Would I have had sex during my period?

Ever since I saw the Kink of the week prompt ‘period sex’, I have been thinking about it, and whether I would want to write for it. I mean, it can hardly be a kink of mine, as I had a hysterectomy just before I turned 25, which means I haven’t had a period for almost 28 years.

Why am I writing about it then?

Image used with permission of Molly Moore

For years now I have read how beautifully Molly writes about menstruation, and I absolutely LOVE the images she posts with either blood on her fingers, or blood on her toys. Others have written about it too, and sometimes I almost feel envious that I cannot experience period sex anymore.


It’s not like I miss my period. Most definitely not, as I had more than enough problems back then, including terrible pains, weeks of menstruation, feeling ‘dirty’ because of the amount of flooding I had and eventually I had growths in my uterus. It was a relief once it was removed, as all of those problems instantly stopped.

I grew up in the time where one barely spoke about menstruation, and you most definitely didn’t speak about it to men. They just preferred not to know about it.

My first husband definitely didn’t touch me when I had my period, and frankly, I didn’t want him to touch me. Sex was totally out of the question then. I can’t say I was really sex positive back then, as I had shame about many things, not only my period, and I was in a community and time frame where sex positivity definitely wasn’t a thing.

The reason I am writing about period sex is because there is a tiny piece of me that regret the fact that I cannot explore period sex; that I cannot erase the past where menstruation talk was a no-go and just be positive and open about it. Because frankly, isn’t it a wonderful thing how the female body cleanses one of the most important parts of procreation? As I look where I stand in my life now, I would have wanted to change the mindset of those that think of menstruation as something negative. Yes, I can still do that, but not because of any personal experiences of mine, because by the time my uterus was removed back in early 1992, I was still ashamed of the blood streaming from my body.

My hypothetical thoughts about period sex

In my mind I picture both scenarios above – a man with my blood on his face, because he went down on me, and a man with my blood on his dick, because he fucked me.

I am sorry to say, but the first image doesn’t appeal to me. Looking only at myself and this reaction, I think I can safely say that oral sex during my period would’ve been off limits. It’s not that I think it’s yuck, just that I know it would have made me feel so uncomfortable that I could in no way have been able to enjoy it. That said, I can also not remember reading about anyone engaging in oral sex during their period.

The second image, my blood on his dick… I would’ve been up for that. I might not have been back in my twenties, but as I have grown into this community and have learned so much about sex, sexuality and myself ever since I have this blog (and I am still learning), that I am sure penetration during menstruation wouldn’t have been a problem, obviously as long as it wasn’t a problem for the man in my life either. And as for sex with myself, and seeing my blood on my toys, the way you can see it on Molly’s toy in the image, well, I would definitely have been up for that too.

Easy talk?

Of course, I do recognize that it’s easy for me to talk, since I haven’t menstruated in a very long time. There is no way for me to know 100% whether this really wouldn’t have been a problem. However, as much I have grown, especially over the past 10 years, and the positive feelings I have inside when I read posts about period sex, tells me it would have been okay, but at the same time I don’t think it would’ve become a kink of mine. My thoughts and feelings when I see those images in my mind is not about period sex being kinky, but it being all about not being ashamed of something that is so natural and part of being a woman.

Menstruation Matters

3 thoughts on “Would I have had sex during my period?

  1. Thank you for joining in! I have had oral during my period, although it was accidental. My periods are irregular, often with no indication when they’ll start. One day he was giving me oral when he suddenly dashed off to the bathroom, apparently he tasted blood and assumed he was having a nose bleed, turns out my period had started! Luckily we both found it hilarious so any embarrassment on either side vanished!

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