Vibease Smart Massager with Bluetooth

I was contacted by Vibease with the request to review one of their products. Back in 2015 they were one of the Eroticon sponsors and I had been looking at the Vibease, and wondering whether it works as they say it does. I never got around to ordering one, so when their email landed in my inbox, I was very keen to test the Vibease.

Packaging & Contents / Shape ‘n Size & Material

The Vibease Smart Massager comes in a small rectangular box with an image of the toy and a mobile phone on the top. Even though I knew this toy works with Bluetooth, the word ‘Bluetooth’ printed in one of the corners of the box, just made me want to try it so much. On opening the box the first thing you see is the beautiful pink toy. The display of the toy takes up half of the box, and the other half is covered. If you open the cover, you find the toy chargers (one with a short, the other with a longer cord) and a black drawstring toy pouch.

Vibease massager toy packaging
The Vibease box

The toy is shaped to fit the curve of your vulva, and with a tip that touches your clitoris. It stays in place when you wear it and feels comfortable. The toy itself is made of body-safe silicon and it feels so soft. It is fully waterproof for some shower or bath fun, and it’s easy to clean. The Vibease is rechargeable, and when fully charged it gives you three hours of play.

How does it work?

Oh, wear do I even start?!

You can simply turn the Vibease on, set the vibrations to what you want, and then let it vibrate away to get you all excited or make you orgasm. This way it’s just a simple vibrating clitoral toy, but there is so much more fun to be had with it.

Download the ‘Vibease’ app from your app store, and follow the steps on your screen to pair the toy with your phone. Now the fun starts. Use your phone to control the vibrations. Listen to a piece of music while the toy vibrates in sync with the music. Listen to an audio book while the toy reacts to the words you hear, either increasing or decreasing the vibrations. You never know what vibrations an audiobook will send through to the toy, so you really have to listen to find out. You can buy your audiobooks directly from the Vibease store, in the app on your phone.

My experience with & opinion of the product

Where either using the toy without the app or listening to an audiobook, to me the most important was to test the long distance feature. So many times in the past did we have remote control toys that didn’t work, even if we were in the same room. Vibease claimed that the app makes it possible to control the app from the other side of the world. So, Master T and I wanted to test that function.

At first we made the mistake of only Master T downloading the app, pairing it with the toy and then trying to control the vibrations while I was out for a spa day. No, I didn’t ‘wear’ the toy, but stood there with it in my hand, talking to Master T on the phone, and of course it didn’t work. Not because the toy was bad, but we haven’t done it correctly.

Vibease massager
A beautiful, soft and intriguing toy.

The next step was for me to download the app too, and then when I was out on a shopping trip, I called Master T, connected with him on the app, and told him I was ready to have the Vibease tested. Again it didn’t work. Only then we realized what we had done wrong: the toy has to be paired with the phone of the person who has the toy with them, in other words: me.

Attempt number 3 was yesterday. The toy was paired with my phone, and as I left the office, I sat in my car and called Master T. We connected on the chat function of the Vibease app, and I checked whether the toy was connected. I told him I was ready to go and there it was: vibrations! It worked, and it worked damn well too! I opted not to wear the toy while I drove home, but in my mind I already had visions of me wearing the toy when I travel to London, and how Master T can keep me on the brink of an orgasm without my fellow passengers even realizing what was going on.

I can totally imagine how lovely this toy must be for long distance relationships; how there can be intimacy even when two people are far apart.

Seriously, there’s so much more to the app that I can say here. You can customize your own vibrations, which means you have a unlimited choice of vibration patterns. I am not a lover of intermittent vibrations, especially when I want to come. Dragging the dials on the screen I can change the pattern to the continuous one I like.

Where to buy?

You can buy the toy with 5% discount from the Vibease website, using this link and using the promo code ‘19672502’. If it doesn’t work, please let me know so I can help you.

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    1. Oh it really is. We are planning some more fun with this, like with my next trip to London ?

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