Cum tributes

I don’t like cum tributes.

Seriously, even only thinking of it, I feel nauseous. It’s just not my kink.

Back in May 2019 I read a post by MxNillin. I saw the title, but had no idea at all what cum tributes are. I started reading the article, and by the second paragraph I wanted to stop because what I read made me feel nauseous (because of me, not MxNillin), but since this post has been linked for Wicked Wednesday, I read on. I always read all Wicked Wednesday posts, and I am glad I read this one, because it taught me something new and in the end I totally agreed with MxNillin that cum tributes shouldn’t be posted anywhere without the consent of the person whose picture you have cum on.

What are cum tributes?

In the words of MxNillin:

Cum tributes, aka a “sop”, are a form of online sexual activity that involves one individual printing out a photograph of another person then masturbating and ejaculating onto it. This can be done by anybody, regardless of what genitalia they have, though the vast majority of content out there consists of cum tributes from people with a penis (which is a shame because some squirt tributes from people with a vagina exist too and are also great)!

So, if anyone wants to make me a cum tribute, you will print out my image, masturbate and ejaculate on my image, then send me the image.

Please don’t!

Why don’t I like cum tributes?

Those who have followed this blog for quite some time might remember that I have said several times before that I have a bit of a hang-up about cum on my body. I have grown to the point where Master T had cum on my body a couple of times, and I didn’t freak out, but those moments weren’t easy for me. I love swallowing, and I love feeling him come inside me, but I am just not fond of the idea of seeing cum on my body. But it goes further than that. In the occasion that I do watch a porn movie, or a porn clip, I never ever watch the cum shots which every clip seems to end with. I just don’t want to see it. Just writing that, seeing it in my mind’s eye, almost tasting it in my mouth, feeling it on my body… there’s just something to it that doesn’t appeal to me at all. It literally makes me nauseous to see cum shots or cum on pictures.

And yes, in case you wonder, I have never watched Master T cum, and I don’t think I ever will. I know, they say ‘never say never’, but I am fairly certain this is a never.

Believe me, I have asked myself many times why I feel this way about cum, and I have absolutely no explanation for it. Nothing bad ever happened that could make me feel like that. It took me until my mid thirties to suck and swallow (Master T was the first), even though I thought I would never do it. But I did. Typing that, I asked myself whether it can’t be like that with someone coming on me: that I will learn to love it. Or to look at Master T when he ejaculates. But no, the nauseating feeling just takes hold of me all over again. I wish I knew why because as I say, I have grown to love swallowing Master T.

I know that one thing Master T would love to see me do is it lick the cum off his stomach once he has ejaculated, but that’s still on my hard limits list. Seriously, I don’t mind swallowing cum. Not one bit. But there is nothing in me at all that desires to lick up cum that has already started to cool off. I seriously think I might vomit if someone tries to force me to do this. Thankfully, that’s not the way it works in kink. Like I said, it’s on my hard limits list, and I also will safeword myself out of such a situation.

I like the idea of someone seeing my photo and getting excited by it. I even like the idea of someone using my photo and masturbating to it. I know the masturbation can lead to an orgasm, and that my photo might be the target for that. Even that I don’t mind. I just don’t want to know it. Don’t tell me. Don’s show me. Just enjoy yourself, but please keep it to yourself. Oh and, just for the record, it’s not only my own picture as a cum tribute I can’t look at, but anyone’s picture. Maybe all of this is linked to me visualizing cum that has started to cool off, and I as a result I almost taste it in my mouth, hence the nauseating feeling? I just don’t know… I know how strange that sounds, but I can’t help that it’s how I feel.


One thing I want to make very clear is that because cum tributes are not my thing, it’s not to say it shouldn’t be yours. This is a kink I file under YKINMKBYKIOK (Your Kink Is Not My Kink But Your Kink Is OK). We all like different things, and sometimes we can’t tell why we don’t like it. What I do like is to see the joy people can get from different kinks, and if cum tributes make you happy, then I am happy for you. I’m sure you will feel the same about kinks I have that might not be yours.

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15 thoughts on “Cum tributes

  1. I have never found that fascination exciting or even complimentary to the woman involved. My Queen does make me cum on her most times she allows me an orgasm. Then she had me clean it up. But somehow a live person makes it fun and exciting (for me). A picture!!? Nah, I’ll pass.

  2. I have a bit of a cum fetish but even then I have to have a connection to the person. A random stranger…nope! But there is absolutely no shame in it not being your thing, we’re all different and that is what makes us all so fascinating.

  3. I’m glad I started reading some posts before expressing my own views. I’m a bit insecure about the topic and I’m sooooo glad that you have expressed many of the feelings that, at least to some extent, make me big friend of tissues as well. xox

  4. I cant say that I like tributes either. we started our relationship long distance (1200miles) and he admitted to jerking off with a couple of the pictures he took of me. (they were definitely G rated pics, I don’t allow nude. or semi-nude pics)
    I don’t want him cumming ON me either, I want it inside me, I don’t mind swallowing at all, or deep in my pussy or ass. weve been together over 20 years, and only 1 time did he NOT cum inside me, we were changing positions, I rubbed my stocking’d leg/heel on him, and he went off “unexpectedly”. I took it in stride, he wiped it off my leg, and he proceded to fuck me to several more orgasms.

    1. Rex has orgasmed several times but not ON me as such. On my hand or himself. It has just been the right thing at the time if we have just been playing around with each other. Never taken photos though. It’s an individual taste thing I guess. Yes, I much prefer it inside me!

  5. We all have different angles that we view things from, and it sounds as if you may have a phobia Marie, as your dislike is only for such specific aspects. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and, as you say, posts which are not your ‘thing’ are still educational and promote a greater understanding of PoVs.

  6. I am so happy I read this article as I now know I’m not the only one who doesn’t like cum. I don’t even like to swallow it and the idea of fun tributes makes me nauseous. I mean, each to their own, but it’s not for me and I would love to never have to see a penis ejaculating ever again.

  7. I’d just like to mention that I’d really rather you not force yourself to read any of my content at all if it is very uncomfortable to you in these ways, especially if it makes you feel physically ill reading or looking at any images. While I appreciate that you look at all Wicked Wednesday submissions, that’s a very thoughtful exercise, in cases like this please feel free to not do so as I certainly do not want my work eliciting those sort of viscerally negative/upsetting reactions.


    Mx Nillin

    1. Please just know that this was never directed at you personally, but is just a stupid thing I have in my brain about cum. My feeling like this has nothing to do with your work specifically. And, I do read your work, because I happen to learn quite a lot from it, just like I learned about cum tributes…

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