No Consent: Lost in love

This is the rework of a self-published auto-biographical story (2008), rewritten for this blog. Names of characters have been changed.
Content warning: mental and physical abuse, misogyny.

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in getting up every time we do.

Lost in love
4 March 1994

Continued from… The first date

Annie was off from work, as she has also been on the day before. On both those days Fred called her. Several times. In each conversation he told her how much she had impressed him. The first time she thanked him for his words, but after that, she had no idea how to handle his compliments. Every time she hung up, she could hardly wait until his next call, craving his nice romantic words. It seemed Fred knew exactly what to say and when. No woman would have been able to resist this man with the sweet gallant words, and hit gentleman manners.

On Friday morning Fred invited Annie to join him to go a striptease in a club he frequented. She told him she had never seen one before, and would love to join him. She was curious about the striptease, but she also admitted to herself that any excuse to spend time with Fred was good enough.

Annie was lost in love.

Through all this, Annie had no difficulty at all to conveniently forget that Fred was a married man. She banned the thought from her mind that his wife was the way she and Fred got in contact with each other.

Fred had definitely not forgotten this. He was playing this woman, reeling her in like a fish on a line.

* * * * *

Annie smiled when Fred’s car stopped in front of her house, and just like some days before, he held the car door open so she could get in. She was nervous about this afternoon, but excited too. Sitting at the bar, each with a drink in their hand, they waited until the striptease would start. Annie was surprised to see topless waitresses behind the bar, but she hid her surprise from Fred, the same way she thought she hid her excitement once the striptease started.

There was more than one show. Annie enjoyed the first couple, but then quickly got bored. She had seen enough, as all the shows started to look the same. She was relieved when suddenly a man appeared at Fred’s side, greeting him and looking over at Annie, waiting for Fred to introduce them. The two men talked for a while, and then Fred’s friend invited Annie for a dance, but she declined. She did accept Fred’s invitation for a dance and found that he’s an excellent dancer. Unfortunately, after one dance it was time to leave, but in the car, Fred told her they could go dancing that evening. He would go home to change and then be back to pick Annie up again. That gave Annie enough time to call the sitter, shower and change into something sexy.

* * * * *

Fred drove them to a dance hall with a live band on the other side of the city. Sitting in the car for a while, since they had arrived early, they were both quiet. Annie wasn’t paying any attention to the radio, until tapped the rhythm of a song on her knee.
“That is how I feel too,” he said. Since her attention was somewhere else, Annie had no idea what he meant.
“What? How?” she asked.
“Listen to the song,” he said, irritation in his voice.
“… and I love you, more than words…”
Again Fred tapped her knee to the beat of the music. Annie looked at Fred. Did he…? Should he…? Did his feelings for her go that deep? Could it be true?

“I heard the words, but I don’t think that I really understand what you mean.”
Annie knew exactly what he meant, but didn’t believe he could be so sure of his feelings for her after such a short time.
“I will repeat my message later tonight,” Fred promised and got out of the car, walked around and opened the door for Annie.
The live band played the loveliest dance music. Annie and Fred barely skipped a dance, enjoying every moment of being together. It was during one of their rare breaks that Fred firmly held Annie’s hand, and repeated his earlier message: I love you.
“Is it possible after such a short time? We only met a week ago.”
“I’m a man who knows what he wants. I’m sure of my feelings. When I want something, I go for it with all my heart. I want you. You are mine and I love you. You are mine.”
Annie’s heart melted. Her doubts disappeared. She rested her head against his shoulder, and was the happiest woman alive. Finally there was someone who could help to push the terrible loneliness aside. She could care less that he was married — they would find a solution for that. He loved her and that was all that mattered.

Above her head, a smile played around his mouth. Fred knew he won the most important battle of the war. He could soon launch the next phase of his master plan. It was a lot easier than he thought it would be.

* * * * *

When they returned to Annie’s home that evening, they went to bed together. Annie and Fred made love for the first time. Contrary to her expectation, the lovemaking didn’t feel special, but was over almost as quickly as it started. She hid her disappointment from Fred. Her last thought just before she fell asleep was: Joe was a lot better, but okay, sex was not the most important thing. Fred’s gallantry and charm made up for his apparent helplessness in their lovemaking.

To be continued… Awkward moments

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