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Position… what is your favorite/lease favorite sexual position and why?

In my life I’ve had sex in many different positions. Some of them were wonderful, others so-so, some meh and some horrible. To the latter category belongs having sex when you’re standing up, balancing on one leg, the other draped over his arm while he tries to bring himself in a position to actually fuck me. I think I have tried this once or twice in my younger years, and dismissed it as something I wouldn’t do again.


Where I mentioned ‘standing’ above, this heading is for another kind of standing. The one where you bent forward, over a bed or a table and are fucked from behind. There is something so sexy about just offering your holes, and waiting for either of them to be penetrated. It also offers your bottom for a spank or two, something which I love during sex, and which can really enhance my orgasm.


This is a bit of a lazy position, and can be done in two different ways, either back-to-chest or facing each other. My least favorite of the two is where you face each other, and your legs have to be entangled in a strange way to make sure your crotches reach each other to at least allow sex. My favorite is when I turn my back to him, lift my one leg and he penetrates me from behind. What I like about this position is that he can put his arm around me to steady himself, but also to pinch my nipples, or he can bite my shoulder or kiss my neck. I also like that he has to do all the ‘work’ in the way that I can’t ‘help’ him to fuck me. Despite me having my back turned to him, this is a very intimate position.


I wouldn’t say that this is my favorite position, but it definitely is something I like to do when I am very horny. I don’t climax easily when I am on my knees, but it happened a couple of times that I straddled Master T’s face, and while I sucked his cock, he licked and fingered me, and also had easy access to another opening. We once tried him straddling my face, but that was less a success than when I straddled his. Where this is not my favorite position with Master T, it is one of my favorite positions when I am with another woman. There’s also the ‘sideways’ 69, where you both lie on your sides, facing each other’s crotches and resting your head on a leg, and then just being able to lick and suck as much and long as you want.


I just said that I can’t easily climax on my knees, and where that’s still true when I am on my knees and he is fucking me from behind, doggy-style, I do climax a bit easier in this position because he hits my G-spot. This is one of my most favorite sensations in the world, feeling him pounding into me, and that almost electrical current running through my cunt every time he touches that special spot with his cock. There is only one thing about doggy that I don’t like, and that is when he pumps air into my pussy, and it causes those strange pussy-fart-sounds. When it happens while he’s still pumping into me, it takes me out of the moment, no matter how much I like the sensations, and when it happens after the sex, I feel totally ashamed of those sounds, even though I know I don’t have to.


This might sound oh so very boring, but missionary actually is one of my favorite positions. It might be because this is one of those positions – just like doggy nowadays – that we almost never do anymore, because of Master T’s increasing physical limitations. But, when he manages to get into this position and he fucks me, I love looking at his face, love to see the lust in his eyes, and feel him inside me. And the best of this position is to see the changes in his facial expression when he climaxes, and at the same time to hear his grunts of passion. Yes, missionary definitely is one my favorite positions.


This is the position we fuck in the most – Master T on his back, and me straddling him and mostly doing the fucking. Sometimes he grabs onto my hips, holds me still and thrusts inside me, but most of the time I am the one bucking my hips and fucking us both. Of course this position doesn’t only allow me to see his face, to hear his breathing and grunts, but it also leaves his hands free to grab my breasts and squeezes, or to pinch my nipples. This is also the best position for Master T, as it doesn’t cause him pain or discomfort like positions where he has to get on his knees, or put too much strain on his leg.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

As I read back what I have written, I realize how we have already changed to adjust to Master T’s physical condition. Only five years ago he could still easily get on his knees and fuck me, but now that is almost out of the question. Even though we had to adjust, it hasn’t decreased the quality of our fucking. We still enjoy every intimate moment together.

Of course, as a side note, it has been some time since Master T has last penetrated me, but as I have mentioned many times before, and probably will many times more, we will get back to fucking and then straddling will be the way to go…

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  1. I think we all learn to accommodate each other through our sexual positions (or at least, we should). We learn what works for each other and for “us.” I do some positions simply because I know they work for him, even though they do nothing (physically) for me. My favorite is boring old missionary because he can get deep and I can relax. I have my best and quickest orgasms this way.

  2. So many different positions. There are some that I have to be in the mood for. I tend to let the person I am with take the lead on positions.

  3. We did have our times of experimenting with all sorts of positions but we don’t tend to do a lot of it anymore. Mostly, I’m always concerned with being comfortable–lol! Great detailed post.

  4. Great perspective. Totally agree that sex is not about acrobatics, but about finding the right position that feels good. I’m glad you point out hitting the G-spot. I know the general vicinity and can easily find it. Standing, just from the anatomy, would make it nearly impossible. So, totally agree that standing is a poor choice (though a great way to start). Thanks for sharing! ???

  5. my “preferred” position is doggy style, on my knees with him on his knees behind me. early on in our relationship, we fucked in every conceivable position, and everywhere we could !! our favorite 69 position was sideways to each other, he prefers me on top, and I prefer him on top. he loves me on my back, with “heels in the air” for oral and fucking. we seem to never reperat the same positions/actions 2 times in a row.
    variety IS the spice of life !!

  6. Well we are just trying out different positions by default….inthe shower…standing…well I’m standing and holding N up by her buttocks which can be awkward if I let her go. Not as much fun as it sounds….we prefer the me on bottom and N on top. She loves it as I can use both my hands to touch her breasts and I can also reach behind and finger her little hole and play with her clitoris with one hand each. As you can tell…were vastly experienced!!! Lol

  7. Marie, your post again re-enforces the point that we are continuously evolving . Adapting our lives in different ways should be seen as a positive. “Even though we had to adjust, it hasn’t decreased the quality of our fucking. We still enjoy every intimate moment together.”

  8. I love your honesty in this piece and the fact that by the end, you have learnt more about the positions you use too. I have to agree with a lot of your thoughts and while we don’t use straddling much ourselves, I love that you have adapted to find what works best as that is really what makes sex better than any position could do.

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