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A taboo is an activity that is forbidden or sacred based on religious beliefs or morals. Breaking a taboo is extremely objectionable in society as a whole. Around the world, an act may be taboo in one culture and not in another.

The above was taken from the site of Your Dictionary, and there’s also a list of things that can be considered taboo in some (or all) cultures. There are obvious things like cannibalism, incest, murder and slavery, but there are also things on there that I definitely don’t consider a taboo, such as masturbation.

Actually, as I read through the list, I realized that I have engaged in quite a number of activities that could’ve been considered as a taboo. Falling pregnant at the age of sixteen was one of them, and even before that I already stimulated my own genitals, though I didn’t have an orgasm until some years later. Masturbation as such is not a taboo, but it was definitely not something that anyone talked about back in my teenage years. And frankly, that’s still not something you talk about to just anyone.

Adultery is also on the list of taboo acts, and that’s something I have done too. I have been in a relationship with a married man, with the knowledge of his wife, and later the three of us were in a relationship. I guess you can say that it was a poly relationship, even though back then (1994) the term poly was definitely not generally known, if it even existed at all. Of course, being in a relationship with them was something I couldn’t talk about openly, as it was considered not done. Many years later, during my second marriage, I was the one who committed adultery as I met another man in a hotel during a trip. And then, some years after that, I was single, and I engaged in a sexual relationship with a married colleague.

During the relationship with the married couple, for the first time I heard the term ‘anal sex’, and they were both totally disgusted by it, because it was the act of homosexual men. I was intrigued, but it was only a year later that I – purely by ‘accident’ – was introduced to anal sex. I was sold. Totally and utterly sold. I was hooked on anal stimulation, and can’t even tell you how many times I stimulated my own anus, only to experience those incredible orgasms it gave me. I’m still very fond of anal stimulation, fully aware that there are stil many people out there who will never accept that this is a wonderful sexual act.

Another item on the mentioned list, is ‘fornication’ which is ‘sexual relations between people not married to one another’. Oh my, if this is a taboo act, then I am guilty as hell. I only have to refer to the list of people whom I had sex with, and you will know just how guilty I am.

What makes something a taboo act?

I think most acts that are considered taboo acts, are taboo because people decided it should be. Some of those things should definitely be taboo, like murder and cannibalism, but why should masturbation be a taboo act? I understand that adultery is not a good thing, because people get hurt, but many times now I have seen posts about non-monogamy, and posts which deal with the question whether monogamy isn’t totally outdated in today’s day and age. I even wrote about the fact that Master T and I are monogamish, as we too allow(ed) other people into our sex life.

Let me say something: I think many of the things that people consider a taboo, they do so because they are curious about the act, but too ashamed to admit this even to themselves. Once again, here I exclude things like murder, bestiality, cannibalism and other things that are punishable by law. But people who see masturbation as taboo, or anal sex, or fornication… maybe they are just curious about them. Not so much to do it, but to know more about it. And yes, maybe also to do it.

I had definitely done some things that other might consider taboo, but I am happy that I have added those acts to my life experience. And there might just be some more things to add…

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  1. This is such a good post and I agree with all of what you say. I think that taboos are often there to keep us boxed in and doing what others want us to be doing rather than being for a greater moral purpose. 🙂

  2. I guess in this situation they (masturbation, adultery) are taboo because they aren’t talked about? Great post, made me laugh too!

  3. Loved this post – like you say society dictates what is taboo and so many things that just happen to a person as they go through life may be considered taboo by some other people – but as u say it is great to experience many different things in life. And I so enjoy reading about all you have done in your many posts x

  4. Great post Marie, it actually made me smile a lot! Yes, some of those sexy things which society definitely sees as taboo many of us have done, and done a lot!! And I didn’t even consider masturbation when I wrote my post, but 100% that isn’t a topic I can speak about freely outside of my sex-positive chums, so in theory, it is still a bit of a taboo! Which seems wild to me! And is the reason I love the sex blogging community and my IRL kinky pals so much because I don’t have to worry about topics of conversation I can just use my sexy words and all is well :p

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