Yes, we’re back!

Here we are,
Back in the sunshine again
No more worries,
No more pain
Well we’re leaving behind, all our trouble and strife
That’s the way it’s gonna be, oh, the rest of my life
Lyrics from Back in the Sunshine Again by Paul McCartney

Continued from… Are we back?

It was halfway through the next day that I stood on my tiptoes to hug Master T, and he patted me on my bottom. Once again I realized that my left cheek was a bit tender, but that wasn’t surprising because of the ‘deep tissue massage’ of the night before. We spent the afternoon outside on a terrace, and there were moments where I felt the tenderness of my bottom.

“You have to check my bottom tonight,” I told Master T when we got home, and so he did when we went to bed. I bent over for him to check, and because he was silent for far too long, I asked: “Can you see anything?”
“Oh yes,” he said, “I can.”
“What do you see?”
“Quite a big bruise?”
“I’m always serious.”
I rolled my eyes at this standard answer of him, but also excitedly squealed: “Photo! Photo!”

A beautiful purple bruise on my bottom after a caning.
My beautiful purple bruise… for the first time in just over three years I can show off a bruise again!

And there it was. A beautiful big dark purple bruise on my left cheek, exactly there where I felt the tenderness all day. I can’t tell you how happy this bruise made me. This was the first time ever Master T had marked me with the RVS cane. I immediately realized that my feeling was right the previous night that he was using more force with the cane. And I loved it! I wanted more!

Master T came back from the bathroom and stood at the side of the bed, looking down at me.
“Want to feel the cane again?” he asked.
(He knows me so well!)
“Yes, I do, but I don’t think we should, because of the bruising, and because we are building something up, and also because we have to work tomorrow…”
The words hung between us, and I knew very well that if he wanted to, I would feel the cane again. However, he admitted that it might not be a good idea, and that we might have to postpone to the next weekend.

As he got into bed next to me, I was giddy with excitement because of the bruise, and turned over to him and said: “I have a bruise, I have a bruise, I have a bruise!”

He laughed and as he pulled me closer, he said: “I have an itch.”

I knew what this meant, but took my time before I rolled over to him and put my hand on his crotch. I looked deep in his eyes. Suddenly we were kissing passionately, in a way we hadn’t kissed in ages. I leaned into him, my hand still on his crotch, feeling his growing erection. He pushed me away and onto my back. God, I had no idea where it came from, but he barely had his hand between my legs, his fingers in me, or I was begging for his permission. An orgasm rushed through my body. He continued to finger me, then moved his fingers to my clit, and again I climaxed. Over and over again, and each climax wetter than the one before.

“You’re back,” he said, and I knew he meant because I couldn’t get to that big climax the night before, and these orgasms weren’t the big ones. But, I also knew he was right. I was back. My mindset was different. I could give myself to him completely. He bent forward and took my nipple in his mouth, sucking and lightly biting. First the one nipple, then the next. This was the first time he had my nipples in his mouth since I had them pierced again beginning of March. It felt good, even though I was a bit worried it might hurt, but it didn’t. It was just good.

I came to the point where I wanted to have the all-consuming orgasm that had been eluding me the night before. My hand disappeared between my legs, and while I rubbed my clit, Master T finger-fucked me.
“More fingers,” I begged, and he added another finger.

As his fingers filled and stretched me, I spread my legs, pushing against his hand. It took a while but finally, finally I started feeling something familiar deep in my core, and soon I begged him for release. As the ritual goes, he held his hand between my legs, and I knew what was coming: he was going to draw another orgasm from me, even if I can barely handle being touched after such a big climax. Another, smaller, climax followed. He rolled onto his back, content, while I still tried to catch my breath.

I reached for his cock, which had gone soft again. I know this is a thing, as I need to constantly give it attention to get and keep it hard, and if we would change positions, it will go soft. This is not an issue to either of us. It’s just the way it is. Under the ministrations of my fingers and nails he grew harder again. Master T told me to use my mouth for what it’s made for, just as I had the thought to take him in my mouth. I knew he would want me to suck him to a climax, as this really is the easiest way to make him come. Once again he had a surprise for me. He asked me whether I want to sit on top of him. Of course I wanted. Just the night before I had told him how I long for him to penetrate him again. Bless him, because both him and I knew that he might go soft again while we changed positions. He was half-hard when he entered me.

He fucked me. Oh, how he fucked me. Pushing in and out of me from below. It felt good, and it was so good to just have him in me again. But, it didn’t work. He realized that something needed to change.
“Shall I fuck you from behind?”
“Oh yes,” I said.

We had to get onto the floor, as otherwise Master T would have no grip to push into me. But, we had both forgotten about my bad knees. I am actually not even allowed to get onto my knees and I realized immediately why the doctor had said it, because it hurt. We both pushed through, he with an almost entirely soft cock, and me with painful knees. After a couple of minutes and him constantly slipping out of me, we both laughed and gave it up. We got back onto the bed and he pulled me closer. When I wanted to move my hand to his limp member again, he said: “It’s okay.”

And it was.

It was a beautiful weekend, and for the first time in three years I can say: we’re back!

PS: It took two weeks for the bruise to disappear.

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23 thoughts on “Yes, we’re back!

    1. Sadly things have slipped again since that post, but I know we will be back yet again. And I sure love to come like this 😉

  1. Only one thing to say…YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY! I am so happy for you both!

    Also, when I know I’ve got a red mark, bruise, or welt, I beg for JB to take pictures, too.

  2. So happy for you, Marie! … a caning, a bruise, a few orgasms and a from behind PiV … what more could a girl ask for! … nj … xx

  3. You’re through the gateway! Yay! this means so much more than the bruise and the climaxes he pulled from you, and the nipple biting. It means your dynamic has returned, strong and satisfying, unifying and energising you as a couple. Could not be happier for you.

    Sexy adventure though – phew!

  4. Oh YAY. I am so pleased for you and felt happy reading this post. I love the photo of your bruise and the image is gorgeous but I love what this means to you even more. Yippee ?

  5. This made me smile. 🙂

    Coming together again after a long absence/abstinence can go any number of ways; I’m glad it worked out so beautifully for you two. xoxo

  6. OMG! I love this!! And what a beautiful bruised bum❣️I was smiling while reading. It made me feel happy! ❤️xx

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