Natural Nudity

Nudity is natural but not until a person accepts and loves who they are.
~ Jolene Blalock

Nudity should always be natural. I have been raised with a mother who loved to be naked, and an aunt and an uncle who identified as naked. My father loved for my mom to be naked, but he always sexualized it. He could never accept that it was a ‘natural’ state and that you can also be nude without it having to be something sexual. That’s the way we grew up, that being naked is about sex. It took me many, many years to understand that nudity is natural, and it took me just as many years to accept my body as it is. Months ago I wrote how I want to lose weight, how I am done with how I look. I tried, and succeeded, more or less, to lose a bit of weight, but nowhere as much as I want(ed) to. I look at myself in the mirror and I want to lose weight. I dry myself after the shower and think ‘you really don’t look that bad’. I get dressed and look down at my clothes, my breasts, my tummy, and I know I look good. I have my moments, but overall I accept and love who I am.

A partial image of my bottom
I always say I have an ‘African bottom’ because it’s round and big (and of course I grew up there), and there were times I was ashamed of it but not anymore. It’s one of my trademarks, and as much part of me as my eyes are, and my breasts, and my… you get the picture!

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12 thoughts on “Natural Nudity

  1. My boyfriend and I have been naked for several months before trying it some place outside of the house. For someone who is not comfortable in social situations, he has become a totally different person. He can’t wait to do activities with our local club and we visit many locations in the summer, swimming and camping naked. We are both embracing this lifestyle.

  2. Very nice buttocks! I think self-confidence and acceptance of one’s body and shape is a fluid thing. Some days we just like ourselves more than others.

  3. I think the confidence and self-acceptance that you have about your body come across in the images that you take. And that is a gorgeous bottom ?

  4. A very beautiful bottom! Nudity is an odd thing in the US. It is overly sexualized and under appreciated. S and I have always been secure in being nude at home. We want our son to know it is natural and not about sex. He knows we have different parts and that those parts have a function. When he is a bit older we will elaborate more.

  5. I think it’s healthy to have your own reasonable standards, but not externally imposed unreasonable standards. The two can be hard to distinguish at times, and I’m glad you found your balance.

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