Exposing40 (E40) frequently writes about non-monogamy and one of those posts is Friendly Concern, about her opening up to some friends and their concern whether she really is okay with non monogamy. I loved reading her more about her thoughts on her way home from that evening out. I mentioned that I love when E40 collaborates with her friends, and the moment I did, Dilly Dilly was the post I remembered. There is just so much fun in these images!

You can also listen to E40 talk to Molly about photography on Molly’s KissCast S01-E05.

Exposing40’s blog has been mentioned on the list of Top 100 Sex Blogs 2019 in the 37th place.

Friends. Photography. Adventure.


— 2015 — 2016 — 2017 — 2018 — 2019 —

Floss Does Life

This year at Eroticon I got to meet Floss, but I didn’t get nearly enough time to talk to her, and that is something I want to rectify at Eroticon 2020! I know for sure Floss will be there, because she’s one of the speakers! Floss has an incredibly high productivity, as I don’t believe there’s a day in the week she doesn’t post some of her sexy words or images.

One of her flash fiction pieces that stayed with me was Dirty Love. Every word, every space, everything drips with pure eroticism and love! Some of my most favorite images of Floss is when she looks up at the camera, of which Tear Into Your Soul is totally at the top of the list. Besides her own blog, Floss is also co-host of the weekly meme Food for Thought. And as if she’s not busy enough already, Floss also co-hosts the #ProudToBeKinky Podcast, and she even found time to participate in the Smut Marathon this year, where she made it through to round 7. I hope she enters for the 2020 edition and am curious to see how far she will get then.

Floss’s blog has been mentioned on the list of Top 100 Sex Blogs 2019 in the FIRST place. I just knew last year that Floss will be at the top this year.

Finding Freedom and Clarity through Creativity


— 2018 — 2019 —

Focused and Filthy

Missy is the second newcomer to my Top 20 list, and I am really delighted to showcase her work here, as she has been an inspiration on several levels. I don’t know when in 2018 I discovered her blog, but one thing I know is that she instantly inspired me with her weekly postings of her nipple jewelry. It’s all because of her, that I started feeling the itch again, and finally had my nipples pierced again. She even sent me a wonderful gift in the form of nipple piercings, which is just so sweet and kind, and some of my most precious jewelry.

This year at Eroticon we got to spend some time together, and talked some, but as always during that weekend, there’s just not enough time to talk to everyone as much as you want. Besides her nipple jewelry, Missy also posts other images, like for Sinful Sunday and her series of photos for FebPhotoFest2019. She takes most of her images herself, and is a real inspiration to me on that level too! Missy doesn’t only post images, but also writes sexy posts, like the two-part-post Black Rope.

Missy’s blog has been mentioned on the list of Top 100 Sex Blogs 2019 in the 13th place.

Focused and Filthy
A clean lens for my dirty mind
— 2019 —

Happy Come Lucky

There is just no way I can imagine this list without Honey on it. Even though she has blogged a bit less this year, she still deserves her spot here, because every post she puts on her blog, whether image or words, is beautiful and well thought through. This year I got to spend a lot more time with Honey than I have in other years, as she also joined me on my days in London. It’s just wonderful to see people outside of Eroticon, because, as I said before, there is just not enough time to talk to everyone during the conference weekend.

When I saw the image on her post Positively Poly, and noticed that beautiful happy smile, I knew Honey was in a much better place than she had been for some time, which in turn made me so happy! Honey is enjoying life, and that’s what life is all about right? It’s far too short to spend it unhappy. Because of her new-found confidence, we get to see sexy images like Clothes and Almost Dressed, and I get to see her happy smile every time I visit London!

Honey’s blog has been mentioned on the list of Top 100 Sex Blogs 2019 in the 62nd place.



— 2015 — 2016 — 2017 — 2018 — 2019 —

His Lordship

The third newcomer on my list is a man, but not just any man! I don’t know how I missed His Lordship (HL) and his wife, Missy, at Eroticon 2018, but I did. At Eroticon 2019 it was totally different. Suddenly, there they were to introduce themselves, at the Meet & Greet on the Friday night. Missy is a beautiful woman, and where I constantly admired her, it was also HL’s kilt that caught my attention. And his handsome face.

