Sparkly Butt

Don’t let the insecurities of others dull your sparkle. Shine like the star you are born to be.
~ Karen Civil

I am guilty of this, letting others dull my sparkle. I won’t say it’s because of their insecurities, but just that I sometimes let things get to me so deeply, that it can take me weeks, sometimes months to get over what has happened. Besides that, it seems despite all the sparkles around us at this moment, with Christmas decorations to be seen everywhere, I am suffering from some kind of down. I am trying my best to sparkle, but it’s hard work.

Bring on the sparkle…

This is one of the first images that has been made in my new photo studio, and on the afternoon I did this, I sparkled for sure, and not only because I am showing off my sparkly butt here. I’m trying to hold onto the positivity… it’s hard.

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17 thoughts on “Sparkly Butt

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  2. This is funny as you seem to ooze sparkle to me. I love your image – your bum looks perfect and the symmetry of your pictures really appeals. The studio looks great ?

  3. Cute! Lovely shapely bum! Nothing to be ashamed of there that’s for sure!!! Better than my bony one! lol

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