Are we back?

Dying to know, I’m dying to know
Are we coming back again?
Is this making sense?
Dying to know and diving in the shallows
Are we coming back again?
Is this making sense?
Lyrics from Sharks Swim Everywhere by Hot Lies

As you might remember, our son moved out towards the end of July, and it has now happened a couple of times that Master T and I were together in the house, with our daughter staying at her boyfriend’s place. On the Saturday of the weekend, exactly five weeks after the move of our son, we were out during the entire afternoon, having a lovely lunch and chat with dear friends. We decided to stay in that evening. It was quite late before we went to bed. When Master T came in from the bathroom, he opened his closet and retrieved the RVS cane, while saying: “Turn over onto your front. The cane has some work to do.”

This surprised me. Firstly, because it was the second weekend Master T retrieved the cane. Two weeks earlier, totally unexpectedly, Master T held the cane in his hand, and while tapping it in his hand, he said out loud that he wondered whether I remembered what it felt like. I did, but of course I just looked at him, while I wondered whether he was going to really use it. He did… a couple of swings with the cane, and then he pulled the dragon tail whip from the closet, and that one got to kiss my ass too. It was fun, but we both agreed that we had to get into it again, as I am not as ‘used’ to pain anymore as I was three years ago. The second reason why it surprised me, was that Master T had never before used any kind of implement while I was comfortably lying on bed. Mostly he wanted me to stand and bend over the bed. I was curious to see how this would play out, so turned on my side and waited.

Something in me thought Master T was going to come around the bed and stand next to me, but he also got on the bed, and while lying on his side, propped up on his elbow, he rested the cane on my backside.
“I want you in a straight line,” he said.

I shifted a bit until my body was a parallel line with the edge of the bed. Again the cane rested on my backside. It disappeared, only to smack down hard, first on the one cheek, then the other. Oh. My. God. It felt much harder than it ever was before and of course I rolled away, moaning. It was almost too much. I rolled back and Master T repeated struck me twice more, once on each cheek. My left buttock was closer to him, and that one seemed to hurt more than the right. Again I rolled away while almost laughing and begging: “Oh that hurts, please, please go easy, we need to build this up.”
“I know,” was all Master T said and I rolled back into position again.

“Ten times on each cheek,” he said and I rolled away again.
“No, that’s too much,” I begged, that’s too much to start with.
“How many times then?”
I thought about it for a short while and then dared to say: “Three,” and then I quickly added: “because we really need to build this up.”
“Three it is,” he agreed, much to my surprise.

cane welts on my bottom
Cane welts on my bottom, seen from Master T’s perspective.

And three it was. Hot damn, did those hurt. I rolled away each time the cane had struck both cheeks, one after the other. The RVS cane has almost no flexibility, and it doesn’t make the same sound as other canes do. The pain is also different from a ‘normal’ cane, as it feels more like a very firm (and painful) deep tissue massage, than the burning pain of a bamboo cane.

I was still moaning and trying to process the pain in my bottom, when Master T’s hand disappeared between my legs. Soon I was moaning because of a different sensation, and begging him permission for an orgasm. He granted it, just like he granted each one after that. I have no idea how many orgasms I had, but I did notice that they didn’t come as quickly as they did before. (Yes, not only do we have to build up the pain tolerance again, but I need to get my body back into sex-and-orgasm mode too.)

“If you want another orgasm, you will have to take three more,” Master T suddenly said as he withdrew his fingers from me.
For a split second I considered to tell him that it was enough, but I really was craving a big orgasm. But, I also wanted to feel the cane again, no matter how painful it was. I turned back onto my front and braced myself. Once again, between each set of strikes, I moved away, huffing and puffing as I processed the deep impact. God, it hurt, but despite the hurt, my heart soared. Finally, finally he was hurting me again in the most delicious way, and he seemed totally into it. He was totally into it.

I got my promised orgasms, but one thing kept eluding me: the big O. He tried, I tried, we tried together. He fingered me, rubbed my clitoris, pushed my hand to my clitoris and filled me with his fingers. That’s always a good recipe for a huge orgasm, but it kept on eluding me. No matter how hard I tried, and how much I wanted it, it just didn’t happen. Maybe in my mind I was just too busy thinking how wonderful this session was, and whether it would be a one-off thing and I would have to wait for weeks again before something happened.

My pussy started getting tender, and both Master T and I decided that it was good the way it was. We stopped trying, hugged some more, kissed some more and went to sleep.

To be continued…

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13 thoughts on “Are we back?

  1. This is really exciting to read and sounds like such an amazing connection. I am the same with pain if there has been a longer gap. I definitely need to be built up slowly and for my body to re-learn. It sounds like a brilliant scene and hopefully having the house to yourself a bit more will allow things to happen more often. HL says that it definitely affects him now that we have less opportunity and that his headspace doesn’t come so easily and is less easily sustained with the chance of interruption and the need to be quiet.

  2. I do hope this is just the beginning, and that you two will indeed be ‘back’ — like you say, it needs to be worked up to, but what a lovely work-up to anticipate!

  3. I’m truly delighted for you and can sense the hope and anticipation there, a really lovely read this morning and it gives me hope too, so thank you x

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