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Kissing seems to be an ongoing thing throughout my day. No, this doesn’t mean I just kiss with everyone; I don’t. I do kiss my kids when I go visit them or they visit me, but I don’t kiss the one that still lives with us, unless it’s her birthday or we wish each other Happy New Year. That was the same when the other two still lived at home. I kiss my children on the mouth. Always three kisses, the way I was taught by my parents, and the way I taught my children. Although, when absentmindedly it’s only one kiss, that’s fine too. When we have lunch or dinner dates with friends, we kiss too. Mostly it’s the Dutch way of three kisses on alternating cheeks, but with some friends it’s one kiss on the lips. Master T always kisses the women on the cheek, never on the lips. He doesn’t kiss the kids on the lips either, for that matter, because that is the way he was brought up. Oh wait, there is ONE friend he does kiss on the lips, and that’s Sophia. I kiss her on the lips too. Some of my English friends too. And my best friend.

I don’t kiss all women on the lips. Those I do, mean I share a special connection with them, and each of them knows exactly what the connection is. Kissing them on the lips is something that evolved naturally, and there is a kind of intimacy in it. No, not a kind of… there is intimacy in it.

Because kissing is intimate.

Like I said in the beginning, kissing is an ongoing business throughout my day…

Waking up

There are very little mornings in our life when Master T and I don’t wake up together. Sometimes I stay in bed for a bit longer than he does, but this happens two or three times a month. When we wake up, we say ‘hi’ to each other, but no kissing. He gets dressed, go downstairs to make some tea and I go take a shower. When I get downstairs, we kiss each other hello. Our kisses are always multiple. Not only three. Not ten either, but somewhere in between. Sometimes when we kiss in public I wonder what people might think, other times I don’t.

Leaving the house

When I leave to go to work, I always kiss Master T goodbye. There are very little times that I leave home – whether going to work or somewhere else – without giving him a kiss. Sometimes when I pop out for a quick errand, I will just say ‘see you soon’, but mostly I give him a kiss before I leave.

Coming back

The same goes for coming home… the first thing I do is to give Master T a kiss. Had I gone out for an errand and I had only said ‘see you soon’, the one time when I get back I will give him a kiss, the other I will just say ‘hi, I am back again…’ and sometimes ‘did you miss me?’ when I am in a playful mood.

Going to sleep

Just the way we always kiss each other hello in the morning, the last thing we do before we turn over to go to sleep is to kiss and wish each other a good night’s rest. There are some nights that I go to bed before Master T and turn over to sleep before he comes upstairs. Some of those nights I am restless and can’t really fall asleep until he has given me a kiss, and other nights I easily fall asleep. I think it has something to do with how tired I am, but I really prefer his kiss to soothe me to sleep.

More intimate

Then of course there are our more intimate kisses. Those kisses that happen during sex; the kisses that ignite a fire deep inside me, that wet my cunt with desire. There is something about those kisses that make me to putty in his hand. It makes me arch my back and push my breasts against his chest, or into his hand. It makes me spread my legs to invite him to finger me. Those kisses are electrifying and I can never get enough of them.

Kissing definitely is intimate, and there is no one else I can imagine kissing the way I do Master T.

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9 thoughts on “Intimate Kissing

  1. I can relate a lot to this post. Raven and I are big on kissing too. The last thing we both do before we leave the house is kiss the other goodbye, even if we are only popping out to the shops to get some milk, we will still kiss the other goodbye. We spend a lot of our time together kissing. It is not unusual for one of our kids to walk into a room and catch us mid snog. It is so normal for them it doesn’t even warrant a comment. I love that they are growing up with this level of intimacy being the norm.

  2. Sweet! I was brought up to do the one kiss on the cheek and a big hug! 🙂
    I have learned the alternating cheek kissing, which is nice. I can see why the kissing those you love on the lips to be intimate and mean something special. What a wonderful post!! xx

  3. Great post Marie. The last bit about the intimate kisses – they scare me a bit – make me feel vulnerable as I consider that kind of kissing very personal, intimate – so have to be in a good mental place for them to happen x

  4. I agree with how intimate kissing can be. Although I find kissing as a greeting very confusing and it leads to a lot of awkwardness on my behalf.

  5. I love this post! I just love the intimacy of a kiss. I kiss my adult children on the cheek. My female friends the same. I have never kissed a man except for my husband and Rex. He is my man and I love kissing him! I just love it. In bed in the morning sometimes it leads further…at night it is so wonderful to have him reach over and cuddle me and kiss me so softly! Goodnight darling he will say…and sometimes I will say …”is that all I get!?” …then, well….we will make a goodnight love making. I just adore being passionately kissed by him!!

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