Cause that’s my girl
And she’s gonna stay mine
She’s all mine, every curvy line
And even those dark brown curls
Now lay off, that’s my girl
Lyrics from That’s My Girl by Nat King Cole

Outside the borders of this photo my arms are stretched out over my head, creating the curves of my tummy, my ribs, my breasts, but there’s also the curve of my buttocks, and those on my back. Besides the curves there are stretch marks, cellulite, and my pale skin. Almost every day now I look at myself and think: you don’t look bad for someone of 52. Yes, I would love to lose weight, and I do watch what I eat, but my body seems to be happy just the way it is, so why shouldn’t I?

pink stretch top
Every line, every curve, everything that’s part of my body, is evidence of my history.

© Rebel’s Notes

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9 thoughts on “Stretched

  1. I don’t see anything to change. Age, like weight, is just a number. Your beautiful body is home to a beautiful heart and a brilliant mind. That’s what matters. xo

  2. You look lovely! Wait until you get to 80…then start worrying. I’m not sure why we women get so obsessed with perfection, whatever it is. Does your partner get aroused by you? It’s how you think of yourself that counts! I’m a sexy and attractive woman to my lover…? Yes!!!!

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