Two Pisces in a Pod

Anyone born between 19 February and 20 March are born under the water sign Pisces.

The dreamer and healer of the horoscope family, Pisces energy awakens compassion, imagination and artistry, dissolving the boundaries that divide us.

Before I go on, I am totally intrigued by the star signs, but not enough so to ever have done more than just occasionally read my horoscope. Maybe one day I will be brave enough to have a full analysis done, but deep down I am afraid I might be told things which I will then focus on too much.

Two Pisces, four fish

Both Master T and I are Pisces — I am an early one, born on 25 February, and he’s a late Pisces, born on 13 March. Now they do say that the sun and even planets influence the sign you are born under, so for clarity I also have to say that I was born in the southern hemisphere, during the late summer, and Master T was born in the northern hemisphere, during late winter. I say this, because (and I think people who have met us will agree) we are definitely two totally different people, despite being born under the same sign.

The quote above is supposed to apply for all Pisces, no matter what day they were born, where they were born, or whether they are men or women. This made me search on… you see, where I can definitely find myself in the quote above, it just isn’t true for Master T. I found the website where they talked about the Pisces born on different dates.

Master T, born on 13 March

Quotes are from the site, and I share my thoughts on whether I think it fits Master T or not.

“You have your own mind and while that is a good thing, you are very considerate when it comes to needs of others.”

This is so very true for Master T. He is very considerate of others, sometimes to the point where it can irk me a bit, but during the years he has learned that people tend to use him, and since I am the same where that is concerned, we have the agreement to watch over each other and prevent this from happening.


“You are unique in that you don‘t ask many questions about your friend’s personal lives. You ask that they return this favor with the same understanding.”

The first part is more me than Master T, the second part more him than me.


“Pisces, you have many friends! Yet, you are not very close or attached to any particular person.”

Master T always says he doesn’t believe in friends, only acquaintances, but I know better, because I know there are people he sees as friends, even though he would never admit this to me. But, Master T definitely isn’t attached to any particular person. If someone chooses not to see him anymore, he easily moves on, where I tend to be sad about it.


“You believe that even when you are wrong, you are right!”

Ha! You don’t want to know how many times Master T has used the words “I’m always right”, but he’s not obnoxious about it. He has a HUGE amount of knowledge about so many things, that he frequently IS right in discussions. But, he can also admit when he’s wrong.


“As a young person, Pisces, you were special. You have vivid and happy memories of your childhood years. Your parents brought you up as a believer in one faith, but as an adult Pisces, you are unlikely to practice it.”

All of this is true!


“Those born on this day are more concerned with a career that implements their aspirations. Your writing talents make you an excellent choice for campaign manager or strategic planner.”

The first part is not true, but might have been had Master T’s life been different than it was. He has been working for the same place since 1988, but never made a career there because he had the care first for his mom, then for his daughter. I truly believe he had the ability to have grown to higher levels in the organization, but with his health as it is now, it’s not something he is aspiring at all.

As for writing talents… most definitely not! He is, however, very good in overseeing everything to be a strategic planner.


Words to describe Master T are considerate, talented, lively, aloof, energetic, careless and wise. I agree with some, not so with others.

Marie Rebelle, born on 25 February

I used the same site to read about someone born on the 25th of February, like myself.

“you are in sync with the mystical world. You get wound up by the beauty of nature as you are inspired by its striking views. You have no problem losing yourself in the mist of its poetic justice. The world of writing makes you lose your touch with reality.”

Walking in the woods, seeing the sun’s rays through the trees, hearing the birds, breathing in the air… sitting on the beach, watching the waves crash on the shore while the stormy wind blows my hair everywhere… standing on the edge of a mountain, looking down at the plains below… yes, I can lose myself in the beauty of nature, and have done so many times before, and will many times more.

As for the writing part… I think you know the answer to that.


“you have a supernatural ability that causes you to be drawn to those things that are out of the ordinary.”

I will never describe myself as clairvoyant, but things do happen that neither I, nor Master T have any explanation for. I get this ‘feeling’ that something is going to happen, and then it does. It’s simple things really, like just knowing someone is going to cancel a meeting, or someone is going to call. There was a time at work (in a previous building where I couldn’t see the front door) that when the bell rang, I could tell who it was. My colleague thought it was creepy, and I always just laughed it away. I have never tried to understand this part of me, and just accepts that it happens.


“Trust is a major issue with you, so you are inclined to have lasting friendships rather than attempt to make new ones.”

The part about trust doesn’t ring true for me, as I trust too easily, and n that way allow people to disappoint me. The second part, however definitely is true. I prefer lasting friendships, but I have to say that I have made a lot of new friends over the past years, and that’s all thanks to Eroticon.


“your marriage is usually one that is ideal. Pisces, you are romantic and can sweep anyone off their feet. You are loyal and loving. Being attracted to those that share your interests, most relationships are satisfactory.”

It took me three marriages to find the ideal one, but yes, my marriage IS ideal. I am loyal and loving, and yes, I can be romantic too. I don’t know about sweeping anyone off their feet, as I have had my crushes where just nothing happened, probably because I never pursued it.


“You who have February 25 birthday people have a knack for empathizing with others, and you understand their point of view. Because of this, Pisces, you would make an excellent counselor!”

Seriously, I would’ve loved to have been a counselor, but my love ran a different course. I sometimes over-empathize with people, making their problems mine, but I can always understand their point of view and I hope that when I give advice, it’s something they can use to help them.


“You build up rather than tear down a person’s potential.”

Yes, I see no reason at all to bring anyone down in any way. I will much rather build things up.


“you don’t put great importance on money. You know it is a necessity, and the bills must be paid.”

Very true. This part went on to say Pisces need to understand to save some money for emergencies, and thankfully I have Master T to do that. He’s the money man, and he’s the one always saying we have to save for later, and he sees to it that it happens.


Words to describe me are clairvoyant, optimistic, genuine, imaginative, moody, positive and romantic. I agree with all of them.


Funnily enough, this same site said that Master T’s best match is Aquarius, where mine is… Pisces. This made me think of the time when I was about 17 and I had a short relationship with a man two or three years older than me. I just hated his indecisiveness, the way he seemed to have his head in the clouds all the time. He was Pisces too, and back then I said I would never ever be with a Pisces again, because they are just not a good match. Never say never, right!

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6 thoughts on “Two Pisces in a Pod

  1. I’m always in the middle on astrology and the signs. We always read them growing up and looked at the daily horoscope. I’ve always found people to mostly be true to their sign. I have a lot of Leo tendencies right down to being insecure.

    It’s nice to get to know you via this. I don’t know too many Pisces so I’ve never figured out their behavior. It’s hard not to find it all interesting

  2. As much as I don’t really believe in astrology, I admit that the things said about people of my star sign are true for me too. It’s fun to read that you’ve found that as well, although, as you say: there are different site which say different things.

  3. This is facinating – I think this is very true of you – ““You build up rather than tear down a person’s potential.”
    I am a pisces too and my man is a cancer – they are meant to be very compatible signs – but at times we do kind of explode – not sure that is a sign of compatibility – but who knows – I do think there is something to astrology – but it is inked to astronomy – I am sure the stars and moon have a great bearing on how we are as people x

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