Night after day, day after night.
White after black, black after white.
Fight after peace, peace after fight.
Life after death, death after life
Lyrics from Opposites by Eric Clapton

I wrote a post about a wonderful outing with my daughter this week, and where I ended up sending her a close-up image of my nipple, and where, within several seconds she edited the image, and showed me what she had done.

“See, the ball looks like a drop of water.”

I smiled, and in that moment realized that we have set a giant step, a step back to a mother-daughter relationship where we can share a bit more of intimate details with each other – something I hadn’t thought would ever happen again.

The image below is not the one she edited, but it’s close to what she had done that day…

A close-up of my nipple and a piercing
Never before had I shared a image like this with my daughter…

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13 thoughts on “Edited

  1. A lovely closeup that feels like a deep memory combining a close moment with your daughter and this life giving part of your body, perhaps with a droplet of milk on it. Enhanced by the nostalgic sepia, just so beautiful. So very much the essence of a mother.

  2. Very awesome edit! And what an interesting story. I think I would freak out and hide from my mother if she ever sent me anything nude related of herself, haha.

    1. To be honest, it was at her request. I only told her about it, and then she wanted to see an image and asked me to send it to her. I would never just have sent it to her 🙂

  3. Your relationship sounds amazing and I would be delighted, too, if I were you. This image is gorgeous and if its not a strange thing to say, you have beautiful nipples 🙂

  4. I thought it was teardrop, pearl or a water droplet at first. This really is a work of art, and I’m so heartened that you can do this with your daughter, that indeed is a precious pearl xx

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