Lessons & Iris #SoSS #90

There is this cliché saying: you are never to old to learn.

It might be cliché, but I really believe it to be true. As we move through life, every day we learn something, whether it’s a new skill or just learning something about ourselves, or understanding ourselves better. We really are never to old to learn. Some of the posts I have shared here deals with the lessons we learn in life; with the things we understand about ourselves and help us to move on to the next phase of our lives. Sometimes the only way you can deal with some of the curve balls life throws you, is because of the lessons you have learned earlier.

Enough of my fortune cookie psychology (although I really believe that). The very last post I share today is one of my own, and one that I read twice before I put the link here. Iris. Sweet, sweet Iris. Oh how I still remember every detail of that evening… Iris. She has learned too many lessons too early in life, and I hope life is kind to her now, and that she’s as happy as can be!

Sexy writing

There is something so vulnerable, yet so beautiful in this piece of writing by Girl on the Net: Make up sex: I’d forgotten what kisses taste like. It makes you stop for a moment and remember the things that make your own relationship unique.

Another beautiful piece is Audrey’s Lessons by Kisungura. I love the way how a little kitten taught her some lessons about herself, or reminded her of the things that are important.

I have read When I thought you were a god by Eye a couple of times now, and each time I do, I find something new in it. It makes me think of my religious upbringing and my life as it is now, and it’s a kind of introspect I actually like. Oh and, the image Eye used in this post is brilliant!

Sometimes I think I am in love with this woman, but I do know I love Honey. She is a wonderful person, and it makes me happy to see that she is starting to see her own beauty and embrace it, as she writes in Smile for the camera.

Hot images

There are three photo memes I check every week to look for sexy images to share here: Sinful Sunday, Boobday and the newest, Lingerie Is For Everyone.


Prompts are a great way to inspire you to write a new post, and you can also combine two prompts (or three) if you want.

These are the ones currently running:

Meme Prompt Date(s) to link
Masturbation Monday Week 258 (Floss) 9 to 16 August 2019
Wicked Wednesday Prompt #376: Luck 10 to 15 August 2019
Food for Thought Friday #111 – Words To Live By 9 to 16 August 2019
Friday Flash No. 62 — We Can Do It! 5 to 11 August 2019
Sinful Sunday Prompt to follow 1 September 2019
Kink of the week Summer 1 to 16 August 2019
Tell Me About… #14: Public Play 4 to 17 August 2019
Erotic Journal Challenge #28: Sexual Positions 4 to 11 August 2019
Sex Blogger for Mental Health Week 30 – Support System 4 to 11 August 2019
Elust #122 Elust submissions 1 to 8 September 2019

Wicked Wednesday

Prompt 375 for Wicked Wednesday was ‘Complication’ for which 27 posts were linked. The top 3 was done by Nikki and she chose:

More memes — also those without prompts — can be found here. And, did you know that it’s perfectly okay to combine memes? Just make sure you have the buttons of those you link to in your post!

Smut Marathon

While you are reading this post, behind the scenes I am working hard to get the seventh voting round of the Smut Marathon ready to go live tomorrow. Are you ready to read the sexy stories and vote? Remember to check the website tomorrow, and help 21 writers to go through to round 8.

Rebel’s Notes in past years

Sharing posts from the tenth of August in the past years of my blog:

2011: Fruit salad
A sexy fantasy about being a platter covered in fruit, and a bit more.
(Just a thought: I should edit this, as the writing is… er… bad…)

2012: Customs officials (3/4)
The third part in the story about some sexy and strict customs officials.

2014: Split Second
A Sinful Sunday image of a whip captured at exactly the right moment.

2016: Iris
Oh darn, this teared me up reading it again. This was such a special evening, and I would love to see this girl again. I can’t believe it has been three years! We really should go back to that café and see if Iris is still around.

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