Satisfyer Trio

About fifteen months ago I shared a product review of three Satisfyer toys. I am back again to do the same, as I have been sent a bunch of toys, some of which will be prizes for the Smut Marathon.

There are three toys I have kept for myself to test:

  • Satisfyer Pro 3 Vibration
  • Power Flower
  • Master

These are three totally different toys. The Satisfyer Pro 3 Vibration is a suction toy, the Power Flower a toy that can be used externally by men or women and the Master an almost intimidating insertable toy. Let’s just say that testing these toys all in the same session has been… interesting.

Satisfyer Pro 3 Vibration

Satisfyer Pro 3 VibrationSatisfyer calls this ‘The best Satisfyer of all time’ and I definitely agree with them. Where I now don’t have to worry about noise anymore, this was one thing of previous their suction-pulse toys that have been a bit off-putting: the noise. This Satisfyer Pro 3 Vibration is whisper quiet, and I will be able to use this even when I have to be quiet. That makes me happy!

The Satisfyer Pro 3 Vibration is made of body-safe and skin-friendly silicone, is waterproof so you can take it with you under the shower and has two super-strong power motors. It has a vibration setting with 10 intensities, as well as the suction part with 11 different settings. Now believe me, connections enough for you to try, as this gives you a staggering 110 options.

The toy is easy to hold, and once fully charged using the magnetic USB cable, you have four hours of fun ahead of you. There was only one thing I had a bit of trouble with, and that was too see which buttons I should push, because of the black exterior of the toy. However, I think once you get to know the toy, you will instinctively know which buttons you want to push.

Satisfyer claims that ‘unforgettable orgasms are guaranteed’ and I agree with them.

The Satisfyer Pro 3 Vibration can be bought for US.$ 59.95 from the Satisfyer website.

Power Flower

Satisfyer Power FlowerThe design of this toys reminds you of love, peace and rock-‘n-roll, or that is what is claimed on the Satisfyer website and I totally agree. Just looking at this toy makes me smile and feel happy, which is one of the reasons why I kept it as one of the toys I wanted to test.

The Power Flower is a bright red, waterproof vibrator made of high quality, skin-friendly, soft silicon. It has a loop at the back to hook a finger or thumb through, and on the other end it looks like the petals of a flower opening up. The shaft of the toy even looks like the shape of a flower, which really fits the name of this toy. On the white part of the ‘loop’ are the three control buttons — one to switch it on and the others to change through the 12 powerful vibration programs.

When you switch the Power Flower on it’s impossible to see the three ‘petals’ individually anymore, because of the strength of the vibrations. It felt good against my clitoris, but since I need a bit of pressure too, the toy didn’t manage to get me to orgasms. However, it did feel good enough to get me to the point where all I wanted was to tip over the edge. I think this toy can easily be used to tease me and change me into a wanton mess.

One thing I haven’t done was to use the vibrator internally, as the idea of those petals bending backwards didn’t appeal to me. Another thing you can do with this toy is to use it to stimulate the shaft of your (man’s) penis. We didn’t try this with Master T (as you know he’s not into toy testing), but I can imagine that the stimulation can be quite… thrilling.

Once you have charged the Power Flower using the magnetic USB cable, you can enjoy 3.5 hours of sexy fun!

The Power Flower can be bought for US.$ 49.95 from the Satisfyer website.


Satisfyer MasterNow I have to tell you that I was incredibly excited about testing this toy, and the moment I took it out of the box and closed my hand around it, I knew it was going to be quite an experience!

The Master — Satisfyer has chosen this name well — is a waterproof vibrator with an impressive girth, a smooth shaft and the tip shaped like a penis head. The insertable length is 17 centimeters, and the diameter 4.7 centimeters. I told you: impressive. On the other end there’s a loop to hook a finger or a thumb through, and of course the three buttons to control the 12 vibration programs. Just like the other toys the Master is also made of skin-friendly, body-safe silicon, and it can be charged using the magnetic USB cable.

Pushing the Master in really opens you up and the deeper it goes, the fuller you feel. Even without the vibrations on, the toy is magnificent, and just what you need when you want to be filled to the brim, and there’s no cock to help you with that! Switch on the vibrations and be prepared to be blown away… by your orgasm. Can you tell that I totally love this toy?

The Master can be bought for US.$ 49.95 from the Satisfyer website.

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