Baby Makes Her Blue Jeans Talk

Night falls on the city, baby feels the beat
Slick and sexy angel of the street
The queen of all the night birds watch her when she walks
She don’t say nothing but, baby makes her blue jeans talk
Lyrics from Baby Makes Her Blue Jeans Talk by Dr. Hook

She always believed her bottom was far to round to fit into jeans. Looking around her she saw all types of women wearing jeans: the long thing ones, the short curvy ones, those with flat bottoms, with medium bottoms and yes, even those with round bottoms like hers. Still, she told herself: jeans is not your thing. Stick to dresses and skirts. Those hide your bottom better than jeans would ever do.
The craving to wear jeans grew on her, until one warm summer’s day she impulsively entered a store, and walked out with denim shorts.

Some of this story is fiction, some is real, and this ass really is mine…

“Bend over,” her husband said the first time she wore the shorts.
She did, and pushed out her ass at him, laughing. The shorts fitted her bottom like a second skin. It complimented every curve she had, and awoke a different craving inside.

He pushed his crotch against her rounded behind. His hands rested on her hips, and his appreciative groan filled the air around them. Air that cooled down when he stepped back. A deep sigh escaped her lips when his hand touched her bottom. Hard. Despite the firm denim fabric, the slap burnt on her skin. Another slap. More. One after the other. Each one wet the crotch of her newly-bought shorts just a little bit more. Each one made her long for the next. Each one made her hold her breath just a bit longer.

He stopped. Moved.

His body intensified the burning red of her bottom. Grinding against her, he made her moan. She wanted him to fuck her, and she wanted him not to. She wanted him to rip her shorts off and smack her bare flesh, and she wanted this moment to last forever. She smelled her arousal and knew he did too. He pushed against her. The non-penetration was deeper than an actual one could have been. Sexual tension enveloped them, and as he moved against her, the firm fabric of the shorts brushed over her swollen clit.

On the brink of her orgasm he sighed and pulled away, leaving her panting and frustrated.

“Later, my love,” he laughed, smacked her ass once more, and added: “as long as you keep those shorts on for the rest of the day!”

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  1. Love that kind of “torture!” And also, your ass looks great in those shorts.

    I go jean shopping with JB because I need him to let me know if a pair I’m trying on makes my butt look good. No matter how well they fit or how comfortable they are, if it doesn’t accentuate my ass, I won’t buy them, lol.

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