Rituals… or routine?

For this post I want to concentrate on something else than the BDSM rituals we have/had, as that is a subject that is coming up for a different meme. I want to concentrate on my daily/weekly/monthly rituals – the things that I frequently do, and which makes my life as organized as it is. You can also call it my routine, but to me they are so important, that they look more like rituals than routine.

Working days

On a working day my alarm clock goes at 5.45am for the first time and I always snooze it once, for 9 minutes. Then I get up, shower, get dressed, blow dry my hair and do my facial routine, after which I go downstairs for breakfast, a cup of tea, then back upstairs to brush my teeth, comb my hair once more, spray some perfume and then by 6.50am I am in the car on my way to work. I work 8.5 hours four days a week. I’m mostly home by 5.15pm and the first thing I do when I get home is to give Master T a kiss (never forget the kiss!) and then start up my laptop. Then there’s dinner, some TV watching and then I move in behind my laptop and work until no later than 9.30pm after which I watch some more TV before we go to bed. Mostly by 11.15pm I switch off my light to go to sleep, sometimes earlier, depending on how tired I am.


I don’t work on Wednesdays, except when my work requires this (I can determine this myself, which is nice, and I add the extra hours to my holiday hours). Wednesdays are days on which I have appointments for pedicures or new nails or a Brazilian or some shopping or just hanging around with Master T. When I make appointments, I never make them for before 10.30am, which allows me a lie in. Wednesdays are partly a day of relaxing, and partly a day of working, but then for myself and not for a boss. Sometimes, but only sometimes, I will do some chores in the house on my off Wednesdays. Sometimes I switch my Wednesday and my Friday, when I have a spa day with my best friend, because you know, that’s the best day to start your weekend, with a spa day.


Saturdays and Sundays are for lie ins too, although I tend to get up earlier on a Saturday than a Sunday, because we have the weekly grocery shopping to do, and sometimes other activities too. Weekends are made to relax as much as possible, even though there are chores that repeat every week – laundry, vacuuming, cleaning, etc. Years ago I was much more panicky about this, but nowadays when I can’t do something the one day, I leave it to the next, and when we have a lot on our program I do the most necessary and do the rest the weekend after. I am not a slave to my house anymore.

Weekends are also for dining out, having a drink, driving somewhere for photographing when the weather is good. Sometimes there are lunches with friends, sometimes a visit to or from the kids, but about 98% of our time during weekends is spent together. With my son’s move it was somewhat less, and once a month on the Sunday I go out with my oldest daughter for photos, and then Master T stays home.

Blog work

In between all of the above, there’s also my blog work and writing. I am subscribed to quite a number of blogs, and when I have time to read and comment, I click the links from my email and line the posts up to do one after the other. When I run out of time, the tabs stay open until I have time to read. Wicked Wednesday posts always take preference, as I schedule the tweets to go live an hour apart on the Wednesdays and running into Thursdays. Something else that has preference over reading blog posts is the Smut Marathon stories, which I read as soon as possible once they have been sent in. This means that when a voting round has closed, I am incredibly busy, as the stories have to be read and confirmed to the writers, and I have to prepare the voting round for both the jury and the public. I can’t tell which days I do what, but I do have a routine, and I always handle things in exactly the same way, otherwise I will lose track of it. The way I do my blog work is almost a ritual in itself, and I love it.

I know there is a difference between rituals and routine, but to me some of my routines have become rituals, and some of my rituals have become routine. To me they are interchangeable, and without either of them, I will feel lost.

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4 thoughts on “Rituals… or routine?

  1. Wow Marie – i am in awe of how u manage to fit everything in to do with your blogging world. And can see how rituals and routines would help u achieve that – as well as blogging being a passion of yours too x

  2. I have always wondered a bit about your routine because you are very active in blogging and commenting, and sharing others work, AND with the smut marathon which is a big project to manage the logistics for! I know some of all this comes just from your kind heart but I also know activity like this doesn’t happen magically … it takes organization and diligence. So this was an interesting read. You are wonderful. ♥️

  3. That is a busy routine. I appreciate the effort you put in to comment on so many peoples blogs, including ours. I will say I was drawn by the image of your spreadsheet, seeing that got me excited.

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