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When Hot Octopuss approached me introducing their new toy, DiGiT and asked whether I would like to do a review for it, I jumped at the opportunity. I wanted to experience the toy for myself, since I have seen a couple of tweets about it, and I was definitely intrigued.

Packaging & Contents & Shape ‘n Size & Material

Hot Octopuss DiGiTThe DiGiT comes in a small bright red box with an image of the toy on the front, the name of it and the most brilliant slogun to go with it:

show bad sex the finger

It made me smile when I saw this, and also made me want to test this toy even more. Would it really show bad sex the finger? I certainly hoped so.

Inside the box I found the DiGiT (obviously) as well as the charger cable, the instruction booklet, a warranty card and the one thing I am always looking for with toys, a travel pouch. I seriously can’t tell you how happy it makes me when manufacturers include a travel pouch for their toys. This is always a plus!

The DiGiT is shaped like a finger. It’s just as long as a finger, but a bit thicker. The toy is mainly black, with some gold/bronze colored accents on it. One of those accents I really like is the Hot Octopuss crown. The toy weighs only 58 grams, and is totally waterproof.

How does it work?

The DiGiT takes about two hours to charge. The charger cable goes into a tiny hole on the one side of the toy. At the bottom of the finger part of the DiGiT there is a s-shaped attachment where you can slip through two fingers. The instructions show the different ways you can do this, but I think for everyone it will mean that your dominant masturbation finger will rest on top of the toy, and the finger next to it will slip through the second ‘loop’.

On the one side of the toy you have one button, on the other side you have two. Push the single button for two seconds to switch it on, or two seconds to switch it off. This same button is used to work through the five vibration modes of the DiGiT. On the side with the two buttons you can use the top button (on the side of the finger tip) to increase vibrations and the lower button (on the side of the two loops) to decrease the intensity of the vibrations.

My experience with & opinion of the product

Now whenever I masturbate, and I really want to take my time for it, I prefer to use my fingers. I climax easier from clitoral stimulation than from vaginal stimulation, although I do dip my finger inside to use my own wetness as lubrication. Sometimes when I masturbate and it takes a while to reach my orgasm, my wrist and arm start burning and takes the attention away from the where my fingers are stimulating me. This is mostly when I either give up, or I grab a suction toy to quickly get me off, leaving me disappointed that I couldn’t drag it out as long as I wanted.

One thing I wanted to do is to see whether the DiGiT could be a replacement for my finger, and can do the same things to my clit than my own fingers can. I wanted to see whether I could then indeed have a long masturbation session where an overwhelming orgasm is what ends it, and not muscle fatigue.

I made sure the DiGiT was fully charged when I started, and I had already warmed myself up with my fingers when I slipped those same fingers through the loops on the DiGiT. I switched it on, left it on the first vibration (I don’t like vibration patterns, but prefer continuous vibration) and allowed it to touch my clit. One of my first thoughts was that the noise level is totally acceptable, but the moment I allowed it to touch my clit, I forgot about that. The vibrations were pleasurable as I allowed the toy to circle around my nub. I easily found the button to increase the intensity of the vibrations and I just lay back and… enjoyed.

I was going to have a long masturbation session, but the DiGiT’s vibrations were so pleasurable, so intense, that I soon surrendered to the intense orgasm that begged to take over. When my breathing calmed down, I opened my eyes, looked at the toy and knew this will be one of my go to toys for masturbation!

Where to buy?

You can buy the Hot Octopuss DiGiT directly from the Hot Octopuss site for 70 euros, although the site might show you a price in your own currency.

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