His Lordship writes for every prompt that is posted by the meme he co-hosts with Submissy, called Tell Me About, and I like reading his take on things, but what I like even more is that I have discovered his fiction. Two stories he wrote this year, The Digger’s Kiss and Two Songs For Emily, have stayed with me ever since I read them. As an extra bonus, HL is one of the speakers at Eroticon 2020 and I sure hope I can go listen to him!

HL’s blog has been mentioned on the list of Top 100 Sex Blogs 2019 in the 56th place.

Writing about Dominance and submission


— 2019 —

Kayla Lords

There is no way I can do this list and not have Kayla on her. She is a super woman, with all that she does in the community. Back at Eroticon 2018 I met her and her husband for the first time, and thoroughly enjoyed spending time with them again at Eroticon 2019. I really hope I will get to hug them again at Eroticon 2020!

Kayla is running so many projects at once, that I sometimes wonder where she gets the time for it all. Not only does she write body positive posts like This is Me or tongue-in-the-cheek sexy ones like I Sucked Cock for Iced Coffee, but she also runs the weekly meme Masturbation Monday, runs The Smutlancer, and features on two podcasts: Loving BDSM and that of the Smutlancer. I told you, she’s a super woman!

Kayla’s blog was elected number 1 on the Top 100 Sex Blogs 2017.

Kayla Lords
A Sexual Being


— 2013 — 2014 — 2015 — 2017 — 2018 — 2019 —

Little Switch Bitch

I have been following the blog of Little Switch Bitch (LSB) from sometime in 2017, have loved her photos from the first moment, and now she’s the fourth newcomer to my list. Those photos got a totally different dimension when I met LSB at Eroticon 2019. She is beautiful and sexy and fun to be with and oh my god, I just love her accent!

Not only do I like the images she posts for Sinful Sunday, but also those she uses for her product reviews, and some of her more personal posts, like Holding Hands and Solo Shower Sex. LSB has a section on her blog called the BDS Diaries, and those are subcategorized in Words, Playlist and Images. From the first subcategory I want to highlight the post Self-Injury and Masochism because of how she sees what she does to herself.

LSB’s blog has been mentioned on the list of Top 100 Sex Blogs 2019 in the 22nd place.

Little Switch Bitch
Professional Wanker. Hedonist.
Lover of Kink, Lingerie, Strong Coffee & Sunshine.


— 2019 —

Love, Violet

I am delighted to add Violet Fawkes to my Top 20 list this year, as the fifth newcomer. If I remember correctly I discovered her blog some time in 2017, and one thing that immediately had my attention was her photos. It was clear that she really had an eye for creating art.

Just look at Anticipation and Suddenly I See Her Again to see what beauty Violet shares in images. Where those two images show Violet’s creative side, posts like Learning To See Me and A Sinking Ship touch my heart, because her struggle is real, and so many of us out there have the same struggle, but don’t speak out about it. We should.

However, Violet doesn’t only post images. She is a brilliant writer too, which also landed her the third place in the Smut Marathon 2018. Go read Pool Boy and The Summer Lucky Came to Stay. Don’t you just love the characters she creates?

Besides her images and words, Violet also runs the weekly meme Lingerie Is For Everyone. In Violet’s own words: No matter your gender or sexuality, no matter the size or shape of your body, no matter your ethnicity, if you love lingerie, you are welcome to contribute to this link-up.

Violet’s blog has been mentioned on the list of Top 100 Sex Blogs 2019 in the 40th place.

Love, Violet
erotica | personal essays | photography


— 2019 —

Master’s Pleasing Bitch

At Eroticon this year Julie and I finally got to talk to each other a bit more than we had at Eroticon 2018. But, in the early summer of this year, Julie and her Master visited Rotterdam and we met them for drinks and dinner, which was wonderful.

