Using hormone replacement therapy again

There was one week this year during summer where temperatures crept up to 40 degrees, and it lasted for almost a week. Some people live in places where they are used to high temperatures, and yes, I come from a county where they have much warmer temperatures than we generally have here in the Netherlands. Not only have I acclimatized in the 25 years I have lived here, but also were the temperatures in South Africa combined with a low humidity, while over here we have a high humidity. Hot temperatures and a high humidity is just not something I can handle. Of course, I am not the only one…

It was during that week that I frequently uttered my annoyance at how hot and flustered I felt, and every time Master T said that he felt hot too. I put the inner heat I felt down to the tropical temperatures, but even after those went down some, I felt hot and flustered. It came in waves, just as it did during the week of almost 40 degrees Celsius.

It must have been two weeks after that hot period that I once again spread my arms, grabbing the sides of my desk and sighed deep, exclaiming how hot I felt. This time Master T didn’t agree with me that it was as warm as I said.
“I told you, I think my hot flushes are back,” I said, not feeling very happy with the idea of them being back.
“But they had been gone for so long now,” Master T said.
“Yes, I know. I thought most of the menopause was behind me.”

I decided to wait another week or two to see if the hot flushes — because now I was sure that those wave of hotness were indeed the hot flushes that had returned, even worse than they were before — disappeared by themselves. I made it through the first week, and it seemed the hot flushes just got more and more. Not only during daytime, but also in the night. Many nights I woke up with a film of sweat covering my entire body, from head to toe. Yuck!

Now years ago, when I first had those hot flushes, I started using hormone replacement therapy. I never got tablets from the doctor, but first bought them in the store and when I realized those didn’t work, I ordered pregnenolone online, and after about three weeks I really noticed the difference. I might have used it for about two years when I realized I had no hot flushes anymore, so I stopped. That must have been somewhere in late 2017.

When I realized my hot flushes were back, and after only one week of feeling flustered almost all the time, I ordered pregnenolone again. They didn’t have the 50mg tablets anymore, so I used the 100mg ones, and decided to see whether those help. Of course, just like before, I had to use them for at least two weeks to see whether there was any improvement.

I was so happy when into the third week of using the tablets, I noticed that my daytime hot flushes were almost gone. I still woke up a couple of times during the night, feeling hot and sweaty but those gradually got less too and are now down to only one a night. I still get very hot when I have been active, like showering in the morning or doing chores, and I take longer to cool down, but overall I am definitely happy that I seem to have the hot flushes under control again.

I don’t know how long I will stay on the pregnenolone this time, but there will come a time that I stop with it again, when I have little to no hot flushes. And if I have to use it for a longer period, it’s no problem either as this is a natural homeopathic remedy, and not something chemical with possible scary side effects.

One thing I am wondering about is why the hot flushes seemed to have disappeared back then, and why they have returned. I know a colleague of mine stopped menstruating for some years, and then suddenly she started all over again for a month or two and then it was gone and never returned. Since I have no uterus anymore, I have no idea if this hot flushes thing might be similar to her bleeding again. I guess I shouldn’t tire myself about this, because the more I stress myself about it, the more flushed I feel! Some might see menopause as the advent of old age, but I just accept that menopause is part of my life; part of who I am now.

Still, thank god for hormone replacement therapy!

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10 thoughts on “Using hormone replacement therapy again

  1. I have done a few different things…mainly topical creams…and didn’t find that any of them worked. A friend of mine suggested black cohosh and a few herbal type remedies, as her homeopathic doctor prescribed them to her. I haven’ttried any yet. I had a hysterectomy young, so it’s sometimes hard to determine the cause of my symptoms. I have no missing or spotty period to gauge things by. But those damn hot flushes are for real.

    1. Same here, there is/was just no way for me to know whether symptoms I have are from menopause or not, because of the early hysterectomy.

  2. Can I ask why you didn’t speak to your GP? I ask because I have hot flushes sometimes, and I know I am heading towards menopause. I am dreading the idea of HRT because I really don’t want to, my mother in law got breast cancer from hers, but because I’m relatively young I think they will push it on me ..

    1. I know my GP’s opinion on HRT, and know he won’t give it to me, unless I have much more symptoms than only the hot flushes. They constantly warn about the fact that you can get breast cancer from it, which is why they almost never give women HRT.

        1. My preference definitely is natural products, and if those don’t work 100%, just accept that menopause is upon me.

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