‘Cause a face without freckles is like the sky without the stars
Why waste a second, not loving who you are?
Those little imperfections make you beautiful, lovable, valuable
They show your personality, inside your heart
Reflecting who you are
Lyrics from Freckles by Natasha Bedingfield

I am so used to my skin being covered in freckles that I don’t notice it anymore. Maybe it would’ve been different if I actually had freckles in my face, but there I have little to none. I did have them on the bridge of my nose when I was younger, but with ‘old age’ they have disappeared. You know, I actually LOVE my skin the way it is. Not so much the skin of my face, as I had severe acne when I was a teen, but I love the skin of my arms and my chest and the beautiful freckles there. Because yes, I do love my freckles. They might be seen as little imperfections by others, but I think they are perfect imperfections, indeed making me who I am, just as the skin on my face is part of me. All of this reflect who I am in the flesh.

Wearing pink top and showing a close-up of my cleavage.
My cleavage (which I love) in a pink top, specially bought for Sinful Sunday…

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6 thoughts on “Freckles

  1. Your freckles are gorgeous and that top is the perfect shade of pink for your complexion. Just gorgeous, as always!

  2. I have plenty of freckles on my face and I’m not a fan, although those who don’t say they wish they had them. I guess I should learn to be happier with them too.

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