Liberator Tula Toy Mount

I was absolutely thrilled when Liberator agreed to send me the Tula Toy Mount to test. I have always wanted a sex toy mount to hold my Doxy, but never got around to ordering one, and this seemed like a case of catching two birds with one stone. I would finally own a sex toy pillow, and I can help to promote a company I respect.

Packaging & Contents & Shape ‘n Size & Material

When the box with the Tula Toy Mount arrived, I was surprised at the size of the box. It was far smaller than I expected it to be. It took a couple of days before I had time to unpack it, and inside was an even smaller box. Okay, that had me a bit worried, until I was ready to test the toy and unpacked the box. There was nothing to be worried about.

The pillow itself comes in a peel back compression bag, which should be removed to unfold the pillow to its full size. There is a waterproof liner around the pillow which should not be removed. Once the pillow is to its full size, it’s easy enough to slip the purple cover over it.

There are two holes in the Tula — one on top, and one on one of the two ‘triangled’ sides. The size of the pillow is L48 x W25 x H20 centimeters and the pillow itself is firm. You can even rest your body on it to create a lift for oral or anal positions. The velvish cover is lovely and smooth, and machine washable. If the cover is full of wrinkles, a quick tumble dry will help to remove those.

How does it work?

There are absolutely no mechanics in this pillow, but it allows you to use your other ‘mecahnical’ toys in the most wonderful manner. Stick your wand vibrator in either of the holes, straddle the toy or position it between your legs while you lie down, and you are in for some hands free fun. You can also put a dildo in the top opening, and ride it to your heart’s content.

My experience with & opinion of the product

As I mentioned in the introduction, my Doxy was the toy I wanted to use with the Liberator Tula Toy Mount. The assembly of the Tula Toy Mount was easy and quick, and getting the Doxy in place was no rocket science either.

I first had the wand massager in the top hole of the Tula Toy Mount, and found that it was all just at the right height and angel when I straddled the toy mount. I had positioned the Doxy in such a way that I could easily reach the buttons on it to switch it on and off. I also wanted to try the toy with the Doxy in the front opening of the Tula. For this I had to switch on the wand vibrator first and then position it between my legs. In this position it’s not as easy to get to the controls of the toy, but I think that’s rather obvious even before you start using the Tula.

One thing I haven’t tried was to see whether the Tula Toy Mount could hold me when I use it to raise my body for an oral or anal position. This is something I would much rather test with Master T, but I have every faith in the product that it will do what it says. Essentially for me was to see whether the Tula Toy Mount could be an aid to my solo masturbation sessions, and I am happy to say that it is. No more holding the wand massager in position anymore, but from now on I can have my hands free to do other things while the Doxy does its thing, because the Tula will be taken out of the toy box over and over again for my solo sessions.

Where to buy?

You can by the Tula Toy Mount directly from the Liberator website for 95 US Dollars. It’s not a cheap accessory to your toy box, but definitely a good one to have!

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