Safe sex toys

Safe sex is not just an overused and obvious catchphrase. The sex industry is growing, and our tastes are changing, we are curious and willing to experience new things in our bedrooms. Although every new idea and invention means a possible new hazards and new safety rules.

Specific fetishes, sex toys, latex costumes… everything is human as long as we don’t hurt each other and pay attention to our wellbeing. That’s why it’s worth to educate yourself at every step and broaden your sexual horizons responsibly. Following this thought, we prepared a basic guide of simple sex advice that’ll give you a general idea of what safe sex is about.

Hygiene and contraception

These are the most basic and still neglected aspects of safe sex. Learn how to take proper care for both your genitalia and the rest of your body. Now it may sound weirdly obvious, but many people confuse proper hygiene with frequent showers. Taking baths too often may actually result in skin irritation or even contagious fungal infections.

Adequate contraception is not only important from the birth control point of view but also when it comes to contagious viruses and infections. Make sure that you choose a reliable method of contraception that you feel most comfortable with.


Safe sex is also about respecting each other’s emotions, needs, and boundaries. You and your partner (or partners) have to feel comfortable and experience nothing but joy and pleasure when having sex. Forcing yourself or others to do something you or they don’t want to is always out of the question.

Safe sex toys

Sex may include additional gadgets and accessories which you should pick responsibly, as well. The variety of sex toys is almost endless. Different kinds, shapes, materials, colors… The sex industry offers us amazing experiences on many levels. But let’s not get tricked and keep paying attention to how the toys are made and what of.

Hazardous materials that a sex toy may contain are i.a. Phthalates, PVC, and even glass of poor quality! You can get more specific information from the following chart provided by TheAdultToyShop.

Content/infographic provided by TheAdultToyShop

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  1. This is a really helpful post, for those starting out experimenting with sex toys but also for those who could do with a reminder. Thank you for sharing ?

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