Godemiche’s Peg ‘n Plug

It’s been years since I last had anal sex. In fact, I can’t even remember when the last time was. It might even be four or five years ago, but definitely more than three.

It is, however, not the last time I had something in my butt. I absolutely love anal sex, as so many posts on my blog are evident of. Posts such as:

See, I told you I love anal sex.

Butt… uhh, I mean…

But, back to the last time I was anally penetrated. I was in a really horny mood after just having been busy with my camera, and testing some toys. After the testing, I decided it was time to do something about the needy feelings.

Godemiche's peg and plug in black and gold
The peg & plug in my choice of color.

Some time ago, on the fifth birthday of Godemiche, I ordered toys from them for the very first time. I know, shame on me! Not for ordering, but for taking so long to do so. I ordered the peg and butt plug combination, something I had my eyes on for SO long! I even got to choose the colors I want, and I went with a mixture of gold and black, which really turned out beautiful!

That afternoon I first used the plug, which is small and a snug fit, just enough to give you the bit of stimulation you need to push you over the edge when you are close to your orgasm. I thought this was going to be it for me, but I just couldn’t tip over the edge, so decided to take it a level higher with the peg. I always think of it as a finger. Just that bit you need to move in and out, stimulating your sphincter in the way a finger would. Where the plug stays in place, the ‘finger’ can move in and out. It’s not thick enough to hurt on penetration, the way bigger dildos can (despite using lube), but it is big enough to just… FEEL. But not only that. It satisfies that need to feel the ‘in and out’ movement of a finger. A plug stays in place, but the peg… well, you can fuck yourself with it. Combine that with anything else… your finger on your clit or the use of any other toy you prefer and the feeling is… magic!

Feeling the peg inside me, feeling it move in and out, feeling it fucking me… it was enough to bring me the orgasm I had been craving. I loved the way my ass gripped the toy; the way it simultaneously was tightly kept inside and being pushed out. It stretched me just enough to be felt, fucked me deep enough to be satisfied, moved in and out just the way I liked it. The Godemiche peg was a perfect to add the bit I had been craving, to be the finger I wanted for that extra bit of stimulation.

Yes, I once called myself an anal slut, and where I don’t have much anal sex anymore, and just as little anal stimulation from someone else, I can’t help but keep on thinking of myself as an anal slut. Yes, I crave a real anal fucking, and I sincerely hope to experience this once more, but up to then, there are other ways to enjoy!

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3 thoughts on “Godemiche’s Peg ‘n Plug

  1. The godemiche toys always look so pretty but I haven’t used one before. I have used a plug on myself but never a leg. It is an interesting thought. I understand what you mean about that deep need though. It can be quite overpowering at times. Thank you for sharing and adding to Tell Me About ?

  2. What gorgeous and effective toys! I really must check out Godemiche…That’s one thing I love about anal play, there’s so many different ways to enjoy it and experience the sensations.

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