No Consent: The first date

This is the rework of a self-published auto-biographical story (2008), rewritten for this blog. Names of characters have been changed.
Content warning: mental and physical abuse, misogyny.

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in getting up every time we do.

The first date
2 March 1994

Continued from… The corporal

Her children were in the good hands of their well-known babysitter by the time Fred knocked on her door.

Hours after her phone call with Fred on Monday, Annie’s rational thoughts had returned. A huge feeling of guilt set in, but after a night’s sleep she convinced herself there was no harm in going out with Fred once. If Annie had only taken a moment to think realistically about her date with Fred, she would never have gone out with him. However, the moment he stood in front of her, all likelihood of any realistic thought was gone. She felt exactly the same way than when she first saw him. Annie couldn’t think of one good reason she shouldn’t go to the movies with him.

Fred’s eyes appreciatively followed the line of Annie’s body and rested on the hem of her black mini skirt. She felt good about herself. Sexy. Fred was as charming in real life as he was on the phone. He greeted her with a kiss on her cheek, and after some friendly words to her children, he asked if she was ready to go. Like a real gentleman, he opened the car door car so she could get in.

* * * * *

Fred took the scenic route from where Annie lived towards the city. Halfway their he pulled off on the shoulder of the road and all kinds of horrifying thoughts went through her head when Fred’s hand disappeared behind her seat. For moments her heart stopped, only to start beating again in excitement when he surprised her with two glasses and… a bottle of her favorite wine! What a charmer! Such gallantry! He slowly drove off again once they each had a glass of wine in their hands.

Their glasses were almost empty when Fred parked the car close to the cinema. He had booked for the early show and there would be dinner after the movie. The restaurant was in the same building as the cinema.
“You are a beautiful woman,” Fred said as they sipped the last of their wine. Annie blushed and thanked him, handed him her empty glass and waited for him to open the car door.

Mildly erotic and scary scenes flashes across the movie screen. Right after they sat down, Fred’s hand rested on Annie’s inner thigh. He moved it up and down and sometimes almost touched her crotch. He held his head close to Annie’s, and whispered things like ‘you are so sexy’ and ‘you make me feel so warm inside’ and ‘I would love to make love to you right now’ in her ear. Sexual tension was building up inside Annie, as was the wetness between her legs. She wanted him so much right then that when his hand firmly rested on her pussy, she didn’t mind. He moved around with his fingers, but fortunately, the movie was over just before the situation could get out of hand.

In the restaurant, Fred ordered a bottle of the same wine that they had in the car. They didn’t eat much while they talked, covering many different subjects. Annie was an honest person by nature and she had nothing to hide. She answered all Fred’s questions without any hesitation; told him about her divorce and her disappointment about her broken relationship with Joe. He asked why she had enlisted for military service and how she enjoyed her first years in service in the south of the country. Her stepfather was discussed, and what role her stepfather played in her life after her mother emigrated to Europe. Fred also wanted to know why she had joined the singles’ club, but in the end the one subject that interested him the most was her presumed bisexuality. Annie told him that she only found out that there was a word such as bisexual, when she read their advert in the papers. Fred was very curious about her life, but he dodged all questions about his own. When Annie pushed for answers, he was short about it and quickly diverted all attention back to Annie.

A student came in, selling roses, and Fred bought her one. He was openly courting her, and bit by bit Annie fell for him, the man who had such nice manners and even nicer words.

Bit by bit and with calculated actions Fred spun his web.

To be continued… Lost in love

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