No Consent: The party (part 3)

This is the rework of a self-published auto-biographical story (2008), rewritten for this blog. Names of characters have been changed.
Content warning: mental and physical abuse, misogyny.

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in getting up every time we do.

The party (part 3)
26 February 1994

Continued from… The party (part 2)

From the moment Fred had left them to rejoin some of the other men, Fran stayed at Annie’s side. Even when Annie had to use the bathroom, Fran accompanied her, standing in front of the door like a watchdog. She even allowed Annie to use the main bedroom’s on-suite bathroom. All the other guests had to use the other bathroom.

Ever since Fred had left her with Fran, Annie was constantly aware of his whereabouts. She noticed a young blond woman staying close to him all the time. Her short hair and spectacled face gave her a dull and prudish appearance. With these thoughts in her mind, Annie was even more surprised this same girl appeared topless on the lawn. The men whistled and the women stared.

“Fred convinced her to do it. He told her that her breasts were too pretty to hide from everyone. It took some persuasion, but he’s good at things like that. Her name is Sophia. She lives with us,” Fran explained to Annie.
Annie looked at Fran, who laughed.
“No, no,” she smiled and apologized, “not like that. We’re not involved with her. She’s here temporarily, until she can move in with her sister.”

Annie had no comment. Not out loud, that is. What did Fran mean by her words ‘we’re not involved with her’? Was it what Annie thought? Before she could pose this question to Fran, all guests were called inside the house for the promised striptease. The disappointment for the absence of the topless waitresses quickly changed to admiration for the professional striptease, which was done in the huge lounge, where all guests found a spot to sit or stand.

Halfway through the striptease Annie saw Neil sitting across from her. She sat down next to him after the striptease, and left Fran on the couch where they had watched the striptease together. Annie felt relieved for getting rid of her constant shadow, Fran, but the woman now hovered next to the couch where Annie sat with Neil. Annie kept the conversation with Neil going, giving Fran no chance to interrupt them the way she had interrupted Annie and Tina earlier in the evening. Eventually Fran left, probably tired of waiting and being ignored. A feeling of relief washed through Annie. She could relax again.

Most people have cleared from the room when Annie saw Fred on the end of the room, sitting in an armchair. Terry sat on the armrest, deep in conversation with Fred. His hand rested casually on Terry’s knee. Annie turned her attention back to Neil, and only thought of Terry again when she joined them with another club member at her side. The two men introduced themselves to each other and while they were talking, Terry whispered in Annie’s ear: “These are the people who sent you that letter.”

Once again Annie regretted her impulsiveness to tell Terry about the club.

* * * * *

“Let’s go for a swim,” John, the man who was with Terry, suggested just after they had their dinner. No one reacted to his suggestion, all of them waiting for someone else to agree first.
“I don’t have swimwear with me,” Terry at last dared to say.
“Neither do I,” Annie laughed nervously.
“So what! We can skinny-dip,” John laughed. Annie and Terry looked at each other and then they giggled.
“Okay, let’s do it!”

Fran appeared from nowhere.
“What are you going to do?” she asked, and excitedly Terry told them about their plan.
“I don’t think it’s a good idea,” Fran protested feebly, “the water is very cold.”
“Oh, we don’t mind,” both the women assured her. A helpless expression appeared on Fran’s face.

“I’ll get some towels,” she mumbled and disappeared into the house. It took a while before she came back with two towels. What Annie and Terry didn’t know, was that Fran had a heated discussion with her husband while she was inside the house. Fran showed the women a room where they could change and stayed with them all the time. She followed them outside to the swimming pool, which was actually nothing more than a round dam filled with clear water. The only light at the pool was that of the moon.

Fran stayed at the side of the pool. The four naked swimmers tried to convince her to join them, but Fran said she would only get in if the men got out. Nothing she said could move Neil or John to get out of the water. They wanted in on all the fun. No one knew that Fran had clear instructions from her husband on how she had to handle the situation. When she realized that she wasn’t going to change anything about the situation, Fran left the swimmers alone, and disappeared into the house.

Her friendly composure was gone when she returned after about half an hour. Everyone had left already, except for the four swimmers.
“It’s after three already,” Fran’s shrill voice informed them. “My husband and I would like to go to bed. We don’t want to be rude, but could you please be so kind as to continue your fun somewhere else?”

So said, so done. Annie and Terry went back inside to get dressed. Once again Fran stayed with them.
“Fred and I would like for you to stay the night,” Fran whispered when Terry went to the bathroom.
“Oh, I don’t know…” Annie let her words hang in the air, knowing that she wasn’t intending to stay at all.
“You won’t regret it. Fred will make love to you.”

Annie was grateful for the fact that she was bent over to put her shoes on. That hid the stunned expression on her face. First, she was asked to leave the house, then, Fran dared to ask her to stay. To top it all, Fran made it sound as if Annie would hit the jackpot if Fred fucked her! The audacity of this woman!

“Are you ready to leave?” Terry asked when she entered the room again.
“Yes, I am.”
“Can we say goodbye to your husband or is he sleeping already?” Terry now asked Fran.

Terry hadn’t picked up on the tension between the two women. Fran looked at Annie once more, but Annie didn’t meet her eyes. Fran told the women to follow her to the main bedroom. Annie could swear her shoulders were sagging even more than before. In the main bedroom Fred lay on top of the covers, wearing only his underpants. Annie and Terry thanked their hosts for their hospitality. Annie was relieved when she got in Neil’s car and could leave the strange couple behind. They followed John and Terry to the latter’s house, where they had some coffee before all of them returned to their respective homes.

Just before daybreak, Annie pulled the covers over her and fell asleep.

To be continued… The corporal

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  1. I want to know what happens now. I know I have said this before but I really have to to the beginning and read all the parts in order. I am very behind 🙂

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