Meeting Your Partner’s Parents This Holiday Season

So, you’ve made it to the next step in your relationship — you’re meeting your significant others’ parents. Besides having to convince your partner’s family that you’re stable and even somewhat nice, you also have to come equipped with the biggest yuletide smile you’ve got.

If your partner has asked you to meet their parents, first and foremost, be excited! But also know that you should be on your best behavior in order to impress your partner and your possible future in-laws. Don’t fret too much — chances are, you and your partner could be meeting each other’s parents this holiday season, which could equalize the anxiety a bit. And what are the holidays without anxiety and stress eating?

Not only is there pressure in meeting the parents of someone you’re dating and possibly want to go the distance with, but you also have to be culturally aware and sensitive to family dynamics and traditions. Offending the family is probably something they won’t soon forget. Worst case, your partner could break up with you, but on the lower end of the spectrum, you could get a nickname that you’re stuck with forever.

So, grab the eggnog, your kugel recipe, or something decidedly more crowd-pleasing, and get ready to meet the parents.

What Are You Bringing?

If you’re not careful, this question could send you into an existential tailspin. Besides what you’re bringing to your partner’s life emotionally and stability wise; you should never go to someone else’s home empty handed. Once you’ve been invited to your partner’s family’s home for the holidays, bring something that is either a nice gesture for the host, or something everyone can enjoy.

For example, you can never go wrong with getting your partner’s mother flowers, but you could also entice the entire family by baking cookies. However, if you’re not the baking type, you could bring a nice liquer, a bottle of wine or champagne, or something extra special that could commemorate the holiday. Clearly, you shouldn’t go overboard, but it is valuable to show how much you care for your partner and in tangent, their family.

What Are You Wearing?

This might seem like silly advice, but what you wear to meet your partner’s parents is a lot more important than you might think. For example, if you show up looking like you just rolled out of bed, then they will probably think you don’t have a lot of the other aspects of your life as put together either. If you come to a casual dinner in a three-piece suit, they might think you’re a little too fancy. Depending on the crowd, try to be as approachable as possible. No matter what, try to be yourself. Your partner wants you to meet their parents for a reason, so don’t forget that part.

Support Your Partner

Some people have very stressful family situations and the holidays are actually quite hard for them. Support your partner through more than just vorgasms, and show up for them during what could be a triggering time.

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