I love summer… mostly

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Summer… I love summer.

Most of the time…

I love summer when the temperatures are anywhere between 20-25 degrees Celsius, and the humidity is not too high. Unfortunately, the Netherlands is knownn for its humidity, which means when it’s a nice 22 degrees, it feels like it’s 30 degrees and everything feels damp. Seriously, when I walk up the stairs at home and hold onto the wooden railing, it feels wet. This is not the kind of summer weather that I like.

Sometimes we do have a ‘dry heat’, but then the temperatures tend to run up to the 30 degrees, or as extreme as it was in July, to almost 40 degrees. This is just too much. Everything feels too much – walking, working, eating, sleeping – everything. Sleep becomes a problem, because the nights are too warm and I wake up feeling tired and definitely not rested.

Even after having lived here for almost 25 years, I am sometimes still amazed at hor different 30 degrees can feel. Where I lived in South Africa (and in Namibia for that matter) the humidity never ran as high as it does over here in similar temperatures. There clouds would start forming round 11 in the morning, and somewhere in the afternoon you had a shower and then the rain was gone. Over here the heat starts with clear skies, and then the humidity starts building. Halfway through the second day of a warm period, everything starts getting clammy, and by the third day everything is just sticky. Where a thunderstorm in South Africa means the bit of humidity there was is gone, it doesn’t mean the same over here. Here it can rain, and stay just as clammy as it was before the rain.

That’s the part of summer I don’t like: the heat combined with humidity.

The part of summer I do like, are the beautiful blue-skied days, where we can sit outside, enjoy a glass of wine and just enjoy the beautiful sunshine, the friendly people (everyone seems to be friendlier in the summer months) and the effect the sun has on our bodies. It has always been that way: the sun seems to make me horny. If I sit outside and just allow the sun to warm up my body, it seems to warm up much more than only my skin. It makes me horny, and horny in such a way that the only thing to still the hunger is to fuck.

Back in the years when I still lay in the sun to tan my skin (I don’t do so anymore), I had the hottest fantasies while lying there, eyes closed and totally withdrawn in my one world. Oh how I sometimes squirmed because my clitoris literally hardened because of those fantasies playing off in my head.

We don’t sit outside in the garden as much anymore as we did before. Nowadays we are mostly inside, or we go to one of our favorite restaurants, which looks out over the river, and sit on a terrace, but mostly in the shade. Sometimes my legs are in the sun, but it’s never enough to warm me up the way it would when all of my body was in the sun.

Only once did it happen that Master T was horny too after being outside and more or less in the sun for most of the day. This was in late June 2019. We went to a seaside town to meet a friend for lunch, but were there earlier and walked around a bit with our cameras. It was a day filled with glorious sunshine, and later in the terrace, we enjoyed good company and good food, and watched the people walk by. That evening he was horny, and it surprised me so much that I asked where it came from, and he literally said: “I don’t know, maybe the sun!”
I ‘blamed’ the vitamin D!

Summer definitely is a season I like, but it’s still not my favorite season of them all, and I think the reason for this is the humidity, and because ongoing heat doesn’t only make me sweat, but it also fucks with my blood pressure and my breathing. If it’s humid for too long, my chest start to feel tight and I have slight problems with breathing, and when it’s warm for too long, my blood pressure seems to go down way too low. So, where I can definitely enjoy a good summer day, I still prefer spring and autumn.

Is summer a kink of mine? I wouldn’t say it is, but the summer sun can definitely help me to get my kink on, and if I can get it to help Master T on a frequent basis too… well, then summer might just become a kink of mine!

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7 thoughts on “I love summer… mostly

  1. I do love the warm sunshine but I agree with you about the humidity, it sits like a heavy blanket when I’d prefer an airy breeze.

  2. I do agree about humidity . . . I’m not a fan either. That’s why I prefer a “sea breeze” as opposed to laying by the pool.
    I didn’t realise it got so hot in the Netherlands. We’ve only been in autumn or winter (but even then, things did get quite “hot” LOL !!!)

    Xxx – K

  3. I hear ya, the humidity sucks the life out of you, it feels like. Been horrible where I live, too with all the rain and flooding, it’s been over 80% some days!

  4. I love the sun. As long as I lather on plenty of moisturiser and cover my face I can spend all day out gardening or just sitting reading. Bad UV here in New Zealand though. Melanomas are very common.

    1. It’s the same in South Africa… especially for us who grew up in the 70’s and 80’s when skin protection was not a thing.

      1. Yes, Hubby says the same about when he was growing up in New Zealand . . . and I always seem to get burnt when we go back there, even though we are rarely sunbathing !!!

        Xxx – K

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