My nipples are not broken ?

Ever since I had my nipples pierced again, I had been so careful with them. A couple of times something caught on them and it hurt like hell, which made me pay extra attention when I wash or dry myself, or get dressed. I was SO afraid of infection, or tears, or just generally of the pain, and all of this is because of the two previous experiences I had with nipple piercings.

From the moment my nipples were pierced on 3 March 2019 I slept with a soft bra top because I was afraid the piercings might catch on the duvet cover during the night. Somewhere during the summer months Master T commented on this and for a couple of nights I slept naked again, but I didn’t sleep well, because somewhere in my subconscious I was constantly aware that I might hurt myself. I resumed sleeping with the top.

Several times in the past months, on those occasions that Master T reached for my breasts, my first reaction was either to cover my breasts, or to say: “Careful, careful, careful.” I was just so afraid of being hurt, and I constantly apologized that I was too afraid for him to touch them.
“Are you sure we will be able to do some nipple play again?” Master T once asked, and I assured him that it will be possible, but I think only in March 2020 because I wanted to give my nipples a year to heal properly.

Eight months and twenty-one days after my nipples were pierced for the third time, we went to bed at half past one in the morning. I was still playing a game on my phone when Master T said that he had an ‘itch to scratch’ which is how he many times make it clear that he wants me to play with his balls. Sometimes it will end in an orgasm only for him; other times I will have had many orgasms before finally I suck him to one. Since I was suffering from intense back ache, he asked me if he should just cum on my tits. I looked at him, smiled, was quiet for a while and then said: “Let me see if I can roll over on my side.”

I did, and reached for his crotch, where I found him hard and ready. In my mind I was trying to figure out just how to get in a position to suck him and not hurt my back more, when he reached for my left breast, which was now the ‘top’ one, as I was on my right side. This time no ‘careful’ crossed my lips, and before I know I was leaning into his hand as he softly played with my nipple. A twitch in my cunt told me I wanted more. Deep in my core, I wanted more.

“Please pinch my nipple,” I surprised myself by asking.
I was still stroking his cock, but the pinching distracted me. God, it felt so good. I had forgotten just how good it felt, and soon I was moaning and leaning into the pain and begging for more. My sore back was all but forgotten as I turned on my back, and Master T reached for both my nipples. Oh, that delicious sting. That intense pain as he rolled my nipples between thumb and finger. I fought the pain, yearned for it, soared with it, accepted it, and soon begged him for an orgasm. It was granted, more than once.

I still had my pants on, but rushed to open it for him to rub my clit. He continued to pinch my left nipple. More orgasms followed, some while he frigged my clit, others while he pinched both nipples. My pajama bottoms grew increasingly wetter below me.
“You’re such a horny slut,” he said, as I moaned loud and begged for another orgasm.

I pushed my pajama bottoms to my ankles, spread my legs wide and lifted my hips, wanting him to see my cunt, to see him rubbing my clit while he continued to hurt me too. I watched his face, saw him looking at me, and that just pushed me over the edge once more.
“My filthy, horny slut,” and yet again an orgasm was granted.

There always comes a turning point where the pain is too much, where my horniness is sated, and when that moment came, I asked him to stop. My nipples were on fire, but I smiled and said: “At least they’re not broken.”

I positioned myself to take him into my mouth, but for him to easily reach my bottom. I held his cock in my hand, looked at it and moaned. I so wanted to taste him; to feel his hardness in my mouth. I paced myself, wanting him to enjoy as long as possible. Ever so slowly and softly I sucked and licked him. After all these years I know how to get him off quickly, and I knew what I was doing enough to keep him hard, but not to push him over the edge. His hand slipped between my buttocks, and a moan escaped around his cock when he used my fluids of earlier to wet my asshole and push a finger inside me. It was not enough to bring me to orgasm, but god it felt good.

I sucked and licked and closed my hand around his shaft, and as my hand and mouth began moving in the same rhythm, there was that familiar twist of his body, the tensing of his arms, the way he fights to keep the orgasm off as long as possible, until finally he grunted and flood my mouth with his semen.

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10 thoughts on “My nipples are not broken ?

  1. My sub/slave has pierced nipples also. She had it done about ten years ago as a surprise for me. It took about a year before she was totally comfortable with the piercings, but now her nipples are really sensitive. All it takes now is for me to just tease the piercings & she is wet & wants more.

  2. I too love nipple stim, of the hard and hurting kind … happy for you that all is healed and you were able to let the fun begin again 🙂 … nj … xx

  3. That is awesome! What a feeling to know you can experience that intense pleasure again. I’m sure Master T was pleased, as well. (Sexy read, btw!)

  4. Unf this was a hot read ?. You both had a great time by the sounds of it. I like it when a situation is unexpected and turns really sexy.

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