When life knocks you down, it’s not trying to say you are not good enough but it’s showing you how powerful you can be even in your most vulnerable moments.
~ Unknown

Only a couple of days ago these words would’ve made me cry and feel even more down than I already did, but reading them now, I know I have once again survived the darkness and am back in the light.

A few vulnerable moments…
“Having a soft heart in a cruel world is courage, not weakness.”

© Rebel’s Notes

21 thoughts on “Powerful

  1. I absolutely love this picture of you, Marie! You look vulnerable like a newborn child, yet sexy like a mature woman. As a phoenix from the ashes, you will arise from the darkness anew!

  2. Sorry to hear that things have been tough for you but glad you are back feeling more positive. This is a gorgeous image and personally I love your power. Happy 2020 to you ?

  3. What makes this image is how your body is only a small part of the picture, the space above you taking up most of it to show vulnerability. It’s gorgeous.

  4. What a beautiful, powerful image, to go with such empowering words! I’ve read your last few posts and meant to comment, but life has been damnedably busy… I admire your strength, your resiliency so much. Here’s to a new year, Marie.

  5. I love this image; the angle, your position, the big empty wall. I like the meaning of this picture and what it captures and looking at it, though of course, I read the words above it first, keeps me staring and thinking about what it makes me feel.

  6. Vulnerability, compassion, humility are Mark’s of inner power and self control. Life is full of the unexpected and random. To ride with it and still remain content is a wonderful gift.
    Well done Rebel.

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