Revealing all, but…

I’ve always thought photography is not so much of an art form but a way of communicating and passing on information.
~ Don McCullin

I was looking for quotes to go with the image below, and I came across the above. Now to me photography is both: a form of art AND a way of communicating and passing on information. In the image below I am revealing all, but two things: my tummy (because of the scar) and my face. Now in the recent weeks/months I have come more relaxed about sharing both of them, but I am still careful when and how I share it, especially when it comes to my face. It’s funny to think that I am willing to reveal all, except the one thing that will make me identifiable.

You would think that after I have been to Eroticon so many times, have met people face to face, and even have my face on the Eroticon site, I would be more relaxed about sharing my face on here. Fact is that I always keep in the back of my mind that someone who shouldn’t might find my blog, which is why I share my face only on occasion, and then preferably from the side. So yes, when I am revealing all as I am here, I don’t show my face.

What are your thoughts on this?

Hiding my face, while revealing all that’s usually covered…

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13 thoughts on “Revealing all, but…

  1. I like the image, I like the pose and the way you position the fan. It looks fun. It would be nice if we could all show our faces a bit more but oh well.

  2. I was literally going to say the exact thing that Molly just said. Sometimes faces pull focus and it’s less about anonymity than it is about the photo composition. Or it’s both. But I like this shot especially because it doesn’t show your face. it’s very presentational and the anonymity makes it even edgier and sexier.

  3. This is a very beautiful picture. I personally don’t think much about if I hide my face or not. It depends on what works for the picture for me. I have never cut out of my face, but some pictures my face just isn’t needed for the composition I have had in mind. I am also quite lucky with that I don’t care if anyone from real life finds me. The only thing I have ever been worried about was if someone who knows me from the blog (or Fet), would be weird and uncomfortable about it if they met me in real life. But I understand why many wouldn’t want to show their faces: they have children, they have careers, they are maybe part of a church community. I don’t have any of those things, which is freeing in this case.

  4. I really like it and I also relate very much to the words on the quote, I believe photography is so much more than just an image and that’s why I love it and love seeing the art and visual communication created by others. I could never show my face but I don’t feel I need to, maybe one day you’ll all see it somewhere in ‘real’ life though! A really super shot and I like the coy burlesque feel to it whilst simultaneously being bold and confident, a great combination!

  5. It was a pleasure to meet you at Eroticon. I do understand the face thing. I rarely even put mine on my Facebook feed and would probably never do so on my blog (and I don’t post naked pictures. Except that one on the naturist beach ?). As for scars… those are a part of you are and you shouldn’t feel you need to hide them. You’re gorgeous with or without.

  6. I understand about the face thing. Also I really like the mystery of some of the images of those who never show their faces completely. This is a very hot image and you have such amazing skin xx

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