#SoSS #105: The Finals Edition

This is the week of finals. It’s the final full week of our three-week holiday, as next week Thursday we both have to work again. We haven’t been gone much, but we relaxed a lot AND worked hard to change the attic from red and yellow to all white. It’s quite a different look, and I can hardly wait to see what it looks like once the new vinyl flooring has been done. We have to wait two more weeks for that, but my goal to have my own space for photography – a photo studio with backgrounds and studio lighting – before the end of the year is actually going to be achieved!

The other final I want to turn your attention to is much more important than the one above. Of course I am talking about the final round of the Smut Marathon, of which the final voting round opens tomorrow. Please, please, please take the time to read their stories and vote. There’s more further on in this post.

When I look back on the past year, the Smut Marathon has been quite a ride. Even though I tell everyone it’s part of the marathon for people to withdraw or sometimes just disappear, I can’t seem to get used to that. But, I love the marathon so much, and the planning for the 2020 edition has already been done, the assignments discussed and finalized, and 22 days from today the entires will open! Exciting!

But, even though we have to plan ahead, we have to be mindful of today, of the present, and for now I want to highlight the work from the past week of some of my fellow bloggers. Thankfully these are not their final posts, and we get to enjoy a lot more of their writing and images!

Sexy writing

There is a post I had on my screen for days, which is that of Isabelle Lauren, Being bisexual while in a heterosexual marriage. It made me think of my own situation, as I am too bisexual and in a heterosexual marriage. My husband knows I am bisexual, and some of our friends know I am, but I have never been in a relationship with a woman. Oh, I would love to be, but how in the world to go about that? This post really made me think, and I might come back to it in future. I first have to let my thoughts crystallize.

Another post that had me put my thinking cap on, is that of askmefast, Freedom is an illusion. The moment I read the quote at the top of his post, I nodded my head, and by the time I got to the end, I wanted to do a post of my own.

I have a thing for mystical stories with ceremonies honoring one person, or introducing someone to ritual. That’s why Jupiter Grant’s story The Ceremony resonated with me, but also because this is not only about a ceremony, but the story has a deeper meaning too.

Then there’s 5 Reasons Why Unsolicited Dick Pics Are Not Okay, a post by Deviant Succubus. I have a half-written post about dick pics in my drafts folder, but I can’t have said it any better than DS did. If you have ever received or sent an unsolicited dick pic, then this post is for you.

Hot images

There are two photo memes I check every week to look for sexy images to share here: Sinful Sunday and Lingerie Is For Everyone.

  • Original Sin by Sweetgirl — I really like the middle image in this post, and it almost feels like this should be the prompt to a story.
  • Winter Sun by Purple’s Gem — Even though this references winter, it makes me long for summer, and the beach!
  • A date with a glass dildo by Molly Moore — I like absolutely everything about this image! And the words… oh my!
  • Modestly Nailed by Modesty Ablaze — The first thing I saw was a naked man sitting on the floor with his legs spread, until I read the words. Brilliant image!
  • Tutu by Eye — This is simply a stunning image, and once again a beautiful collaboration between two bloggers.
  • Reflection & Revelation by Violet Fawkes — I really am a fan of Violet’s images. I mean, just look at this – it’s art!


Prompts are great to inspire you to write a new post, and you can also combine two prompts (or three) if you want.

These are the ones currently running:

Meme Prompt Date(s) to link
Masturbation Monday Week 273 (Molly Moore) 22 to 26 November 2019
Wicked Wednesday Prompt #391: Multitasking 23 to 27 November 2019
Food for Thought #124 – Freedom 19 to 24 November 2019
Friday Flash No. 73 — Jackpot 19 November to 2 December 2019
Sinful Sunday Letter H 1 December 2019
Kink of the week Cum Tributes 16 to 30 November 2019
Tell Me About… #21: Training 10 to 23 November 2019
Erotic Journal Challenge Gratitude 1 to 30 November 2019
Sex Blogger for Mental Health Week 45: Travel 17 to 24 November 2019
Elust #125 Elust submissions 1 to 8 December 2019

More memes — also those without prompts — can be found here. And, did you know that it’s perfectly okay to combine memes? Just make sure you have the buttons of those you link to in your post!

Wicked Wednesday

Every week someone else in the community does the top 3 roundup for Wicked Wednesday. Sometimes it’s me, but mostly it’s someone else. I love to engage others to do it, because I want Wicked Wednesday to be for everyone.

Are you interested in doing the roundup (again)? Just get in contact with me!

Prompt 390 for Wicked Wednesday was ‘Ceremony’ for which 21 posts were linked. The top 3 was done by Violet Fawkes and she chose (yep, there’s 4):

Smut Marathon


Tomorrow the final voting round for the Smut Marathon 2019 starts. When the voting round closes on 29 November, we will know who is the winner of this year’s marathon. I am rooting for all of the finalists! Please watch this space tomorrow, then read the stories and vote. Your vote helps determine who win the Smut Marathon 2019!

Tips & tricks

You have been blogging for quite some time and you want to take your blog to the next level. How do you do that? One of the things is Figuring Out Who Your Audience Is and The Smutlancer will help you do that.

This day in past years

Sharing posts from the twenty-third day of November in the past years of my blog:

2010: Spread the… lips
A post about a lovely spreader, and how much I loved it.

2011: Helping out
Helping a magician performing their tricks can be fun.

2012: Fifty Shades of Red ~ Our second date (2)
These post are all about one of the most epic kink weekends we enjoyed.

2013: A Special Giveaway
A promotional post about a South African BDSM store which sadly is no more.

2014: Slippery When Wet
An image which comes with a warning sign.

2016: Emotional Writing
I shared a piece of writing that I did for NaNoWriMo 2016, and which made me feel emotional.

2018: Pink Panties
I still love this story, about a man who loves to wear panties.

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