‘En Public…’

A naked image of me during a playdate
An image from one of our playdates…

We have never played in public.

With that said, we have played where Master T and I weren’t the only two people in the room, but I don’t classify those playdates as public play. To me public play is when you go to a dungeon or a BDSM play party, and where there are people around you don’t know and then you engage in play with your partner(s) while others watch.

That is something we have never done before, and I wonder whether we will ever do it, as we are both people who prefer a smaller and intimate group.

Even so, I am intrigued by public play, and love to hear or read the stories of others of their public play experiences. The way in the beginning they are very aware of those around them, but as they get deeper into their play, all sounds and presences around them fall away and they are only aware of each other. I think it must be bliss to be so focused on each other to totally forget about those around you, but also to be on the other side of it, to watch while two people are playing, and to see the beautiful interaction between them.

Despite the things I have mentioned above – that we have never played in public, that I don’t think we will do it because we prefer smaller groups – it doesn’t mean that I am not intrigued in public play. Oh how intrigued I am. I know myself, and know that if ever I get to such a situation I will be so incredibly self-conscious, that I might even want to back out. But, the submissive in me will never allow me to back out, and on top of that my exhibitionist side will also want to come out and play. So where I can be shy and self-conscious, the desire to feel the pain of impact, or be fucked, as well as the desire to be seen can be more intense.

One thing I would want to try in a dungeon or at a play party is to be bent over a spanking bench, and to be spanked until my bottom is redder than red. I imagine myself starting out fully aware of people around me, and of every strike on my bottom, but then gradually moving to a place where all I am aware of is the pain. I will eventually become one with the pain, and slowly drift off into my own world, unaware of the people around me, and even unaware of the pain.

Oh and then there’s that one other thing I would like to experience with a ‘public’ – a gangbang. But that’s something for another post, and a different kind of fantasy.

Public play… of course I now wrote about playing in front of a public, but there is something else you can understand under the term ‘public play’. That is when you are out in a public place, and there are people around who know nothing of your dynamic, and there is a chance they might be confronted with your dominance or submission. This is the kind of play I will not engage in, simply because those people haven’t consented. It is not to say that I will never try something in public, but I will make sure that I don’t offend or embarrass anyone with it.

Writing this post has me all yearning to go to a play party at least once in my life…

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7 thoughts on “‘En Public…’

  1. This was really interesting and I can understand your fantasies. I assumed that you had played in public but I think that often we do assume that everyone else is doing everything else, when actually they are not. I also think I might prefer a smaller more intimate group although that is probably even less likely to happen than a play party for us. Thank you for sharing your thoughts ?

  2. I haven’t ever done public play either but I definitely fantasize about it. I’d like to go to a fetish club or something and be publicly spanked or cropped and then fucked by my lover while others watch us. Hot!! Excellent post ?

  3. Intriguing post Marie.
    Although we don’t attend as many events as in the past . . . attendees in the London scene nowadays seem much younger and more interested in style (and overly loud music) than in years gone by. Or perhaps it’s just that I am getting “more mature” more quickly than I thought.
    Anyway, certainly in the past, I’ve found most people to be respectful of one’s boundaries and not intrusive.
    But as with everything in life, if you don’t feel comfortable in wanting to indulge there would certainly be no pressure or expectations from those present. For “some” people of course (LOL !!!) playing in public adds to the intensity and thrill !!!
    But many are equally happy to just strut in the lights, or watch from the shadows.
    So . . . I hope you may find an occasion to try at some point in the future.
    Xxx – K

  4. Very interesting to read about your perspective, your reservations, your yearnings and your hopes!

    One standard suggestion to get your toes wet, so to speak, without the pressure of playing in public, is to start with a local munch or two, and show up at a play party without any intention to play, only to have a look around. Wonder if you have tried that, or at least considered it.

    1. We haven’t tried it yet, but we have considered it. Once things ‘clear up’ over here, it might just be a step we take. There is a place we have wanted to go to for quite some time, but then my husband’s health deteriorated…

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