Electric Dreams

We’ll always be together
However far it seems (love never ends)
We’ll always be together
Together in electric dreams
Lyrics from Together in Electric Dreams by Philip Oakey & Giorgio Moroder

Ever since I learned about electrical play, I have been intrigued and wanting to try it. Every time we are at Eroticon, I stand at the ElectraStim stand and look at the products, but up to now I haven’t gone as far as to try them, despite my curiosity. Maybe next year at Eroticon (if they are a sponsor again), I will finally muster up the courage to finally try out some of the products at the ElectraStim stand.

I have a healthy fear for electicity, in house and outside. I am afraid of the unexpected and painful shock that comes from an electical shock. It has happened a couple of times in my life that I had feel those shocks, and seriosusly, they were not pleasant. I have even once closed my hand around an electric fence to keep cattle in. Oh man, that wasn’t pleasant at all.

The only experience I have with electrical play, is a toy I had once been sent for a product review, the Master Series Electro Shank Electro Shock Blade with Handle. I still remember how painful that was when the blade touched my skin. The toy had only one setting, which means you couldn’t gradually grew into handling the intensity. Back then I wrote that I smelt something burning, like plastic, but in hindsight I wonder whether it wasn’t my skin I smelled. Yuck!

I have read posts by Submissy and Purple’s Gem about electrical play, and those just made my curiosity grow. The way they both described starting at a low setting, and then gradually the intensity was turned up until the sensations were too intense. I would love to experience that, to try it at least once and see whether it’s something I might be able to enjoy more. However, the toys for electro play are not of the cheap kind, meaning you have to know for sure you will use them more than only to try them out, before you go ahead and buy them.

Who wrote about it, I can’t remember, but the idea of the electrical current making it feel like you are spanked, totally appeals to me. Just like with a spanking, I can imagine starting at a lower setting, will make you more acceptable of the pain when the power is increased.

I think it’s quite clear from this post that electrical play is on my kinky bucket list, and I am really curious to know whether a proper electro play device will give me the buzz I hope it does, or whether I will feel the same as with the toy I had tested: never again!

So, who wants to introduce me to electro play?

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3 thoughts on “Electric Dreams

  1. Well if they are at Eroticon next year then I’ll be holding your hand as you experience it. I promise it won’t hurt, it starts from a level you won’t feel and increases very gradually so you’ll start to feel it but it won’t be painful.

  2. I tried it once and hated it. But then, I’m not into pain.

    However, now that spankings are actually delivering pleasure, and I’m starting to actually crave them, maybe there is room to try again?

  3. The “spanking” function is a lot of fun we’ve found, lots of giggles from the anticipation and the shock when it’s delivered. I’ve even had it tried on me, word of advise though, don’t give littlegem the controls, she plays mean.

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