Out in the world outside
It can be harsh and cold
But if you need someone
I will be here to hold you
Cry on my shoulder
I’ll help you dry your eyes
Cry on my shoulder, my love
Lyrics from Cry On My Shoulder by Bonnie Raitt

When I had my solo photo session for the pink prompt of Sinful Sunday, I had a specific image in mind, but it didn’t work out the way I envisioned it. I used a totally different image instead. What I wanted, was an image showing my shoulder and my breast, something similar to what I am sharing today. However, none of the images looked like what I had in mind (don’t you just hate when that happens?)

Still, looking through the images afterwards, this images caught my attention every time, and I decided to share it anyway.

I love how my shoulder looks – strong and firm, ready to support those who are in need. There were times when I needed a shoulder, but I am always ready to offer a shoulder to those who need it.

Photo of me with naked breast and shoulder etched against a black background
Indeed, my nipple is not in focus, but still there is something about this image I really like…

© Rebel’s Notes

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13 thoughts on “Shoulder

  1. Gorgeous . . . LOVE everything about this photo . . . just have to keep scrolling back and forth to take all the shapes and curves and tones and colours, again and again !!!
    Xxx – K

  2. Lovely image, there is strength and pride in your stance, just what you offer to our community.
    I love the way the nipple bar almost seems to glow, making sure that the nipple earns some viewing attention – your sexiness always shines through!

  3. This is a beautiful image of you that shows strength and warmth. I also find it frustrating when I can’t create the image I have in my head but sometimes you can just end up creating something just as good or even better instead when trying to! X

  4. Beautiful Rebel… and yes I too hate it when I have an idea for a picture and then it doesn’t look right .. it’s infuriating ?

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