Plan your multitasking…

I make long days, especially on days I go into the office. That happens four days a week, leaving three days and all evenings for me to work on this site, Wicked Wednesday and the Smut Marathon. Apart from that I also want to be on social media — both for my vanilla and erotic life — and I want to spend time with my husband, go out on photography trips with my daughter, take a trip to London, clean the house, do the grocery shopping… oh and don’t forget sleep! Multitasking seems to be part of my life, but recently I have my doubts about how effective it is.

Planning is essential

Yes, I am always busy. It’s not in my nature to sit still and I have always had a high productivity and still do, but I can’t do all I do anymore without a proper planning. The very first time I wrote about planning, was back in 2014, when I only used an Excel sheet to plan all blog posts. I still use the Excel file, and really just can’t be without it. In 2018 I wrote a post about a ‘gadget’ I was using and am actually still using today: the Passion Planner.

However, I haven’t been using the Passion Planner the way it was intended — as a planner — but more as a diary, where I wrote about my day after it has happened, and had a weekly to-do list. Nothing wrong with a diary, but I noticed that I seem to be losing my focus, and I wondered why. Like with many things, I had to let some things mull around in my head, up to the point where I had an epiphany. I knew I had to do things differently, and the first thing I did was to take a step back. I still blogged a lot, it still felt like a step back because I stopped beating myself up when there was a meme I didn’t have any inspiration to write for.

The epiphany came when I saw tweets about The Smutlancer episode Why You Need a Planner in Your Life. Now I haven’t even listened to this episode yet (yep, I’m running behind because of our vacation time, which ends today), but it did make me look into the Circle Planner. I instantly wanted it, but I had already ordered a new Passion Planner for 2020. Searching for the Circle Planner and comparing it to the Passion Planner lead me to the epiphany: the way I should use my planner. I know now what I had been doing wrong all this time, not only with the planner, but also with my planning.

I haven’t planned.

Multitasking in 2019

This year I just left things to chance. I knew when a blog post needed to be done, and mostly wrote my posts during the weekends, sometimes the evening before. I knew when Wicked Wednesday posts had to be read, but then got distracted by reading emails and had to stay at my laptop longer to do the reading I should’ve done. I felt pressured to also make time to sit on the couch and watch a movie or series with Master T. This obviously caused me stress. I tried to do too many things at one time.

Oh I have become quite skilled at sitting here at my desk, writing a new blog post, and at the same time more or less following what Master T is watching on television (it’s a huge one about 15 degrees to my right on the wall), or keeping an eye on the Twitter timeline, as I write everything in Scrivener and it’s always a half screen, with Twitter in the background. And sometimes I do all three…

I noticed that I either loose the thread of what I was writing because the television is too interesting or the Twitter timeline too distracting, and then it takes me so much longer to write something. This needs to change. It seems multitasking make me get all the things done, but probably not as fast and maybe not even to the quality it could’ve been.

Multitasking in 2020

The television will still be on while I work, and social media will still be visible in the background, but I want to block specific times in my planner to write. Or to clean. Or to do groceries. Or test toys. Or relax. I want to use the planner to help me, and not just be a thing in which I document my day. I want to use it to plan ahead, and not to record the past.

I want to set goals. The Passion Planner has a tool to set goals, but up to now I haven’t used it. I am going to use it in 2020 and have already started a list with goals. I want to use the planner to balance my life more, and try to keep the multitasking to the minimum. I need to learn to block the television out (in the office listening to podcasts/music seemed to help, so maybe I will do that at home too), and in my planner I will block times for social media. I mean, it’s better to focus on one thing and do it well, than do two things at the same time and not make such a good job of it, right?

If I tell Master T this — he doesn’t believe in multitasking — he will say: told you so!

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7 thoughts on “Plan your multitasking…

  1. Anytime I have tried to plan and properly blog multi task, life gets in the way and kicks my ass… I find it easier not to plan, and that way I don’t get stressed when I don’t get stuff done x

  2. I did laugh at the title – but planning is important for sure and u are one of the most organised bloggers so it did surprise me when i read that this last year u left things to chance – your chance is pretty incredible lol
    May xx

  3. I was about to start “lecturing” you on “multitasking” before I got to the end, but you’ve definitely figured it out. I still struggle with trying to write something, check social media, have a convo, all at the same time. But I’ve learned that when I focus for just a short amount of time and do only one thing, I get it done quicker, easier, AND better. And you’re right, planning your time is key to that. I think you’re going to do GREAT in 2020. 🙂

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