Icicles No. 49 Glass Butt Plug With Leather Flogger

HotCherry.co approached me with the question whether I would want to do a product review for them, and they allowed me to choose a product. Obviously this meant I would choose something I am interested in, and after giving them the choice of three products, they decided to send me the Icicles No. 49 Glass Butt Plug With Leather Flogger. Now you might remember that I do love my glass dildos and own a couple of Icicles products, so I know how good they are. I was excited that I would no also receive the no. 49!

Packaging & Contents & Shape ‘n Size & Material

The box I received was discreet and had no indications of its contents. Just like I expected the Icicles toy was beautifully packed. I love how they present their toys, I the rectangular boxes with a lid that shows the toy, then opens like the cover of a book and you can see the toy through a clear plastic window.

Like the title of this post says, the butt plug is made of clear glass, and the flogger is made of leather. The total product is about 60 centimeters long. The insertable length of the plug is 10 centimeters. The widest part of the plug is 3.8 centimeters. The total weight of the toy is approximately 220 grams.

The flogger is made of genuine bull leather tresses, and feel so soft, and on opening the box, it smelled amazing! The butt plug obviously doubles as a handle, and lies as perfectly in ones hand as it fits into the hole it was designed for.

How does it work?

There is no specific science to this toy. Just grab the plug, swing the flogger and toch that bottom right in front of you. The soft strands of the flogger is perfect for both beginner’s play, as well as for those who wants to feel the pain when the blow lands on the exposed skin.

Lubricate the plug properly and slowly push it inside to stretch the sphincter and get the body to accept the delicious intrusion.

My experience with & opinion of the product

I would have loved to have tested this with Master T, but I had to do it myself. I first tried the flogger on my leg, and was surprised at the slight sting. I tried it again and there was the sting again. A thuddy kind of sting. I loved it! Next I bared my bottom, as I remembered reading that others sometimes use floggers on themselves, and I wanted to see and feel whether this was effective.

And effective it was. I discovered that I could easily swing the flogger and it would fold around my bottom, and as it does the ends of the strands stung into my skin. I was mesmerized as I watched myself in the mirror, watched the swing and watched the impact. I need to have a session with myself where I continue until my bottom is bright red, as while I was testing, I couldn’t carry on for too long due to a younger set of ears in the house.

Since I love anal play, of course I had to try the plug too. This is the first time I tried a glass plug (I normally used the steel ones) and it’s quite a tight but oh-so-good fit. I am not one for wearing tails, which is what it looks like when you have the plug in, and the flogger hangs from it. But, as I looked at myself, the kind of humiliation I felt made me go wet and needy. I think I (we) have to play with this more, and of course, I need to set up the camera and take some pictures of my ‘tail’ and my red bottom!

There’s definitely more fun to be had with this toy!

Note: Some of the strands of the floggers were stuck together, but it was quite easy to cut through them with scissors to separate the strands.

Where to buy?

You can buy the Icicles No. 49 Glass Butt Plug With Leather Flogger from HotCherry for $57.99

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  1. I really love the Icicles toys too, I’ve got a couple, my boyfriend brought me one of their plugs for Christmas last year. I’m usually a steel kind of girl too, but I do really like the glass.

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