The Conference

I want a dog,
A Chihuahua
When I get back to my small flat
I want to hear somebody bark
Oh, (oh oh) you can get lonely
Lyrics from I Want a Dog by Pet Shop Boys

Content warning: humiliation play.

Dom excused himself from Dom’s place for a week to attend an international business conference, a place with a mixture of different kinds of people from different walks of life. Dom had booked himself a room in the luxury hotel where the conference was held. On the last night of the conference he sat at a table away from the rest, some of whom were engaged in heated alcohol-induced discussions.

“Can we sit with you?”
“Of course, no problem.”

Two younger women – this is their first conference as young entrepreneurs – joined Dom. They had been looking for a place to sit at the bar, but because the place is packed, their only choice was to sit at Dom’s table. The two women are both in their mid twenties, and they had been in the same school. For different reasons than this they don’t seem to fit with other people at the conference. Ruby liked sexy clothes that didn’t leave much to the imagination. Her clothes, her body and her red hair made her look like a teenager, and not the business women she was. Ally was a quieter type who clearly held her distance from cocktail dresses and high heels. Earlier that day Dom had a fascinating professional conversation with Ally.

When a proper conversation became almost impossible, the two women suggested to go someplace else.
“No thanks,” Dom said, “but we can share some champagne in my room.”
The two women looked at each other with some doubt on their faces, but then they agreed. Just in the room, there was a bit of giggling when they implied that Dom wanted a trio.
“That’s not my intention at all and it will most definitely not happen.”
They looked at him in surprise.
“I am not interested in vanilla sex,” he explained.

With that said, the questions started, as the ladies wanted to know what BDSM is. Dom kept into account that the alcohol has lowered their inhibitions when Ruby crawled into his lap. She complained that men things her breasts are too small.

“They are perfect just the way they are,” Dom assured her and continued: “It’s more important what you do with them than what size they are.”
“Do you want to see them,” Ruby asked, and before Dom could answer she was topless.
“They are perfect, don’t you think?” Dom asked in such a way to include both women.

“I don’t think Ally dares to show us hers,” Dom whispered in Ruby’s ear, loud enough for Ally to hear. As expected Ally wasn’t persuaded immediately and pretentiously Dom moved his attention to Ruby, to make Ally feel like she didn’t belong anymore. He softly bit Ruby’s ear, while slowly moving his hand upwards from her abdomen, waiting for her to stop him. Her nipples were hard and sensitive under his touch.

When Dom looked at Ally again, he noticed that she was now topless too. She looked at him with undisguised lust in her eyes, slowly licking her lips.
“Oh look,” he teased, “I have to admit, that was worth waiting for!”
Ruby had no idea how to react, and Ally seemed to be humiliated. Her tongue moved over her lips again.
“Crawl to me,” Dom asked friendly.
Ally stood up.
“I said crawl!”

The tone in Dom’s voice forced Ally to her knees.
“Obviously her thinking isn’t done with those breasts, otherwise she would’ve understood immediately,” Dom said with a smile.
Ruby forced a small laugh. Dom had Ally exactly where he wanted her. He snapped his fingers and she slowly crawled towards him.

“Looks like this little doggy wants attention.”
Ruby nodded.
“A doggy with jeans? A bit ridiculous, don’t you think? Take it off!”
The humiliation had faded Ally’s boundaries. There was no hesitation from her side as she stood up, undressed and quickly went down on hands and knees again. Dom took the champagne cork and threw that to the other side of the room.

Ally crawled to fetch the cork.
“Do you like her ass?” Dom asked Ruby, who nodded, seemingly a bit ill at ease.
Ally returned with the cork between her teeth. Dom tapped on his knees and Ally put her front paws on it so he could take the cork from her mouth.
“Good girl,” he said and stroke through her hair.
“Bark,” he said softly. Ally looked at him, her expression filled with disbelief.

Ally barked and barked and barked, her breasts swinging and bouncing around.
“Shall I fuck you,” Dom whispered in Ruby’s ears.
A slow smile formed around her face and then she nodded. Ally stayed behind in the same position, while Dom and Ruby brought the evening to a final climax.

After another glass of champagne, the two young women thanked Dom for an interesting and sexy evening, before they retired to their own rooms. Dom spoke Ally professionally after that night, while Ruby became an infrequent visitor to Dom’s Place, hungry to learn more about the world of BDSM.

© Rebel’s Notes

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  1. I suspect that if you fleshed this flash fiction out a bit, you’d have the makings for a very hot short story.

    Thank you for supporting the September Song Project this month, Rebel. It’s been fun!

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