How To Take A Sexy And Provocative Picture Of Yourself

Are you wondering how to take a sexy picture? More and more people are learning the life skill of taking a sexy picture of themselves to immortalize their youth. Also, with today’s liberated culture encouraging authenticity and freedom, there is no reason for you not to know how to take a sexy picture. In fact, composing your own sexy selfie may help boost your confidence and get in touch with your body at the same time.

An image of a woman taking a selfie of herself, her face obscured by the phone.

No matter what reason you have for learning how to take a sexy picture, the fact is that taking sexy and provocative photos of yourself and expressing yourself in an intimate way is a great way to immortalize your private moments. No matter what reason you have for wanting to share nude pics of yourself, you definitely want to take the best photos possible. To achieve your sexiest selfie there are a few things you can do.

Setting The Mood

Not holding your phone right in front of your directly is something highly recommended especially for newbies. Most newbies are used to the usual selfie which takes just the face. Now that you are taking a photo of your entire body or parts of your body, you want to get the best angles. In order to do this, you can hold your smartphone to one side.

A direct frontal photo has a tendency for distortion and odd presentation. Rather, you want the camera taking you from above and at an angle. Position your body in a sexy pose.

If your arms are too short for the camera to take the entire length of your body, you can go get yourself a selfie stick. Selfie sticks will enable you to take your entire body from a lot farther than what your arms can reach on their own. Make sure your eyes are expressive since even nude, provocative photos need a great expression.

Creating Sexy Pics Is Easier Than Ever

Creating extremely intimate, sexual photographs is easier than it ever was in history. The reason is that almost everybody has a smartphone with a built-in camera that takes selfies. All you need to be on your photos is absolutely fearless. Meditate on the value of exposing your most authentic self and how this is such a great example of honesty to both yourself and the world.

Good Posture Counts

Viewers who look at your nude pic are going to be able to carefully notice each and every detail. For this reason, taking care of even the smallest body postures, such as keeping your back straight is going to be important for a successful provocative and sexy selfie.

Make sure you don’t slouch no matter what pose you decided to use. Keep your shoulders relaxed. Great posture makes you look fiercely bad-ass, which is extremely sexy to viewers. Don’t lean into odd angles and don’t strain your neck.

Remember, people can tell when the model is not feeling at ease. Every part of your body needs to be relaxed, stretched out and beautiful. Imagine you are a purring cat and do some cat poses. Remember that most people are shy when taking sexy, provocative photos in the nude.

The good news is that if you have all the essential paraphernalia such as a selfie stick, great lighting and a smart phone camera, you have everything you need to take great photos in the privacy of your own space.

Lighting Is Everything

Great lighting means the difference between a good picture and a great picture. Light streaming from one side of your nude pic will have the power to look like a professionally taken photograph.

If you have windows, push the drapes aside so that more light streams into your area. Noon or mid-afternoon sunshine works best. Use this great stream of natural light to light your body at various angles. Play with the light. If you have blinds this can even cause striped lighting on your gorgeous figure, which results in great, photographic effects.

You can also use artificial light. If you have a study lamp, position it on your left or right side and stream light from these areas. Experiment with lighting and you will soon realize which kind of lighting accentuates your body the most ideal way. This way, you can get create the sexiest, most provocative photos with expertly placed lighting and no one will guess you didn’t even use a real studio.

When it comes to great lighting, it is also a good idea to experiment with dim lighting. You can also cover your phone lens with red film or red cellophane to create a more colorful effect. On the other hand, you can also decide to use various apps you can download that can change the lens features on your phone virtually, rather than actually having to do it in real life.

Less Is More

When it comes to what facial expression you should have, less is more. The reason is that since you are going to be taking nude photographs, minimizing your facial expression is going to do more for the entire photo than if you focus on what your expression is.

Just relaxing, gazing far off into the distance and acting as if you are not even aware that you are in the nude is going to make a great photograph. Imperfect, natural moments capture authenticity and your being nude will make the audience feel as if they are seeing you in your most intimate moments.

Set The Mood

Believe it or not, a theme of being in a forest, or on a soft cotton cloud, or even in a minimalist setting will help set your mood. If you can find three dimensional backdrops that look like you are beside a beach or a waterfall, or even drapery to arrange behind you or beneath you as you take your nude selfie, this goes a long way towards creating a fabulous photo all on your own. With a little bit of practice, learning how to take a sexy picture of yourself is going to be a breeze!

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