A Satisfying Satisfyer Giveaway

Three sets of balls…

Some weeks ago Satisfyer sent me three sets of their Satisfyer Balls, the 60-92 grams Vibration, the 62-98 grams and the 80-150 grams.

For weeks I wondered what to do with these toys, as there’s just no way I was going to wear all of these. I do want to strengthen my pelvic floor muscles, but surely one set is more than enough.

Then it struck me… give it away! Make someone else happy with it.

It just so happens that today we celebrate ‘Sinterklaas’ in The Netherlands, which is a tradition over here much like the tradition of Santa Claus for Christmas, but at the same time it’s quite different to that. So it being Sinterklaas, and it being all about gifts, and also the month of December being all about gifts, a giveaway it is!

Now since I do like to feel when I have something inside me, I have selfishly decided to keep the 60-92 grams Vibration set for myself. I want to give the other two away to anyone who would want it. Before I tell you what you have to do to receive one of the toys (yes, I want to make two people happy), let me tell you more about the toys.

Satisfyer Balls 62-98 grams

The toys are made of skin-friendly silicon, and after you have inserted the balls, it’s easy to retrieve them again because of the return strap attached to the balls. The set contains 3 balls, of which the lightest is 61.9 grams, the middle is 82.1 grams and the heaviest is 97.9 grams. The diameter of the balls is 3.8 centimeters.

If you wear the balls for only 15 minutes every day, it trains your pelvic floor muscles which helps you to have better orgasms, but it also trains those muscles that seems to weaken with age and cause you to lose a wee bit of fluid when you cough or laugh. Now who doesn’t want that!

Satisfyer Balls 80-150 grams

This set is also made of skin-friendly silicon and has the same return strap as the set above. Here the lightest set weighs 79.3 grams, the middle 114.1 grams and the heaviest 150.3 grams. Obviously this set is for those who have stronger pelvic floor muscles, but want to strengthen them even more.

The indication for this set is the same as above: wear it for 15 minutes a day and gradually work from the lightest to the heaviest ball to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

How can you get one of these sets?

There are a couple of things you have to decide for yourself first:

  • you will have to give me your physical address, as I will have to know where to send it. Don’t worry, your address (and if you add it, your real name) will be perfectly safe with me, as just like you might be ‘hiding’ behind a pseudonym, I am too and I trust you to keep my real name to yourself too;
  • you have to be willing to pay the postage to my PayPal before I send you the toys.

If you agree with those two things, then please leave me a comment below in which you:

  • tell me which set you prefer;
  • tell me a funny anecdote from your sex life.

Of course you can also contact me in private.

You have until 31 December 2019 to comment on this post, and in the first week of January I will decide who will receive the two boxes I am giving away. Once I have selected two people, I will contact them and we will take it from there.

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3 thoughts on “A Satisfying Satisfyer Giveaway

  1. What a lovely give away. This would be a very nice X-mas gift and a new experience for a lovely girlfriend of mine. Also curious of the result when the training of the pelvic floor muscles is being executed.

  2. Hello. : )

    I would love the lighter set as I’ve never had any sort of pelvic balls before so ought to go in as a beginner I guess. I hope I win them! I’d be delighted to send you my address, then you can come for tea one day maybe!

    Funny sex story? The first time I had sex with my man was by a bonfire. We accidentally shunted and shuffled towards the flames, until my jeans (around my ankles!) started to smoulder. With some urgency I said
    ‘Oh god! I’m on fire’!’
    And he said ‘oh yeah baby, me too’
    ‘No, no! I’m ACTUALLY on fire!’

  3. Oh my. I’ve had the same thoughts because I’m not a huge fans of those types of items. Although I thought about testing out a pair just to confirm my dislike for them. I’ve just been too busy to do the giveaway. I do have a few friends I had in my mind that wouldn’t mind having them. I might just pass them off.
    Good luck to everyone ??

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