My writing retreat

Writing retreats…

It’s something that has always intrigued me, and I would really love to go on one. Obviously I have never been, but I imagine it being somewhere serene, maybe in house overlooking a secluded beach and far from the sounds of everyday life, or a hut somewhere in the mountains, where at night it’s so dark that you can barely see your hands in front of your eyes. Of course, since it’s a writing retreat, the focus is on writing. Whether you then are actually writing, or using the time away to think up new story lines, is entirely up to you.

Now I have to say that I actually get a lot of time to write at home, so in that sense I don’t really need a retreat, but it sounds like bliss to be able to write from early morning until late in the evening for days on end, without having to worry about laundry that has to be done, the floor that needs vacuuming or food that has to be cooked. Of course this means that wherever the retreat is, there has to be some form of housekeeping.

I don’t think I will ever go on a writing retreat all by myself, as whenever I go away and overnight somewhere, I prefer to have Master T with me (with the exception of my bus trips to London of course). And once he is with me, I will never write from morning to night, as we like to go out for lunch and dinner and just have some time together.

That brings me to a different kind of ‘retreat’ – the one where you don’t go away for days, but where you take your laptop to a restaurant, order coffee (and cake if you want) and then you just hammer away on the keys, writing with the buzz of people talking around you. Every now and then you order something to drink, and for a couple of hours you work on a story or blog posts or plan things you want to write. Just yesterday Master T and I were in a restaurant and I saw this man sitting in the corner, typing away on his laptop, and I wondered what he was doing. At the same time I wished I could sit there in the corner and write. I’m sure sitting in a restaurant will inspire some stories too!

Just like with writing retreats far away from home, I don’t think it will happen that I take my laptop and go sit somewhere in a restaurant to write. Once again the simple reason for this is that when I go to a restaurant, it’s always with Master T. Oh, he would allow me to take my laptop and write while we sit together, but I wouldn’t do that, as we tend to have such nice conversations when we are out. This means, my laptop stay home.

So… this means I will never go to a writing retreat, right?

Yes, and no.

I might never go to that seaside house or the hut in the mountains, and might never sit down to write in a restaurant, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have a writing retreat. I do have my writing retreat right here at home. Like I said earlier, I have a lot of time to write at home, and in the past week I have noticed that there are less interruptions, since my son has moved out. I managed to write a lot more in the past week, than I had in any week in the months before. This can only get better, especially on those days when our daughter is at her boyfriends, and the interruptions are down to the minimum. Strangely enough, when Master T talks to me while I am writing, I never mind as much as when one of the kids interrupt me. When the kids come downstairs to share whatever they want to share, it can easily take up the entire evening, because when they need attention, need to say what they have to say, they get the opportunity to do so. Many nights I had given up, closed my laptop and went to bed without writing one word.

Now things are different. It’s like my own little space here at home, my desk and laptop, is changing into my writing retreat. A place where I can type away while listening to a movie Master T is watching, or the commentary of some kind of sport. With the buzz of the sound from the television, my screen in front of me and something to drink next to me, my ‘retreat’ is totally complete!

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7 thoughts on “My writing retreat

  1. I’ve thought about going on retreats, but honestly it’s just as easy to change scenery (go sit somewhere else). But there is something to be said about getting away.

    Yay for more time (and mental space) to write!

  2. All of those retreat ideas sound glorious – almost like a luxuries. For me sometimes just being left alone to write or walk is a wonderful retreat xx

  3. I am envious that you are able to sit and tap away on your computer with other things going on in the background. I am just not good enough at multi-tasking to be able to concentrate more than one thing at a time.
    It is so good that you feel relaxed enough in your surroundings, to be able to do that.
    Xxx – K

  4. I like your idea of the hut on the beach. I have always wanted to be a writer and the romantic idea of it really appeals to me. I know what you mean about the practicalities though. I would have to retreat with HL but I think he would end up playing games on his phone instead of writing and that would bring out the teacher in me, so perhaps you are right – at home and fitting it in with other things is best. 🙂

  5. I’ve done writing retreats from 2 weeks to 1 month and really enjoyed them but the hard part is being away from one’s love at home. The first time I went, husband said I didn’t have to feel I had to call him every day and I knew he meant it as a gift of time and space to me but it made me sad because I was scared about going away by myself. It got easier. Sometimes later I enjoyed not having the obligation. I’ve learned a lot and really recommend trying time away like that, being in a new way environment with new people can be inspiring. I think it helps to have a project you’re working on to use all that time. I know you said you thought a retreat wasn’t for your but I thought I’d share in case this is interesting.

  6. I think I’m more of a Writing Conference than Writer’s Retreat person. While I appreciate solitude, which seems inherent to the former, I like the learning aspects implied by the latter. I was actually hoping to attend a conference this summer, but those plans got cancelled in managing my husband’s recovery. It’s an annual event though, and it’s held fairly near to where I live, so…

    Maybe next year. 🙂

  7. A writing retreat sure sounds interesting, although if I was getting away I probably wouldn’t write since it depends if I’m in the mood for it or not. Having a space to do little does sound good though.

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