Julie continues to amaze me with her strength and the way she still writes about her journey with breast cancer and the consequent mastectomy she had in 2018. In Breast Cancer – Being aware and Planning for breast reconstruction you read more about her journey, but posts like Topless and Being positive just make me respect Julie even more. Julie writes posts for quite a number of memes, and reading her posts will make you get to know her better.

Julie’s blog has been mentioned on the list of Top 100 Sex Blogs 2019 in the 32nd place.

Masters Pleasing Bitch
this girl’s journey to become the slave her Master desires


— 2018 — 2019 —

Molly’s Daily Kiss

Molly is a dear friend, and I have become even closer to her this past year, on my travels to London and all those talks we had. But, that’s not the reason why Molly is on my list. With all that she does for the sex blogging community, there is just no way I can not have Molly on this list!

Where do I even start? Besides her own blog, Molly runs the weekly meme Sinful Sunday, the fortnightly meme Kink of the Week and is about to complete her eighth year of her 365 photo project. Then she’s Director of Operations — the boss — of Eroticon and she also coordinates the monthly sex bloggers digest, Elust. As if that’s not enough, there’s also the KissCast, and doing podcasts for the The Smutlancer together with Kayla.

And then, besides all this, Molly also blogs at least twice a week! Two posts that stand out this year are Bittersweet symphony and This moment. Molly is a brilliant photographer, as images like Love lay bare and Serenity show. I also love when she collaborates with others — In the company of women — and she definitely also inspired me to do more self photography

Now you should think that with all of the above Molly has enough on her plate, but this year she was also one of the five judges for the Smut Marathon 2019, and this was her second year as a judge.

Molly’s blog was elected number 1 on the Top 100 Sex Blogs 2012, and since 2015 Molly has taken over the Top 100 list.

Molly’s Daily Kiss
I see myself through others eyes and I am made anew.


— 2013 — 2014 — 2015 — 2016 — 2017 — 2018 — 2019 —

My Controlled Ascent

Kisungura is one of the bloggers I really would love to meet in person. She continues to produce high quality content for her blog, whether it’s in words or images. She writes about her D/s relationship, it’s ups and downs, her mental health and her road to healing, and besides this, she writes stunning erotica!

Sometimes I wonder where Kisungura gets her ideas for images. I mean, look at Unzip Me. This is art! And what about Dough. It seems like just an image of her baking, until you read the quote and you find the deeper meaning behind the image. Rotten to the Core is a hot and sexy story, but also filthy and forbidden, and definitely one of my favorites, just like the cunningly fun Halloween story Which Witch is Which?

Kisungura’s blog has been mentioned on the list of Top 100 Sex Blogs 2019 in the 15th place.

My Controlled Ascent
Living and Loving as a Married Submissive in my D/s Marriage


— 2018 — 2019 —

Pain as Pleasure

While Bibulous One’s posts about his visits to professional sex workers are not as plenty as they were before, he has entered a new phase of his life since he has met and is spending time with his special lady friend. I am so happy for him, for finally being at a point in his life where happiness seems to fill his days, even though there are also tougher days, such as the when he wrote Telling Them about telling his sons that their parents are going to separate.

This new lady friend of Bibulous One switches roles with him, which means we still occasionally get to read about his sexy times, such as A Birthday Whipping, and we also get to see images of him doing his Saturday Chores at her place, or The Curve of her Waist. I love this new happy vibe on B1’s blog!

Bibulous One’s blog has been mentioned on the list of Top 100 Sex Blogs 2019 in the 23rd place.

Pain as Pleasure
A kinky male takes a peek out of the closet


— 2016 — 2017 — 2018 — 2019 —

Purple’s Gem

The sixth and last newcomer to my list is the blog of a beautiful couple I got to meet at Eroticon this year – the Purples. I say beautiful, because they really are a beautiful couple. I just loved when they walked on over and asked if they could hug me. Next year I want to sit down and have a conversation with them.

