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When I tried to gather my thoughts to write this post, my mind literally flashed to cameras I have owned. I come from the time where we still used a roll of film in a camera and had to take them to the store to be developed. My interest in photography started because my parents had cameras – a normal analog and an old Polaroid camera. I believe I got my first camera when I was in my mid teens. I have a long history with creating things, and I think it was bound to happen that I get interested in photography too.

My analog cameras

My first camera was a flat rectangular box – a purple Kodak Instamatic, and the more I think about it, the more I believe it was a gift from my parents, either for my birthday or for Christmas. I loved taking photos, but it was a hassle to go to the store to have the photos printed and then discovering some of them were out of focus or there was a sun flare on it. Still, I enjoyed making photos, and it made me look differently at the things around me. When my daughter was born I had made so many photos of her, and I didn’t mind paying to have those photos developed. I still have all the baby and toddler photos I made of her.

I owned one other analog camera, and it was more a gadget than really a camera, but I loved it. It was also a kodak, and actually just a bright yellow frame and a black button to put around a photo roll. The quality of the photos wasn’t good, but it was fun to pull it out and ‘impress’ others with how tiny it was. I believe if I might even still have this camera, but will have to search for it.

My digital cameras

If I remember correctly, I bought my first digital camera when I moved to the Netherlands. It was a Sony and it was BIG. Remember the square floppy disks we had for computers, before you had CD-Rom’s? This camera was high tech back then, because you could put a floppy disk in it and then directly see the images on your computer. I loved it! My next digital camera was the follow up of the first, when the floppy disks were replaced by mini CD-Rom’s.

Our Nikon cameras
Our camera’s – my D5600 on the left and Master T’s D850 on the right.

I eventually decided I wanted something smaller, and since I was a Sony fan, I decided to buy a Cybershot. I used it for YEARS, and I still have it, but it’s rarely used anymore. We – Master T and I – bought a Nikon D90 and after a couple of tries I told him it was too big for my hands. I just couldn’t hold it properly. We started looking for a camera for me, but I didn’t want interchangeable lenses, so the choice was made to buy a bridge camera. This was after I saw it the first year we went to Eroticon in Bristol. I was really happy with my Nikon Coolpix P600 and used it for some years. I became very interested in macro photography, but the Coolpix just couldn’t do what I wanted. I started looking around again…

After much study as to what I would want, I finally decided on the Nikon D5600, a macro lens (40mm) and a 70-200mm lens. In the meantime I have acquired two more lenses: 18-300mm and a super macro 20mm. I also have macro rings (see a theme there) and I want a 50-105mm macro lens too. But the latter is quite expensive, so that’s still on the wish list at our favorite camera store.

Photography lessons

When I got the D5600, I told Master T I wanted to learn how to use it in manual mode. Master T could’ve taught me, but I chose to go for photography lessons. In 6 lessons I learned how to use the M button on my camera, but also the A, S and P buttons. I rarely ever use the ‘auto’ button anymore. I love the way my photos look different when I play around with aperture and shutter speed. I love that I can do things as bokeh. I want to do a lot more, but as you know, we still have to get the studio ready (by end November it will be done). I still have so much I want to experiment with, and having a dedicated room for it will make it a lot easier!

Photo trips

Almost every month since August 2017, my daughter and I have an afternoon where we take our cameras, drive somewhere and spend the entire afternoon photographing and having quality time together. Sometimes we are out in the woods, sometimes we go plane spotting and sometimes we go to a butterfly hothouse. I love those afternoons for so many reasons. I barely ever do anything with the photos I have taken, but I think I will have to look into using it as illustration with some of my posts.

I don’t only go out for photography with my daughter, but also with Master T. Photography, from the very beginning, has been a shared interest and hobby of ours. He knows a lot more about photography than I do, but I think I experiment more than he does. Master T is not into macro photography, but he loves making black and white photos in industrial areas.

Erotic photography

Another shared interest of us is erotic photography.

I shared on here before that roundabout the time I was 10, I discovered nude Polaroids of my mom in my dad’s closet when I was searching for hidden Christmas presents. You know, that moment is so imprinted in my memories that I can still see the closet in my memory. I think my interest for erotic photography started there, or at least the seed was planted. I was about 18 when I had a house with a pool all to myself, and that weekend I asked a cousin of mine to take some nudes of me while I was in the pool. I had them developed, left them in my closet and one day they were discovered by the ‘lady of the house’, who had destroyed it and told me never to do it again as she would then inform my mom and my uncle (a minister).

It would be years before I got into nude photography again, and there was a long time where I was the only one making my photos and posting them on Redclouds (this is how I got to know The Traveler). Then, when Master T and I started talking to each other online, I told him about my love for erotic photography, where I am the model. He was into photography too, and told me he would love to take photos of me. For many years he was the one doing all the photography, but since he’s had health problems, I started experimenting with self-photography, and am planning to take that to a higher level once the studio is done at the end of November. I have a feeling the studio might just spark Master T to get back into taking some nudes of me again, but I would still want to develop my self-photography skills even more.

I just love my camera, love photography, love being creative, and I love that the more I ‘play’ around with my camera, the more I learn.

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  1. It’s so nice that you go on photography trips with your daughter. That’s some great quality time I imagine. Maybe it’s something I should propose to my dad.

    It’s funny you found nude polaroids of your mum and how it made you curious about it. I wonder how I would have responded finding that

    1. I really enjoy the days out with my daughter. We go to different places every time, and some time it’s not even about the photos anymore, but just about being together xox

  2. I love to read about your journey with photography and especially that you all have a shared passion for it, that’s fantastic! I find your images really well considered, thoughtful, well composed and often posses a deeper meaning – all my favourite photographic things! I’m envious of your studio space and would LOVE that!

  3. The Instamatic 110 was my first camera too! Good old analog days!

    This is a wonderful look back at your love for photography, and it shows in your work too.

  4. i love what you have said about the day out in the summer with your daughter dedicated to taking photos – what a lovely idea – I think I will have to do that! x

  5. Your images are always gorgeous. Those lessons and hardware have paid off. I can’t wait to see what you come up with now you have a studio!

  6. It’s so nice that you both have an interest in photography and can both use your studio. Next year I hope to learn more about photography, especially when it comes to using manual, maybe I’ll have to take a course like you.

  7. I wish I had more patience and creativity… I love to draw and take pictures but they never look how I imagine … yours always look amazing ?

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