Freedom is a choice

Freedom is the choice of which master to serve.
~ @askmefast19

The moment I read the above quote, and even before I read the rest of @askmefast19’s post, I nodded my head in agreement. I didn’t think I had anything to say for this weeks Food for Thought prompt, but it turns out I did.

In the comments May More said that life is a series of choices and this is something I truly believe. We choose to get up in the mornings and get dressed, choose to get in the car and go to work, choose to work hard and reach our goals. Every day is a series of choices, and in those choices you find your freedom. When the alarm clock goes in the morning and I get up, I am doing it because I want to, and even if in that moment I don’t think about it like that, it makes me feel free, because it’s a choice I made for myself. The same with getting in the car and going to work. I have chosen to do so for myself, because it makes me feel good to do it. There are days when I am tired and drag my feet to work, but I still choose to go, because I know not going will make me feel guilty and not free. I always work hard, always work to reach my goals. Why? Because it makes me feel so good. It makes me want to walk out of the door in the afternoons, open my arms and burst out in a musical song of… freedom.

Every day is linked by a series of choices, from the moment we open our eyes in the morning until we close them at night. Some choices come without even thinking about them, because we have done them over and over again, and they grow into becoming a habit, a routine. Those routines give us comfort… freedom. If your routine doesn’t make you feel good anymore, if it doesn’t offer you the freedom you felt before, then it’s time for a change. That’s a choice too. Say for instance you don’t feel happy in your job anymore… there’s always the choice to change it; to look for something else where you rediscover your feeling of freedom. Or if you’re not happy in your relationship, you can choose to work on making it better, carry on the way it is and stay happy, or end it, be alone or start another relationship. There’s always a choice to serve a different master. It might be a bit of a shortcut, but in the end the master is the choice you have made.

There are some things that happen in life, that is not a choice at all. In my case I think of the passing of my mom. I would never have chosen for that. It happened. It didn’t give me freedom. In fact, it made me feel caught up in a cage; made me panic; made me want to flee from everything. Just more than a year ago I was ready to flee from everything, and I realized I needed help. That was a choice: I chose to look for help. I found it, and the treatment gave me the freedom to carry on with my life, the way I knew my mom would have wanted me too. It doesn’t mean those moments of panic never happen anymore, but I am learning to live with it. That too is a choice, and it gives me the freedom to carry on, but also to have moments where I withdraw and let the tears flow because I miss my mom so much.

I’ve been at many crossroads in my life, and had to make choices that would influence the rest of my life. One of them even was to leave the country I was born in, in order to get my freedom back. I don’t even want to think about where my life and that of my children would have been had we stayed where we were. But, I have also left two marriages, choosing to rather be alone with my children, than in a toxic situation. An even earlier choice was to keep my daughter, instead of giving her up for adoption.

In the life I live now, I have chosen to submit to Master T. I chose it, because I am sexually submissive, and I prefer him to take the lead in everything. That said, I am a strong woman who use my voice to make my own choices. He doesn’t want a puppet; he wants me to be strong, wants me to make my own decisions, but he also wants me to submit, as he is a natural dominant person. We fit together like a hand in a glove, and our D/s has given both of us the freedom to explore with each other, and sometimes with others. Where neither Master T nor I have chosen for his health to deteriorate, we have both chosen to live with it, to go about it in the most positive way, even if it means that he will end up in a wheelchair. We will do this together, no matter what life throws our way.

Life is a series of choices, and in those choices we find our freedom, even if it means we have to live to a set of rules of the master we have chosen to serve.

Please note: My post is about those people who live in a free world, and not those who are oppressed in any way, and are not allowed in any way to make their own choices, and have no way of escaping their circumstances.

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8 thoughts on “Freedom is a choice

  1. I like the way that you have reflected here. Sometimes freedom can come from things we don’t expect and others when we think we are free we are actually bound more than we know. Great post ?

  2. Often, through circumstance or deference to others, we don’t always assert our freedom to choose what we would truly want.
    But I believe that always remembering that we SHOULD have that freedom . . . and SHOULD exercise it when it really matters most, is important to grasp and hold on to.

    Xxx – K

  3. Like Molly I look back at some of my choices and wish I knew what I know now. However I also know that I still struggle to do things differently even with all the freedom I have now. My biggest freedom would be to move from being a people-pleaser to a me-pleaser. I am a work in progress.

    1. I think we are all works in progress from beginning to end. And yes, I too would want to be less of a people-pleaser, and be more assertive to my own needs. I frequently let people cross my boundaries, and that doesn’t feel nice…

  4. Rebel, I feel vbery honoured inded that you referenced my post in the instroduction to your post. My response echos everything that both Floss and May have said.

    I really love the words you end your post with, “Life is a series of choices, and in those choices we find our freedom …”

  5. I love your approach to this Marie. I feel much the same. I’ve had times in my life where I just didn’t feel free at all, and it was just how you’ve outlined it, I need to make changes and once I did so did my sense of freedom. I’m so pleased Mr S’s quote inspired you to share with us 🙂

  6. I too like Mr S’s quote about which master to serve and as u know feel life is a series of choices. I have often made the wrong choice but know that it was still my choice and has lead me to be the person I am today. And as Floss’s post mentions- freedom for one will not necessarily be seen by another as being free. xx

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