Both PurpleSole and Littlegem writes on their blog, and to distinguish between them, PurpleSole writes in purple, and Littlegem in black. They write about their D/s relationship in the most open way, sharing details of preparations for role play — Planning a BDSM Schoolgirl Scene — but also about things that didn’t work for them or how they can improve for a next time. There are so many good posts on their blog, like Pleasure of the Unknown by Littlegem, There’s Always a But and Ruby Ring-piece, both by PurpleSole. Writing is not all they do. No this couple is a brilliant team when it comes to creating images. I mean, just look at these images: None Sew Pretty, Life’s a Beach and Bring Me To Life, where PurpleSole was behind the camera, but we also got to see him on the other side in Dom Rod.

I love this blog, love to see this couple exploring and want to be ‘witness’ to that for many years to come.

The Purple’s blog has been mentioned on the list of Top 100 Sex Blogs 2019 in the 29th place.

Purple’s Gem
PurpleSole and Littlegem- Dominant and Submissive Lifestyle


— 2019 —

Sex Matters

At Eroticon 2018 I briefly got to talk to May and I was disappointed when I learned that she wouldn’t be at Eroticon 2019. But, next year both of us will be speakers at Eroticon, and of course May is another person I want to at least have a longer conversation. It’s going to get busy at Eroticon with everyone I want to talk to.

Just like last year, when I added May to my Top 20 list, I still love her writing, and her ability to weave a tale. Seriously, if you haven’t read any of her fiction yet, you should. Two stories I really love are Catch the Catcher and Smile for the Camera. And then one of the more recent ones, List in a Bucket, which made me cry.

But, May doesn’t only put words on her site, she also shares sexy images. Besides her own work, May also shares the work of others in her monthly #SoSS. I love how those who do #SoSS posts each have their own style for it.

Besides her own blog, May is also co-host of the weekly meme Food for Thought.

May’s blog has been mentioned on the list of Top 100 Sex Blogs 2019 in the SECOND place. I so hope to see her blog in the number 1 spot next year!

Sex Matters by May More


— 2018 — 2019 —


In 2018 Submissy was on my list too, and I am still hanging on every word she writes about their D/s relationship, not only the good things, but also the low(er) times they go through. Her honest way of writing really appeals to me, and makes me feel a connection with what she writes.

A series I really enjoyed was April’s Submissive Training Journal. The way Missy wrote it, and the way she addressed the different aspects of a submissive in such an erotic way was really brilliant. If you are looking to start a D/s dynamic, Missy’s useful posts is definitely where you should look first. Missy occasionally posts images, and what I like is that she has all of those in one place called Throwing Caution To The Window.

Just like her husband, His Lordship, Missy writes for every prompt that is posted by the meme they co-host, called Tell Me About. And again, just like her husband, Missy is one of the speakers at Eroticon 2020! I really want to go listen to both of them!

Missy’s blog has been mentioned on the list of Top 100 Sex Blogs 2019 in the 18th place.

Married submissive: The love, the kink and the connection.


— 2018 — 2019 —

© Rebel’s Notes

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12 thoughts on “Rebel’s Top 20 of ’19

  1. Wonderful list Marie – I wholeheartedly agree with your selection. I love how comprehensive it is, with links to your favourite pieces and pictures from each blogger who’s in your top 20. I shall book mark this and browse them at my leisure.

    A great blogging year for you too – I am pleased your book is now on sale and the Smut Marathon goes from strength to strength. I look forward to having a drink and a chat with you and Master T at Eroticon in March. xx

  2. Excellent list, and I am so honored be on it! Amazing company! I appreciate your support every year, Marie, and am humbled and so happy. Your words are kind and bolster me to plug on through even when it gets difficult. I have big plans for the blog this year and hope to up my game with the podcast. I look forward to seeing what all the other bloggers do, too…and YOU! This is an amazing writing community!

  3. Thank you so much for having me in your Top 20, I feel so honoured. You are one of the bloggers I really look up to, so I am all happy right now! All the best to you for 2020, Marie <3

  4. Thank you so much for including me on your list and also for the lovely introduction to my blog. I was honoured to make it to your list last year and delighted that I am still there for 2019. Thank you for everything you do to support me, other bloggers and the community as a whole. You are an inspiration. Merry Christmas ❤️

  5. What a fabulous list this is. I am honoured to be on it. Thank you for all you do and have a very happy Christmas and New Years!

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